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THYROID: attempting to controll Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism

THYROID: attempting to control Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism
IODINE 225 mg/day oral drops or kelp tabs, seaweed is better; and 18 mg of IRON for both women and men too, that might not be enough?

WHAT's a THYROID? It's a gland in your lower neck, which interacts with other glands like the Pituitary (the glands send signals to each other, so one affects the others). Lack of IODINE in the diet gives many people HYPOTHYROIDISM or "under-active thyroid gland" (symptoms: dry skin, swollen neck, tiredness, extreme sensitivity to cold, laziness, hoarse voice). Some people develop HYPERTHYROIDISM or "over-active thyroid gland" (symptoms: moist skin, swollen neck, eye protruding out of the head (you've seen that before). Doctors say that Hypothyroidism is an incurable "autoimmune disease" (where the body attacks its own self).

Years ago, I met a woman (Mrs. Denham) who had HYPERTHYROIDISM (over active thyroid, with eyes bugging out of her head), who said she had previously (years back) had HYPOTHYROIDISM (under active). She said her Park Ranger husband, got relocated from a desert park, to a park by the ocean, and there, she ate fresh Seaweed every day. Seaweed is high in Iodine. This cured her Hypothyroidism, but she overshot and got over-active Hyperthyroidism, which she said was much better than underactive, at least she could do things, very healthy thing to do, early man lived in the ocean for millions of years as per modern day anthropology.

2014 update: WART ON NECK OVER THYROID now gone
Someone pointed out that when I lift my chin up, I have a wart over my thyroid, when the chin is down, the wart was over the Manubrium between the collar bones
but with the chin up, it was right over my Thyroid, and I had heard this might be related, so I got some Wart Remover (not as strong as Andrew Weil MD advises) but it apparently removed the wart after a couple applications, and maybe a year later a possible near relapse I applied some more just in case. I think this has helped, along with my current 2014 supplements of Iodine Kelp Tablets 225 mcg or 235 mcg times two, so the two tablets are around 450 mcg; AND IRON:, men need Iron too (IRON suggested by a woman who cured her hypothyroid or at least got it under control). BACKGROUND: sometime after being electrocuted with 250,000 volts (trapped and shocked by direct sparks in a tunnel on the floor in the corner, till they turned it off, hazing) and exposure to 500,000 volts at a near distance by magnetic induction that you don't even notice (thats enough alone to cause weigh gain due to thyroid damage) may have been a factor but also dietary change (gave up being a vegetarian for around 13 years starting around then, all caused weight gain 280??), going back to vegetarian June 15 1991 after maybe 12 years of non-vegetarianism. In 1992 I was given one year to live (liver and kidney failure). I started studying Health and Nutrition and attending vegetarian health groups, moved to Las Vegas in 1995, got my weight down to 220 and war working out, went on a Vegan diet since December 22 1998, and as you can see (photo below 2002) I lost weight down to 190 lbs, but I still had the wart (not realizing it). Dr Anthony Pollard (Rainbow Medical, Im straight myself, but he could get me over a cold (injections) and back to work in my cab for a brief stop stop by) but put me on Levothyroxine which I had tried before, and it caused weight gain. I argued (never argue with the doctor, unless you read I argued that the Levothyroxine would make me fat again, he insisted I need it, so then I eventually went back up to 250 lbs by 2008; then I removed myself from the medication and also removed the wart (found out about that) a couple of years ago, went down to 220 lbs. As I write this 4/9/14, I have been eating very healthy due to an internal issue that is healing, the wart is gone, I appear to be loosing weight around my neck, but I am at 225 lbs (gained 5 this winter) I have a hernia affecting my tummy area as well, but I am improving, I have not been loosing weight, but appear to be loosing fat and gaining muscle. I have had to eat large amounts of rice and beans and veggies and pasta to keep my tummy going but in the past few weeks have finally been able to reduce my intake. If it works out well, I should be able to start actual weight loss within the next few months. My current doctor Dr Kathleen Smith MD at Ultimate Medical Durango/SpringMt Las Vegas NV, saved my life (Rx) was recently insisting that I go back on Levothyroxine, but I pointed out the weight gain, and the medication produces an artificial hormone, after which why bother to make it myself? (I previously had decayed tissue removed from the thyroid in 1992, and treated with Iodine, and I have been trying to salvage what is left ever since); and Levothyroxine makes me very agitated, I am more relaxed off of Levothyroxine. I think I am looking better. I think I will be able to loose more weight, and I also think the blood test people take short cuts which makes it look like people must have Levothyroxine when that may not be required after all. More later

Peanuts, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Corn, Kale, Turnips, Almond seeds
(Thyroid for Dummies lists "Almond seeds", does that mean Almond Nuts? I thought Almonds were nuts? is it different or the same?, will update this later). And for some reason Thyroid for Dummies does not list Peanuts (everyone else does), and that includes Peanut Oil (many nuts are cooked in Peanut Oil (and quite likely Almond Oil). . I recently had been eating some Cashews (high in phosphorus) and later found out they were cooked in Peanut Oil (my energy had gone down, I came down with the flu which I rarely do, and my voice was hoarse), I discontinued the cashews cooked in peanut oil, and recently found out that Corn was also a contributor to hypothyroidism, and have discontinued corn chips etc (corn oil? best stay away from that too).
"Some foods have chemicals that can cause goiters and inhibit thyroid gland functions if eaten in raw and in large quantities. These chemicals, called goitrogens, are destroyed when these foods are cooked. Examples of �goitrogenic� foods include: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnips, rutabagas, kohlrabi, radishes, cauliflower, African cassava, millet, and kale" says "Eating excessive amounts of cabbage, rutabagas, peanuts, peaches, soybeans, and spinach can also interfere with the production of the thyroid hormone"
Concerned about SOY, I wrote (Physicians Committie for Responsible Medicine) about SOY and they said SOY is OK in reasonable amounts as long as you get your Iodine, they like others suggest a wide variety of good foods (vegetarian vegan foods). My Endocronologist Dr Ruben (Retired 2006) said that "Soy is not the problem", and encouraged me to stick with soy.

HOW MUCH IODINE do you need per day?
150 mcg (minimum)
150-300 mcg (optimum) as per Dr Shari Liebermans "Real Vitamin & Mineral Book"
Overdose Level: 60,000 mcg (60 mg).
Researching the Web I found a .edu which said that most adults can take 1000 mcg per day of Iodine with no problem.

I am of the opinion (and have contrary to my opinion is this issue) that larger people, taller people, heavier people, might need MORE than tiny well nourished petite people. (more protein, more B Vitamins, more Iodine, etc), but once again, I have heard contrary (but what do they know?).

IRON: is the #1 mineral deficiency in the world (as per Merck Medical Manual) and some say it is related. I met a woman who had her thyroid under control without Levothyroxine using Iodine and Iron, but I also think that....

PROTEIN: helps the thyroid (for me, Wheat Gluten digests easier and works well, it is more expensive than soy which has been accused of causing thyroid issues, but I still eat soy and did when I had everything under control back around 1999 when I got skinny and my neck size was reduced, I am aiming to do it again, a slow process due to another current illness "digestive issue" which I am overcoming)

Officially, Hypothyroidism is incurable, and auto-immune (the bodies cells attacks its own self); but I have heard from several people that they have overcome it, and no longer have to take SYNTHROID (artificial thyroid hormone). I myself have been diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease (severe auto-immune hypothyroidism), and around a year ago I tried to take 900 mcg of Iodine /day (tables) and had given up on Synthroid; but my voice was hoarse and I was a bit weaker and pale with dry skin, so I went back to the doctors and am back on Synthroid, but still trying to recover from this so called "incurable disease". Some have suggested that Iodine Tablets may not be as effective as Seaweed, and obviously Fresh seaweed must be more potent than dried seaweed, but I no longer live by the ocean (hope to again some day).

Local News TV said a homeless shelter (with record low temperatures and Las Vegas having very large number of homeless people) is feeding the homeless people Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, and Corn Chowder, delicious, but these homeless people have been termed "Lazy, Tired, and Poor" all being symptoms of Hypothyroidism. Its a conspiracy to keep a well stocked reserve of POOR SLAVES?

The Thyroid is found in the neck, which is Taurus the Business or Money sign. And when I mistakenly ate Cashews cooked in Peanut Oil (bad for the thyroid), not only did I get the flu and a hoarse voice, but in an apparently unrelated situation, my job got cut back (I am a photographer in Las Vegas, and photograph people before shows in Las Vegas, after the show people may purchase their photos, if they want to, no obligation to purchase, lots of fun). But the Day Time show cancelled out (after many years), leaving me with only the Evening show (which took a one week break, and its slow season). Is this all because I ate something cooked in peanut oil? So now I am avoiding peanut oil (and corn products) all of which I love. Will my finances get better with eating Seaweed and avoiding foods on the list above? (this article first posted 2007.01.16). Thats what I think. Tell you the fiscal outcome later (trying to recover from the peanut oil). I am convince that the Thyroid is the Fiscal Gland, and I had a good year last year (except for the peanut oil around Dec 2006).