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The feelings and emotions, the intellect, the depth, the infinite.......

Will Chris Holley A.A. in Music

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THE SPAZMATICS are a great band. Pat Benatar is a loyal fan of the Spazmatics. I remember them from years back, and they are now playing in Las Vegas. Saturday Nites at "Club Madrid" inside SUNSET STATION $5 opens 10:30 pm, and Wednesday Nights at the SUNCOAST SHOWROOM at 10:00 pm FREE, which is right after the Pool Party $5 includes coupons for 2 free drinks (last I heard, I now work Wed nites). DO CONFIRM THIS BEFORE GOING, because I rarely ever get around to updating this page (busy, busy busy). This was written Sept 28, 2003
Check out THE SPAZMATICS web site at
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FAVORITE SONGS (some of my favorites)
note: links are midi files, not original tunes
updates in progress (have to look up some Artists, sorry)

And She Was by the Talking Heads
Roam, Deadbeat Club by the B52's
Draw the Line, Angel, Permanent Vacation by Aerosmith
You Wreck Me by Tom Petty
Jumpin Jack Flash & Gimmie Shelter by the Stones
It must have been love
Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin
Roll With It by Steve Winwood
Southern Cross by Crosby Stills & Nash
Wont Get Fooled Again by the Who
Dont Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty
Spoonful by Cream
Something by the Rolling Stones
Midnight Flyer by the Eagles
And the Moon Turned the Tides by Jimi Hendrix
Hold Me by Fleetwood Mac
Tracks of my Tear Smokey Robinson
Tarkus by Emerson Lake & Palmer
Logical Song by Supertramp
We don't need another hero by Tina Turner
Spirit in the sky
What I like about you
JINGO Santana / Abraxis (Amazing fav)
Four Sticks by Led Zeplin
How Many More Times by Led Zeplin
Feelin Blue by CCR
Born on the Bayou by CCR best dance band (an all time fav)
Get on my Camel & Ride by Stevie Wonder
Within You, Without You by the Beatles
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles
RoadHouse Blues by the Doors


more favorite postings later

more about MIDI click here (includes Rock & Classical Midi files online, FREE)

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(this section is in progress)

PHILIPS brand of CD's has a line of Classical selections "Debussy for Daydreaming" (excellent), "Bach for Babies", etc. Good Composers include Ravel, Mozart, Hyden, Vivaldi, Corelli, JS Bach

Next, see my Renaissance selections below, great for Reading

New Age: etc


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(one of my favorite types of music)

The Top 3 listed are my very favorites, but the others are also outstanding (I have others and will list them later, I also heard more at Borders Books where I got them, but these listed, especially the top 3 on the list are sensational)

"Nostradamus" on the Chacra CD label Quebec EXCELLENT (#1La Maglalena by Pierre Atlaigenant A+, AND #6 Allemande And Tanz by Tielman Susato A+)

"Espanoleta: Chatham Baroque" on the Dorian CD label EXCELLENT (#3 Paradetas, a fav)

"Elizabeth's Music" (not to be confused with a similar named CD) on the Dorian CD label EXCELLENT. #1) The Queen's Treble, Jane Pickering Lute Book c.1616 and #4 Robin is to the Greenwood Gone Matthew Holmes MMS c1588-97) Special Aclaim Award for cut #2 "O Mistris Mine" one of the greatest cuts I ever heard, sensational, love it

"Folie Douce (Sweet Folly) Renaissance Improvisations Ensemble" Doulce Memoire, on the Dorian label EXCELLENT

"Istanpitta II: Medieval Dances" EXCELLENT Lyrichord Discs (LEMS 8022) Lyrichord Discs Inc 141 Perry St New York 10014 (write for catalog)
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Chris Hillman (formerly of the Byrds) is now with "Rice, Rice, Hillman, & Pedersen" Excellent. Why is Chris at the top of my bluegrass list? Because he has such good karma (and he cant break my heart like EmmyLou, Monique, and Alison). Let me tell you from the start, the three BEST CUTS on this CD are #8 "Moment of Glory", #11 "I Will", and my favorite #10 "Hearts Overflowing", all sung by Chris Hillman, of course. And now the rest... Cut #1 "Doesnt Mean That Much Anymore" unusually professionally different. #3 "One Of These Days" a favorite, and excellently done. #5 "Friend of the Devil" (Grateful Dead song) always a favorite, nice to hear. #7 "Moonshine" good tune with great riffs, smooth. #8 "Moment of Glory" great songwriting. #10 "Hearts Overflowing" again, nice tune, folk/bluegrass, nicest of mandolins). In general, this CD is interesting, different yet traditional, with strong vocals, with traditional riffs, and excellent song writting. And lastly, my favorite on this CD #13, last but not least "I'll be on that good road someday".

My Favorite of Favorites
(the more I listen, the more impressed I am)
(with ultimate respect for the band)
Alison Krauss (& Union Station) "Every Time You Say Goodbye" name of CD (and Cut#1 A+) is sensational. Alison is so sweet, and Union Station so traditional, cut #3 "Last Love Letter" (lovely song). #4 "Cluck Old Hen" get up and Dance to this one. #5 "Who Can Blame You" (so fine, this CD has so many Excellent Cuts). Cut #6 "It Won't Work This Time" great vocal harmony. Cut #7 Alison great vocal, Bass supreme, Mandolin fine. Cut #10 "New Fool" an absolute Classic. Cut #14 "Jesus Help Me To Stand" excellent ending. All the rest of the cuts are great, no filler here. Alison Krauss is highly advised (except her most recent CD "Forget About It" which is non-traditional modern, with strings and concert grand, Nashville Big Time, but not bluegrass, some people love it, but I prefer her real bluegrass of previous cuts). Bluegrass does not require a female vocalist, but is much better with a woman singer, and Alison Krauss is 100%.
WARNING: This little lady kicks butt with her fiddle

The "Genius Blonde" Dolly Parton has gone back to her bluegrass roots with her 1999 "The Grass is Blue" CD (unbelievable back up musicians, top of the line CD), with sensational renditions of "I still miss someone" (what taste, Johnny Cash wrote this, genius, if it was the only thing he ever did, he would go down in music history for that), and the beautifully done "Silver Dagger" (originally famous by Joan Baez who I love dearly, when I was 11, she promised to marry me when I turned 18, I'm sorry she didn't). (Baez sings Dylan is a good CD, but is folk, not bluegrass). Dolly Parton sure is a beautiful person, on the outside and on the inside. Perhaps she over does it sometimes, but she has the right Idea and the right Attitude, and certainly great taste in her selections, great taste in her humor. And special note to her background vocals, excellent. Isn't she a fun person? Yes she is.

Ricky Skaggs (formerly EmmyLou Harris' back up) is one of the 2 stiffist competitors, I have personally had the pleasure of jamming with myself (when he was still with EmmyLou and just doing his second album (the other of the 2
stiffist competetors I have jammed with is Eddie VanHalen, rock guitarist)). Ricky Skaggs "Ancient Tones" CD cut #2 "Lonesome Night" is great. Cut #6 "Connemara" just "Kicks Ass" to the ultimate level (as good traditional bluegrass does, Jesus you guys, Jesus!). Rickey Skagss voice and style is ultimately Traditional, with true excellent taste and style. Cut #8 "I Believed in You Darlin" smooth & good. Cut #9 "Pig In A Pen" Hang on! .

Lonesome River Band "Talkin To Myself"
The picture on the back looks like, well, one guy looks like a Classical Musician, another looks like 1969, and the rest look like a combination of Frank Zappa back up and Rap (and like Jimi Hendrix, you wouldnt want to meet these guys in a back alley, they look mean); but you cant judge a book by its cover, because these guys are straight traditional bluegrass (the only kind of bluegrass I will settle for). Cut #1 "Swing that Hammer" excellent. Cut #4 "The Place Where You Can bury Me" a traditional bluegrass subject, appealing. #5 "No One Can Love You Dear (the way I do)" fiddle takin over here, and sensational vocal. #6 "Mary Ann" this will break the heart of any man (Mary Ann really gets around, she has many great Rock and Roll songs to her credit, and now this top of the line bluegrass tune). #7 "Are You Ashamed To Call Me Darlin" now were kicken butt, now were talkin. #9 "The Crime I Didn't Do" sensational Folk/Bluegrass ballad.

Dan Tyminski "Carry Me Across the Mountain"
To make it in the world of Bluegrass, with the name "Tyminski", you have to be sensational, and that he is; and I was just searching the credits to give great praise to the female vocalist, to my pleasant surprise, Alison Krauss (beautiful, sensational, and most important in bluegrass, Traditional). Aubrey Haynie plays fantastic fiddle on most of the tunes. I am not going over each tune sperately, as they are all sensational, puts many others in the dust (except where noted, Ricky Skaggs "Connemara" still gets the Ace Award). Special praise to Dan Tyminski's Dental Hygenist for the Clean Teeth in his photos.

Ronnie McCoury "Heartbreak Town"
OUTSTANDING BLUEGRASS: So well done, every note is so well placed, this is a Classic. Cut#1 "Heartbreak Town" (CD title cut), my first impression while listening at Borders Books was, this music instrumentally packs a .44, this music is armed (and interesting enough, the lyrics follow the concern of aggression in Heartbreak Town. #2) "The Road from Coeburn to Warren" great instrumental, very smooth, this whole CD is indeed Bluegrass, with strong Texas influence (as good Bluegrass should be). Absolutely Outstanding BANJO Supreme throughout the CD by Rob McCoury (sharp, clear, and every note well placed). #4) Oh so fine of Texas Style Fiddles in "Lilly Hoskins". Note: you might suspect that I was getting paid for saying all of this, unless I added a minor diminishment; the Vocals although just fine, are no match for the Lonesome River Band or Ricky Skaggs (or Chris Hillman whose pride shines with life in his vocals), but the instrumentation IS a match for any competition with Realistic Professionalism and Clarity, and the vocals although not the finest point, are certainly more than sufficient, and quite enjoyable. #5) Fine Mandolin, Superb Banjo, this tune "Dawgone" is Texas, yet recorded in Nashville. #6) "Our Love Never Dies" nice song musically, great vocal (here he loosens up), traditional lyrics "#7) "Evangelina" truly a nice song, back up vocals like the Grateful Dead (nice), lots of Fun. #8) "Glen Rock" an almost silly, humorous, fun instrumental, Bluegrass poking fun at rock and roll. Again, lots of Fun. #9) "Sometimes Sleep Closes These Eyes" excellent lead vocal (instrumentally perhaps a bit sloppy with the fiddles, but still a nice cut).
#10) "When the Hurt's Talkin", once again Rob McCoury, perhaps not the worlds fastest Banjoists, is one of the Clearest and places each note Perfectly, Rob has the talent to stand alone, but what a great ensemble, and the vocals are great. #11 "Cold Lonesome Feeling" Great Tune, Great Bass octaves with Banjo & Mandolin (great fiddle riffs, nice dobro), Power. #12) "Noppet Hill Breakdown" now we are seriously cookin (like lightening). #13) "Last Call" move over Chuck Berry, roll over Beethoven, and remind me to never order another drink in honor of "Last Call for Alcohol" never again, great song. TRULY A CD OF HONOR (Instumentally up there with the finest, such as Dolly Partons "The Grass is Blue")

EmmyLou Harris sings so sweet in true Appalachian style. (More on her later, I am not thru with her yet, but she is thru with me, I met her a couple of times, told her how beautiful she is, she just rolled her eyes and kept her distance, but it was nice to jam with her and her band (including Ricky Skaggs)

Bill Monroe is the First President of Bluegrass (more on him later)

"BLUEGRASS: is the Flower of the Root of American Music" -Will Christopher Holley

added note on Bluegrass: "The Dixie Chicks" CD "FLY" may officially be categorized as C&W (country & western) but it shows a modern transition of Bluegrass, the style, the quality (excellent) in the "FLY" CD is Bluegrass (modern version, not your typical Bluegrass Instrument Selection set-up)

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(New Review on a CD thats been out a while)

I just love the Dixie Chicks, and always wanted to get into their "Wide Open Spaces", but not having the benefit of their presence in person, I settled for their "Wide Open Spaces" CD (they asked for it). The Tone and Quality of their Voices is sensational, they really know how to sing, and the back up (although low in volume) is very excellent, especially the Bass, but all of it, touches of mandolin, guitar, steel, fiddle, banjo, everything, very nice. I was impressed hearing them win an award, back when I had cable TV well over a year ago (this was written 10/05/2000), and upon receiving their awards, announced that they would be in the recording studio on a specific date (July 15th or 16th 1999?), and being an astrologer I looked up that date, it was a day that the Moon passed Venus, the planet of Music, Love, and Beauty (and in Virgo by the regular system of the Seasons, not the Stars; or in Leo, the Show Biz sign, by the the Sidereal System, by the Stars). Cut#1 "I can love you better", excellent for a first cut, I thought Wide Open Spaces should come first until I heard this one. Cut#2 Wide Open Spaces, the big hit, love it, that's why I go the CD. Cut#3 :"Loving Arms" very emotional vocal Cut#4 "There's your trouble" nice pedal steel, nice banjo. I am not covering every cut, as its all nothing unusual as it is country, at its finest. Cut#7 "Tonight the Heartache's On Me" I especially like. Cut#8 "Let 'Er Rip" extraordinary Pedal Steel, and nice Piano TX. #10 "I'll Take Care of You" (tribute) The first line ends with "solitude", the way she sings it, what a hot chick. #11 "Am I The Only One (who's ever felt this way)", Powerful, Cool, and Clean (as is the whole CD). Cut#12 leaves us rollin and a tumblin with "Give It Up Or Let Me Go" (you get your choice of titles here). They say if you Wish real hard, and look at a picture of the Dixie Chicks long enough, you can smell the Wide Open Spaces (that's Country). The Dixie Chicks, love 'em. Good luck in the future, and keep it clean (right guys? Right). The Dixie Chicks CD "Fly" is also sensational.

Excellent, Traditional, Shes a Beauty, and she is endorsed by Dolly Parton as well as myself (editing in progress)

My Favorites:
#4 Your In My Heart
Starts with great banjo, and a Fine Melody, into a traditional Appalachian refrain.
#5 Little Angles
A sweet song of innocence, with Texas style fiddles (and nice banjo).
#7 Out Of Hand
A sweet love song
#8 Jolene (by Dolly Parton)
A fine rendition
#10 Keep Your Feet On The Ground
Great Tune, Jesus, and Great Banjo riffs
#11 Youre Running Wild
Fine Vocals

This entire CD is Traditional Appalachian with Texas, truely Fine Bluegrass, truely Professional. Rhonda Vincent has exact pitch and knows how to use it.

Once again, Bluegrass is the Heart of the Flower of American Music

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J.S.BACH was perhaps the greatest genius (in any field), and you cant go wrong listening to J.S. Bach (there were other Bach's, such as C.P.E. so dont get confused, J.S. Bach was Best by far) Tocata and Fugue in D minor (his finest), Brandeburg Concertos (Concerto #5 is a tough act to follow)

Maruice Ravel (French), the "father of modern classical music", very Romantic (except the militaristic "Bolero", and even then in a wild sense as used in the movie "10"). "Pavan: for a dead princess" my personal favorite Ravel, and my grandfathers favorite classical piece (written for the Queen of France when she died, he knew her personally), a very Romantic, very French, very Relaxing piece. Other works of Ravel are also Romantic and Mysterious. CLASSICAL music tends to be best, as every note has been preplanned, 1) to avoid Tritones (very discordant), or at least "resolve" the Tritone properly (as J.S. Bach was first to do), and 2) play the most harmonious of theory

Other Great Composer Favorites of Mine:
HDYEN (1st to get an orchestra together and wrote more than 100 symphonies), LIZST (romantic eccentric pianist composer), MOZART (Rondo alla Turca, my favorite piano piece), GRIEG (concerto in A minor), SEBELIUS (in tune with nature, mysterious, but gloomy, take a vitamin B complex first to avoid depression), HOLST "The Planets" (an astrological lesson as to the meaning of the planets, in music), VIVALDI, CORELLI, CHOPIN, DEBUSSY, FAURI (only "Pavane", the rest is rather boring)
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Ravi Shankar: Indias Master Musician" Angel label

"Ravi Shankar: Sound of the Sitar" Angel label

Ravi Shankar is perhaps one of the greatest geniuses of all time, these 2 CDs (above) are on the top f my list of recomendations A MUST

Arriving at the Aladdin Hotel Casino within 10 minutes of its delayed opening, I was in awe of the Music played in the Desert Passage shops area. The music matched the architecture. People in Arabic costumes were around, and each area had its own music. I went into the Endangered Species store, and they had a New Age Music Collection in the back, which one can listen to with headphones, selecting amoung many CD's. There I found these 3 CD's which sounded exactly like the music outside in the halls of Aladdins Desert Passage....

"Eternal Egypt" and "Immortal Egypt" by Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy, and "Tigers of the Raj" by James Asher

NOTE: (this review was written well before 9/11/01, and I hope you can realize we cant hate all persons of Arabic decent. Music is astrologically related to Venus, planet of Peace. I dont like what happened 9/11 and wont stand for it, but I doubt that this music is involved with all of that.

EGYPT CDs by Thornton & Ramzy
I studied music since my childhood, including International Music. When I was a teen in the 60's, Jimmy Page weilded his influence of Arabic Music in the World of Rock. To those who have not had this background, this Mid-East Music may not appear as Music, but might instead seem to be sounds. But to me, this is like Led Zepplin all over again. The Music is Timeless, Ancient (Egyptian Pyramids) and Modern (21st Century), and it Rocks. It Rocks of the Hooka. I can picture the Belly Dancer. This stuff is cool, this stuff is in outer space, this stuff is Hip. And this stuff is Serious (and it has a history of culture). I like it, I love it.

in progress....... (outstanding Sensational)

Sacred Temple Music of TIBET is Very Interesting

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Ooops I did it again" (pregnant again no doubt, very sexy chick): I listened to this one at Borders Books (where they let you listen to CD's.). "I'd like to step in her bubble gum" (and you can quote me on that), what a sexy chick. This is not really my favorite style of music, but wow is Britany SEXY, wow. I loved her version of "(Cant get no) Satisfaction", but did not acquire the CD (not my style, except her). I am trying to think if I have ever heard any chick sing so sexy? Britany Spears gets an A+ AWARD for Human Sexuality, in being so bold and free to be so Sexy, we need more sexy singers to sing more sexy (in my humble, educated, high IQ opinion). More power to her (and she looks sexy too), she's a good girl.

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
ROCK & ROLL (and Blues):

Led Zeplin, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, BB King (blues), Fleetwood Mac, Stvie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith (perhaps once, perhaps still, the greatest American band), The Doors (Jim Morison, insane? or just an act?), The Beach Boys, Jefferson Airplane, Starship, Don Henley, Eagles, Elvin Bishop (dad gum your hide boy, from the PBBB), Big Brother with Janis Joplin, Steve Miller, the Sons, Tom Petty, Santana/Abraxis, The Byrds, JIMI HENDRIX (did the impossible and made it look so easy), Free with Paul Rodgers, CCR (best dance music, and my favorite CCR tune is "Born on the Bayu"), the STONES, BEATLES, Stephen Stills (Southern Cross), Neil Young, CSNY, the Hollies, the Who (sensational), the Grateful Dead, Charlatins, Boston, Joe Cocker, Brian Adams, John Mellencamp, Tod Rundgren , Robert Johnson (pioner of the Blues), Albert King, John Lee Hooker, Texas Tornados, Pretenders, Van Halen, Sting, Pink Floyd, and many others (so many others, these are just some that I have listed, there are so many greats).

The Moody Blues and the GoGos (some more favorites).

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Herbie Mann, sensational Jazz Flutist
more later, work in progress

When recording in Hollywood (movie or music) there is a Red Light over the door, so no one will enter while recording, so Neilson wrote....

"it was take 54 when she came thru the door
with the red light on it
I knew in a minute if I wanted to get in it
then I'd have to get on it
I sang my balls off, for you baby
I almost broke the microphone..... baby come back
I need you to make a good take...."

more later..........

the feelings and emotions, the intellect, the depth, the infinite.......

Show Biz and Music did a radical Change around 1966 (astrological note: due to Pluto alignment with U-ra-nus in 1966 in Virgo, or Sidereal system Leo (show biz)). We went from styles of my mothers generation such as Tom Jones, Steve & Eydie, Frank Sinatra, of the Big Band Era type ensambles, to ensambles like the Doors, the Beatles, Stones, the Grateful Dead. Many of the former Big Band generation were prejudice against My Generation; but I have always appreciated all generations (I am not prejudice), and although I may show my own age with my 60's selections, I like new music, I like new ways (however, I do judge on quality, there is good stuff and bad stuff in every generation).

"When the musics over, turn out the lights" -Jim Morison, the Doors. Was Jim Morison sane? (just an act of insanity?) or was he trueley insane?