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Etiquette is a very important factor in human culture, its base on Equality and Acceptance of others. Astrologically it is Saturn (order, law) conjunct Venus (social). This was an early article I did based on the importance of Etiquette; but never did come back to rework it. Most of the links I had are no longer worked (removed 3/21/2017), and I do intend to re-do this page. Meanwhile Wikipedia seems like a good source:
photos borrowed from Desmond Morris' "Manwatching: a field guide to human behavior"
Manners & Etiquette

We all live in the same world.  We all have to deal with each other.  Lets try and keep it a Nice & Pleasant World, by having Respect for one another, showing Good Manners, and Proper Etiquette.  To get started, I would highly recommend getting a book on Etiquette, just to get started with the right general idea.  Idiots Guide to Etiquette, Idiots Guide to Cultural Etiquette, Idiots Guide to Business Etiquette, are just a few to start with.  The library will have a few on hand, Emily Post, etc. 

HERE are a few Etiquette Rules off the top of my head to start with.

THE MAIN IDEA IS, even if you don't know the rules of Etiquette, TRY TO BE POLITE

and if you think you may have offended someone, try to be nice and let them know that you are not familiar with their culture or ways, but that you are trying to be nice. That's number one, and most important. And by all means COMMUNICATE, else someone might ASSUME the wrong thing (that's how countries go to war). Next here's a few tips. Use a serving utensil to put food on your plate, then use a eating utensil to eat it off the plate, which is on the table. Don't talk with your mouth full of food. Allow others to talk too, listen when they talk. When calling someone by their Last Name, always use a Salutation such as Mr. or Ms. or Miss. or Mrs or Master (reserved for young boys, I think till age 12?, Master). When using First name, NEVER use a salutation such as Mr. or Ms. Unless it is a Gay person you are referring to who owns a Beauty Salon. TRY TO BE RESPECTFUL. When someone walks by, don't spit on the ground between you and them. If you read on someones web page that they have a high IQ posted on their resume, don't gather all your idiot friends and bombard them with Hate E-mail (like they did to me, Idiots). In fact, DON'T FLAME anyone on the net In fact, don't flame anyone on or off the net. Don't go looking for trouble. Try to realize that here in the USA as well as everywhere, we are, or all should be EQUALS. Your not superior, your not inferior, your just you, try to realize that other people are just like you except that they are them. Try a little RESPECT. R-E-S-P-ECT.

SOME WEB LINKS ON ETIQUETTE: some may be Commercial, I will weed it out later
Archures Guide to Apartment Living Etiquette
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Gain an overview of common online courtesy and the informal rules of cyberspace. Presents the core rules of netiquette, plus a quiz.
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Zen and the Art of the Internet
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Special Days to Fly Our Flag - Heritage Flag & Supply
Get detailed etiquette advice about when, where, and how to fly the US flag. Includes important don'ts, taken from US law.