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Isaac Newton was one of the greatest Scientists in History.
Newton had a 190 IQ 

"Sir, I have studied it, you have not" -Isaac Newton, Astrologer (190 IQ) said in defense of astrology to disbeliever in Halley (comet discoverer)

I have received e-mail from an intelligent sounding person, who disputes this quote, stating that Newton was Not and Astrologer

Having previously found this quote many times before, in many Astrology books, and having heard it from many astrologers, I decided to look it up on the Net, but could not Prove nor Disprove the validity of the quote, so for now, one person has disputed it, and I am not certain, perhaps long ago, someone misquoted him, or perhaps someone does not like astrology. I do know that many top level Astrologers back in those days were educated by The Church, to be Astronomers/Astrologers, the 2 went hand in hand.

I did talk with a well respected top astrologer, who did say the same thing, that Newton was not an astrologer, that Kepler was, perhaps Copernicus, but not Newton. Tally up one more vote against the famous quote

But on the other hand, it is a very famous long standing quotation, found in many Astrology books.  And remember that people of various BELIEFS have been known to get into history and made attempts to change the records of history to satisfy their own beliefs.   And this statement could be used for either side of the issue. 

I do know that Ronald and Nancy Regan, were both serious astrologers, before they were even a couple.  I know this because my grandfather told me all about it, he worked with them in Hollywood Studios.  My grandfather was a highly intelligent man, a chemist turned electrical engineer.  I knew him very well, and believe what he said about the Regans.  But as for the controversy around Newton? 

I do recall another account that Newton was an astrologer, but that The Church not liking some of his Science, think that he had gone too far, had him imprisoned in a small living quarters towards the later part of his life, and perhaps used the political powers of The Church (which was much stronger in those days) to get him to discount pervious statements, possibly ones pertaining to astrology.  

So with all Bullies over all the years, who can tell?   I know that Ben Franklin was both an Astrologer and a Vegetarian, as I read his "The Autobiography" by Ben Franklin as well as quotations out of "Writings" by Ben Franklin (a compilation of quotes).  Both books can be found on Vintage Press, and the Autobiography has been published by many publishers.  Recently a new author in 2003 came along with a book discounting his vegetarianism, but I have found too much evidence of it, and have written about it at

Which just goes to show, what kind of Bullies go around trying to discount it.  Thus, the same thing can be re-applied to the case of Newton.  I have also hear that in Germany in the 1940's and in Russia after 1917, that there was quite a bit of History Changing, with banishment of books, and re-writing of new books.  So oppression of truth and bullying is nothing new.  And as to if Newton was an Astrologer for certain?  I know not.  I have also heard that Sir Isaac Newton was a Vegetarian, and I am certain that the meat industry would like to oppress that, so perhaps I will add to this article, regarding that, at a later date. 

To see how Intelligent a 190 IQ is, so look at this web site with the works of Newton, at