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This is ARCHURE; This is ARCHURE on DRUMS ARCHURE PLAYS DRUMS (& Guitar) ON MIDIS by OTHERS (found on the net and improved) see
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Recently adding Lead Guitar tracks to noted tunes: Midi Guitar may sound like bells, strings, horns, flutes, etc
Music by others with tracks by Archure
Quick Loading MIDI files, found on the net, modified, improved by Archure, and new DRUMS by ARCHURE. ARCHURE prefers to play drums, but is also an outstanding guitarist. "I ROCK, THEREFORE I ROLL"

DRUMS AND GUITAR by ARCHURE (re-ediitng too)
as noted MIDI GUITAR
DRUMS+GUITAR: Boston Long Time redone stardate:2008.01.15
DRUMS: Paul McCartney Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 2005.07.13
DRUMS & GUITAR: Smokey Tracks of My Tear
DRUMS & GUITAR: Tina Turner Another Hero
DRUMS & GUITAR: Freddy Fender Wasted Days
DRUMS + Lead GUITARS (mellow & fuz): Led Zeppelin Ramble On 136K
DRUMS & GUITAR: Aerosmith Angel (re-edited 2009)
DRUMS & GUITAR (+ Organ sound): N Greenbaumb Spirit in the Sky
DRUMS & GUITAR: Madonna Live To Tell 2006.02 (( OR Drums Only 2005.03))
DRUMS + Lead GUITARS (mellow & fuz): Paul Rogers Feel like Makin Love
DRUMS & GUITAR: Bob Marley One Love Lets get together and feel all right
DRUMS & GUITAR: Sheryl Crow A Change May 16th 2005
DRUMS & GUITAR: Sheryl Crow Alliwanna Do May 15th 2005
DRUMS & 2 lead GUITARs: Van Halen Dance the Night Away stardate:2005.07.13
DRUMS + LEAD GUITAR (& Marimba Sound Guitar): Idol White Wedding
DRUMS & lead GUITAR (by ARCHURE): Peter Gabriel Sledge Hammer
DRUMS & Midi GUITARS (Melow & Kalimba & Strings): Blind Melon No Rain
DRUMS & GUITAR: Stevie Wonder Superstition
DRUMS & GUITAR: The Dead Friend of the Devil Archure plays Drums, Organ, Recorder, Marimba, Piano, Pizzacato, and Bass (only 2 tracks remain from original Midi found on the net, nice banjo/steeldrum & downward riff)
DRUMS + Solo (Marimba sound) GUITAR: Orbison Blue Bayou solo guitar added Nov 7th 2005
DRUMS + LEAD GUITAR: SRV Crossfire April 19th 2005 & new lead guitar added Mar 20th 2007
DRUMS & lead solo: EC CO-cane
ALL TRACKS by Archure: Jimi Hendrix Wind Cries Mary Feb 2007
DRUMS & Guitar: UB40 Red Wine New version

DRUMS & GUITAR: Freddy Fender Wasted Days
DRUMS only: The Chicks Theres Your Trouble or FULL PAGE version
DRUMS & GUITAR: The Grateful Dead Friend of the Devil
DRUMS & GUITAR & ORGAN: Merle Haggard Okie From Muskogee
DRUMS + Lead GUITAR (mellow): Shania Twain Your Still The One
DRUMS: Shania Twain From This Moment On
DRUMS +remix: Traveling Wilburys End of the Line May 6th 2005
GUITAR: Doc Watson Deep River Blues midi performance entirely by Archure
DRUMS + Lead Guitars (melow & fuzz): Gordon Lightfoot Sun Down and Lyrics
End of Western Section

DRUMS ONLY (Archure only plays Drums below this point) & re-editing too:
BELOW THIS POINT, is mostly ARCHURE ON DRUMS ONLY (if I find any exception to that, I will move it up later, I intend to redo some of these, when I get my new software going (quite different from the old software, not yet recording again, but currently re-mixing and editing various songs))

DRUMS(only): Jethro Tull Aqualung ver3 April 19th 2005
DRUMS: Stevie Wonder Higher Ground
DRUMS(only) by ARCHURE: Neil Young Cinnamon Girl
DRUMS: CSN&Y Ohio April 19th 2005
DRUMS(only): Aerosmith Sweet Emotion enhanced Aug 2004
DRUMS(only): UB40 Red Wine Carribbean version
DRUMS(only): Born on a Bayou
DRUMS(only): Jimi Hendrix Wind Cries Mary Mar 2005
DRUMS: Aretha Respect2004.04.02
DRUMS: Super Tramp Logical Song2005.08.24
DRUMS: The Who Wont Get Fooled Again 129K
3 track compilation
DRUMS: The Who Wont Get Food Again 76K diet version
, same drums
Archure DRUMS: Bad Company Bad Company
DRUMS: The Eagles Fast Lane
DRUMS: George Michaels Freedom New 2005.07.02
"Freedom" Archure on drums, except first initial repeated Conga, Tamborine, High Hat riff
DRUMS: Toto Rosanna May 27, 2005
DRUMS: Steve Winwood Higher Love
"Higher Love" Archure Drums except Cowbell & Tamborine already in music
DRUMS: ZZ Top Legs stardate:2005.08.27
DRUMS: Rolling Stones Gimmie Shelter 1st take June 1st 2005
DRUMS: Rolling Stones Gimmie Shelter Renaissance version
DRUMS: Cream White Room Mar 2005
DRUMS: Steve Miller Space Cowboy stardate:2005.07.13
DRUMS: Talking Heads And She Was stardate:2005.07.13
DRUMS: Dylan/Sousa Rainy Day Women
I made this midi by clipping John Phillip Sousa riffs from his "Transit of Venus" (not my drumming) then added my drumming to the Rainy Day Women, Band Music (thought you might appreciate it). 6/15/05 And now 7/1/05 yet another version of Rainy Day Women by Dylan, done by Archure (but not my drumming, automated keyboard riff)
DRUMS: Pierre Attaignant Pavane 4 May 2005, guitar sounds, 2nd half, by altering previous melody, not really guitar
I ROCK, THEREFORE I ROLL DRUMS: U2 Angel Of Harlem enhanced
DRUMS: Stevie Nicks Drams May 26, 2005
DRUMS: Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon May 26, 2005
DRUMS: Fleetwood Mac Dont Stop May 26, 2005
DRUMS: Roxette Must Have Been Love May 26, 2005
DRUMS: Boston Peace of Mind
DRUMS: Sting Together Tonight May 11th 2005
DRUMS: Supper Tramp Its Raining Again
DRUMS: Beach Boys Help Me Rhonda
DRUMS: Frankie Vali & 4 Seasons Walk Like A Man May 12th 2005
DRUMS: Boston More Than A Feeling
DRUMS: Beatles I am a Walrus May 12th 2005
DRUMS: Police Roxanne May 16th 2005
I am "Stings" lesser known half brother, country and western musician "Stang"
DRUMS: Owner of a Lonely Heart May 16th 2005
HAVE ROCK, WILL ROLL "Well its all right, see you at the end of the line". - - Drums by ARCHURE - - DRUMS: LaBamba or LaBamba looped
DRUMS: J Geils Night Time April 19th 2005
DRUMS: Stones Spend the Night April 19th 2005
DRUMS: Doors Luv Her Madly April 19th 2005
DRUMS: Mancini Baby Elephant Walk Mar 2005
DRUMS: Cream White Room Mar 2005
DRUMS: Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla Mar 2005
DRUMS: Stones Wild Horses
DRUMS: The Beatles Hey Jude
DRUMS: Richie All Night Long
Werewolf? DRUMS: Zevon Werewolves of London (photo on right)
DRUMS: Doobies Long Train Runnin
DRUMS: Madonna Ray of Light
DRUMS, Bass, & Organ: Guns N Roses Sweet Child Of Mine
DRUMS: Aerosmith Janie
DRUMS: Linda Rhonstat Different Drum
DRUMS: Elton John Rocket Man
DRUMS: Stir It Up
DRUMS: Geo Michaels, Elton John Dont Let The Sun
DRUMS: Bryan Adams Run To You
DRUMS: The Eagles Hotel Californa MIDI Remixed 4/3/04
DRUMS: Pink Floyd Money
DRUMS: Sixpence There She Goes
DRUMS: The Ramones Like About You
self portrait, feet on mouse DRUMS: Mexican Music Zacateca rev 5/27
DRUMS: The Eagles Witchy Woman
DRUMS: The Police Everything She Does is Magic "IO IO Everything She Does is Magic". I used to know IO personally (the same IO that this song is about), we worked together musically and were long time good friends, and she also knew my good friend Marcus McCallen, the 3 of use used do drive around together, in a small car with IO in the middle
DRUMS: The Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash

Archures MP3s

DRUMMING INFLUENCES: Charlie Watts; Keith Moon; Buddy Rich; Alex Van Halen; Ed Cassidy of Spirit

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THIS PAGE is MIDI DRUMS, MP3 DRUMS sound different
MP3: "ELECTRONIC DRUMS" played with Archures Favorite CD's. To give you an idea of how ARCHURE's drums actually sound. Archures MP3s
ARCHURE's DRUM SET for MIDI and MP3 (MP3 sounds different):
Yamaha TDXpress Electronic Drums (MIDI and/or MP3)

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ARCHURE'S MOTTO: If you can't dazzle them with guitar licks, then baffle them with drum riffs
Just a moment, I'm Stuck Again
ARCHURE SAYS: "I alway like to get up and play some guitar as well (because I have dedicated my life to it), but in general, I prefer to play Drums (because, with playing guitar, I must wait and wait for my brief solo, but with drums, I am rocking to the max all the time, AND, guitarists are a dime a dozen; hip cooperative competent drummers are hard to find, supply and demand)

"The Owners Manual for THE BRAIN" by Howard, a book on Psychology, says that the reason everone loves Mozart, is because he learned what he did and was doing it at age 5, and thats why its good to teach kids a profession at an early age. I had a small but effective drum set at age 5 (and picked up the guitar at age 6), and my grandfather taught me a few tricks. But they soon took away my drum set. My grandfather also took me over to the sound stage at Desilu (Paramount) Studios (TV & Movie studios) where they ad sound to film, and I picked up some good tips there as well. ARCHURE I was also fortuneate to have a few brief lessons with Buddy Rich as a kid, and I sat and watched him, sitting just to his right side (and I did this with a couple of other top pro's as well). But I played guitar all my life, and did not own a drum set (I had only a snare drum in my early teens, but was playing lead guitar, and some keyboards too). As a music major in college in the 1970's, I often wanted to get a drum set, but what little extra money I had was spent on good grass, I did not want to make so much noise for the neighbors (and said when they came out with electronic drums, I would get a set, but when they came out I could not afford them). I continued playing guitar, jamming with many famous stars. But I always intended to be a drummer as well. Jamming with Alex Van Halen back in the early 80's, he encouraged me to take it up, but it wasn't till August 2001, that I could afford to go into Mars Music in Las Vegas, and purchase a Yamaha electronic drum set (TDXpress), which I can play with headphones so as to not annoy the neighborhood, and relearned, what I already knew, it just took time to get the coordination down."