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"The most beautiful experience we can have is the Mysterious; it is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true Art and true Science"
- Albert Einstein

"ETHEREAL" © 2003 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

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"Ethereal" MP3 file 202KB VOCAL Sample
Vocal Sample (1 verse only, due to large file size)

Dr Albert Hoffman, inventor/discoverer of LSD, who recently celebrated his 100th Birthday, Congratulations
© 2003 by Will Chris Holley ARCHURE TM
(sung in Jim Morrison style)
Riding on the astral plane
tripping in the fast lane
baby what do you want to be
Become psychedelisized
eventually you realized
life is not what its cracked up to be
You've got to do something with it baby
You've got to be Free
You've got to live by the truth
for eternity
And time, has gone, too far my friend
You've got to find out, just, who you are, my friends
Search within, and see
True love is, Eternity
Peaking on the trips high
dreaming with the stars at night
waiting for the sun to rise
Colors flying thru the sky
sounds of life they mystify
but not everyone has seen thru your eyes
repeat REFRAIN
Timothy Leary & Ozley
and how about you and me
People getting very high
opening their third eye
while others out there still wont see
repeat REFRAIN

This song "Etherial" is PART ONE during performance. "ETHEREAL: THE PROCESSION". While this music is playing, a religious style procession of hip persons, dressed in tie-dye, love beads, and hip attire, carrying candles, sandalwood incense, wearing patcholi oil, follow 2 persons carrying a large portrait of Leary and place it on the Left side of the stage (left from Audience view), and a large portrait of Dr. Albert Hofmann also (the discoverer of LSD), on the Right side of the stage, (any portrait my be placed first, as long as the procession is in Coriolis movement, the prop portraits must stand at least 6 ft and be light weight).

Dr Albert Hoffman, inventor/discoverer of LSD, who recently celebrated his 100th Birthday, Congratulations
There may be one song played before ETHEREAL, a song I wrote and copyrighted long ago as an opener ("Take me to California": which act precedes this, with reports on the PA that the band has been delayed at the airport, finally helicopter sounds can be heard, the band rushes on stage with great momentum, picking up instruments and playing, joining in as they run in on stage "Take me to California" (high energy, high paced, exciting song). Followed by ARCHURE saying “It’s great to be back home”, and then into ACT ONE: "ETHEREAL: THE PROCESSION".

Later in the show, a long performance of "Lost Legend of Mendocino" gets to a point of musical intervals of Aug 4ths and Dim 5ths, right when Officers wielding a Warrant (performers dressed in Security uniforms looking like Law Officers) file on to the stage, yet the band continues (tritons), as one officer attempts to remove the portrait of Leary (left side of stage), one stage crew lady (vegan dressed in solid light blue uniform, wearing radio microphone headset, rushes to save the portrait from removal, kneeling with one knee in front of the portrait (one hand holding head set steady, the other holding the mic), speaking over the head set to central control, nodding “alfirmative, under control” in a calm state, the officer has the portrait tilted on one corner waiting for help to haul it away, simultaneously to the crew lady in blue, a second stage crew (male vegan in light blue uniform wearing radio microphone headset) rushes to mid stage, and folds arms, in a calm state, poised for action, the band continues. An officer with warrant (large paper) grabs a microphone (his chance to be the star), and visually signals (large arm waves, downwards) to band to stop as he prepares to speak (all egoed out), the band nervously continues (tritons etc). A Chief of Police walks briskly on stage, calls the whole bust off, while confirming the “call off” on a cell phone, and visually orders the officers off stage, they follow him off stage, the band continues with the next portion (tritons now resolved) of "Lost Legend of Mendocino" (a 30 min song, with various parts).

Even later in the show, the Highlight and Finally, "New Beginning" is played. The first segment, the tie-dye hip people return to the stage throwing confetti and flowers to the audience. Later in the same song, a reggae portion of the song has a man in the audience smoking a joint (prop, a phony joint of course) at the front side of the stage (with lots of lighting to accentuate him). An officer of the law (actor) blows on his whistle (heard in song) changing the song to a Keystone Cop style of chase, chasing the suspect with the joint, back and forth, thru the seated audience, across the stage, where the officer finally catches the man, the man hands over the joint, the officer takes several deep tokes, and hands back the roach saying “thanks” patting him on the back, and they part (all during the song).

It’s all just an act.

This song is inspired by those who pioneered in the re-opening of The Pineal Gland (click this link to get to links on Serotonin & Psychology); and to those who Pioner in Space Travel (including NASA, as well as many individuals). After oprression by the government and being booted by Harvard University, Professor Leary turned towards promotion of Private Enterprise of Space Travel and Space Stations. I attended Leary's "Space Station" college lecture tour at College of Marin, met the man and shook hands with him (mid 1970's), and in early 60's met and shook hands with John Glenn (Astronaut and more recently a US Senator).



SCIENCE: The Key to Humanity

Painting of Lady by Maxfield Parrish