"YOU MUST PAY THE PIPER" and "I AM A HUMAN BEING, MY LIFE HAS VALUE...." -Network (film/movie)
JOBS WHICH I QUALIFY FOR, by EDUCATION, as per FEDERAL GUIDELINES with links to the BLS "U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics" job descriptions, AND I also have lots of EXPERIENCE

Broadcast and Sound Technician (mild climbing around ok, no monkey, ape)

Desktop Publishing Specialist (a top growing field in 2009 but in 2014 projected to have a 5% decline till 2022)

Computer Support Specialist (a top growing field, have done this, like this as long as it is not a bum account see Softbank "Power Computing" Apple cruel to to the public takeover, I resigned and drove a cab rather than be a part of it after trying to switch to another account)

ELECTRONICS also very nice (on the list for least stressful jobs), and I am very qualified (but "trouble shooting to the component level" is not my specialty, its a short term trap says ITT, I concur; but anything else in electronics as long as acrobatics is not required).

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians: edu + exper

Electro-mechanical Technicians: Associate required, I have a Bachelor

Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians: edu + exper Federal contracts at Hughes EDSG and Hughes GSG, initial Federal security check required

(no heavy manual labor please, 30 lbs, stooping & climbing not preferred)

Telecommunications Equipment Mechanic, Installer, and Repairer edu + exper see Quotron below

Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers


Data Entry Keyer

Word Processors and Typists

Photographers in Las Vegas hotel casinos are NOT Independents, they all work for a company which contracts with the hotels, Cashman Photo (since 1967??). Many people mistakenly think we just walk in with cameras (with or without a ticket, maybe we tip someone?), then we somehow get them printed up and sell them, they think anyone can just walk in and do this. By those standards, anyone could be a dealer, just wear your old Disco shirt and find and empty table. Maybe I will take over the pretzel shop at NYNY? or maybe I should take over Caesars Colosseum on off days and have my own concerts? Bar unoccupied? Rooms to rent $50. Maybe I should take over an empty desk at Social Security and get around to fully processing my claim? AND of those off days in Congress? you see a Congressperson talking on TV, in an empty room, lots of desk space available, put in my own bill, to make all government employees work for the same pay as we all make, and make them do hard physical labor, no sitting down, no stopping, work, longer hours
Unable to find Electronics work in Las Vegas (they are paranoid about high IQ techs, they might find out an advantage over slot machines). I went to Photography. My mom was a Photographer in nightclubs in Hollywood and in Las Vegas with Cecil Beaton (world famous photographer I studied under as a kid) and Ed Cashman (who founded Cashman Photo when I was a kid, and I helped as a Runner then did some Photography). Year later, I worked for Cashman Photo for nearly 10 years, making over 40K and 50K for a while, but as per original agreement, they would have paid me 25% as a Senior Photographer after 10 years (cut backs) and they whittled me down to 19K then OUT on the streets Dec 30, 2013 (I was not expecting it). I was a popular photographer, many people used to call requesting me. I used my STAGE NAME: "ARCHURE" TM pronounced Archer

Update 2014: http://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm

Most college graduates work in fields outside their major

Previously I used US Dept of Commerce data listed in the World Almanac 2001 or 2002 editions, I have now found more up to date info directly at the (see pages 10 and 11 of this pdf) http://www.census.gov/prod/2002pubs/p23-210.pdf

THE ISSUE IS: I go looking for work, temp agencies or human resources say my education is worthless, which I know is not correct. Saddleback College (2 degrees) is a 2 year community college (associate degrees) in one of the highest income areas of the nation. Mission Viejo and surrounding areas of south Orange County CA make lots of money, and the college itself was started by Ronald Reagan (Nancy too). It has an excellent reputation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saddleback_College and I got a good education with Honors. I am a "Lifetime member of the California Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society" which is determined by Grade Point Average. GPA 3.89 and 3.94. Associates in CIM and Fine Arts Music (my music education goes beyond all of that, I grew up in Hollywood with lessons from: Henry Mancini, Buddy Rich, Ed Cassidy, Willie Nelson, BB King, Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Albert King. Even Jerry Lewis taught me some drumming when I was a toddler (I had a little drum set at age 5 and would play along with the radio, I started guitar around age 6, lessons at age 7), hear my music www.archure.net

My ITT Technical Institute education is a good education. When I got my Associate of Applied Science in EET (Electronics Engineering Technology) and my Bachelor of Applied Science in AMT Automated Manufacturing Technology, they were run by the ITT Corporation which was an electronics/electrical based corporation. ITT is Accredited http://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/Search.aspx as listed by the Federal Government (not a State Accreditation like most 4 year colleges). We studied the same things as they do in the 4 year colleges as far as Major is concerned, except the 4 year colleges have 3 years of Major and 1 year of lower division General Requirements, and ITT does not cover the 1 year of lower division General Requirements, but I have those covered by my Saddleback College education (speech, health, social sciences, physical sciences, lab courses, English writing 1 & 2, Arts, and I have well over one year of all of that. AND, Trade Colleges go by CREDIT hours and 4 year colleges go by UNIT hours (slightly different system, so generally the CREDITS are non-transferable to most but not all colleges). ITT has taken some criticism over the CREDIT/UNIT difference, but the US Government recognizes the quality of education (the same facts are taught in either system P=IE, E=IR etc, electronics is all cut and dry) and the US Government awards electronics contracts to major corporations, and ITT Education is acceptable for those contracts HUGHES AIRCRAFT EDSG(aerospace), HUGHES AIRCRAFT GSG (aerospace), QUOTRON SYS INC (stock exchange mainframe computers)

I easily am the equivalent of a 4 year Bachelor degree and even more. I have 7 years of higher education (6 is required for a Masters degree) and I am Self Published at www.archure.net (Masters plus Published = Phd). But someone at a job agency or human resources with a Certificate in Business (one year of Business classes without the one year of general requirements = Certificate) is telling me that my education is worthless. I don't think so, that is scam based on ignorance and attempted theft of my abilities and education to pay me less than I am worth. IN OTHER WORDS, LAS VEGAS AND OTHER AREAS ARE FULL OF THIEVES WHO DON'T WANT TO PAY A PERSON WHAT THEY ARE WORTH. My Bachelor is the equivalent of a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, My associate in CIM is Business and Information Technology, and both of those rank at the Top 5 "Highest Paying Associate Degrees"

My Bachelor of Applied Science in Automated Manufacturing Technology is the equivelant to an BS EE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering)

BS EE #9 BEST PAYING BACHELOR DEGREES http://www.payscale.com/college-salary-report/majors-that-pay-you-back/bachelors

So they say there is no jobs in that field here in Las Vegas, non-sense. First of all most college grads work in fields outside their major. Second of all there is lots of Electronics in Las Vegas. Such as SLOT TECH. I have applied over and over for Slot Tech jobs, but they say I did not go to Slot Tech School (2 or 3 weeks? education in Electronics), while I have a Bachelor in that field and worked for major corporations Hughes Aircraft Electro Optical and Data Systems Group, Quotron Systems Inc (Reuters) did the computers for the worlds stock exchange system prior to the internet take over in the late 1980's (talk with an old timer in the Stock Biz "Quotron" was the name), and Hughes Ground Systems Group, as well as temp jobs at Scantron, Motorola, Verifone, all major well known companies, and I did good work, my work was acceptable as my education with Honors. Thats what kind of person I am. But you get some flakey people in business departments who don't know very much but talk big and put me down, I don't think so. I also have an AS in CIM http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Degree=Associate_of_Science_(AS),_Business_&_Information_Technology_(IT)/Salary $45K to $122K per year 2014.

THEN PUT ALL MY EDUCATION TOGETHER along with my IQ (which you are born with, you can't raise it more than 5 points. 100 IQ is average, 50% of the population is between 90 and 110 IQ, 85% of the population is between is between 80 and 120 IQ, and only 1% is above 134 IQ, most doctors are in the 130's IQ range, and I am well above 140 IQ (attorney level).

So KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION are 2 separate things, I have both. And remember that most college graduates work in fields outside their major.

AND I AM "COMPETENT". You can find doctors who are incompetent, you can find whole companies who are incompetent. I am competent.
Admittedly, I have some medical issue precluding me from heavy lifting. My career in electronics never had heavy lifting (there are branches that really need heavy lifting and climbing towers, no thanks), and Computer Information Technology does not really require heavy lifting.


2014: My AAS EET degree (Assoc in Electronics Engineering Technology) = ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN
$14.66 - $29.38 RANGE (However I went on to get the Bachelor in AMT electronics/robotics)

PREVIOUS DATA LINKS (the .gov information is updated on a regular basis, sometimes they change the links on me but it alway leads to that area where you can quickly look up what I am worth.

www.bls.gov Inflation Calculator (now moved to) http://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm

Clark County NV data: http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/tableservices/jsf/pages/productview.xhtml?pid=ACS_11_5YR_DP03

GEOGRAPHIC VARIATIONS 2006 (needs update)

www.factfinder.cencus.gov "FAST ACCESS TO INFO" (inputing Clark County Nevada), see "Economic Characteristics" for Clark Co NV (data from 2006).

Median household income (in 2006 inflation-adjusted dollars) Clark County NV 53,536, and US 48,451, and (margin of error +/-1,213)

Per capita income (in 2006 inflation-adjusted dollars) Clark County NV 26,735, and US 25,267, and (margin of error +/-570)


Clark Co NV "Median Household Income" is 10% above the national average (2005 it was only 7% higher than the US Average)

Clark Co NV "Per Capita Income" is 6% above the national average (2005 it was 1% below the US average)

AND: 10.3% below the poverty level Clark County NV
AND: 13.3% below the poverty level in the USA

POVERTY LEVEL (wiki): one person = $10,400, except Alaska or Hawaii as per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty_level_(US)#Recent_poverty_rate_and_guidelines

ARCHURE IS EMPLOYED, AND LOVES HIS JOB (and the company) but just took cuts in pay (in several respects)

I still like the company I work for, and I don't know if I can find anything better (doubtful), but my Mom (a former Human Resources Manager for City of Los Angeles) says I should start looking for another job, which is a shame, because I love my job, but at the same time, whats a worker to do?

With cutbacks in the face of all this inflation, what is a worker to do?

#A: Most Bachelor degreed persons work in a field outside their major
BACHELOR DEGREE note: I.T.T. provides an accredited diploma 3 year Bachelor degree, with 3 years of solid Major. Most colleges supply 3 years of Major and one year of General Requirements (US History, Speech, Health, Arts, Social Science). I already have the one year of General Requirements (and more) from my 2 Associate degrees at Saddleback. I easily have the equivalent to a 4 year Bachelor degree (actually much more). I.T.T. provides an excellent education, suitable for work on U.S. Government Contracts with Major Corporations. I.T.T. has a National Accreditation, not a State Accreditation like most colleges.
#B: I have 6+ years of higher education with Honors RESUME
And many years of experience, with a high IQ level I.Q.Info
this makes me way more valuable than an average Bachelor degreed person.
#C: Nevada and California are not disadvantaged states (study the various chart data in any Almanacs). (New Mexico on the other hand, is a disadvantaged state as far as per capita income). The pay in Western states is not much lower than the East (which is slightly above average pay). More data at http://www.bls.gov
EQUALITY for ALL, or at least for me (this incarnation please). I have worked hard and studied hard all of my life. I am deserving of at least Equality, and am well worth it.

(root words for: beyond, good, work)
I.Q.Info and RESUME