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Dance is Art in Physical Form
Dance is Fun, Dance is Romantic
Dance is Good Exercise for Keeping Fit
It helps to get some Protein before dancing
Soy Milk (non-dairy) is what I use to dance. On the label of SILK brand soy milk, it says "Shake Before Opening", and thats how I get started.

It helps to have good music to dance to. There is mediocre music, and excellent music. For my favorite tunes, see

I dance at home, with my headphones on.
I do yoga and dance with my Sony Walkman, while waiting in long cab lines. I see other people walking on the street, waiting for the bus, shopping, wearing headphones and dancing.

Get It On

I took some Dance Lessons a while back (if you cant afford individual lessons, group lessons are cheaper). I learned to Waltz (my favorite, fairly simple, and I get put my arms around a lovely lady, very romantic, I wish I could waltz every day), I learned to Salza (simple and cool, with that fantastic Latin Beat, someday I'm going to get rich, go to Miami, and dance with those Cuban ladies), I learned many other dance steps, but never get a chance to use them, I would like to brush up, and use them more often.

I like the way those Grateful Dead Fans dance. Dead Fans ("Dead Heads") of today, dance just like they did many years ago. cool
However, as much as the Dead are one of my top favorites, CCR gets the award for BEST DANCE MUSIC