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When I grew up (photo of me on left), in a town by the sea (see photos), I lived in the Redwood Forest, and my grandmother Mimi (photo on right) used to be a Church Organist. I would assist her by turning the pages, and also sang in the choir. She was also a voice coach for EmmyLou Harris, Rita Coolige, and James Taylor. The church by the sea (photo below) was always open, and I used to go in and play the organ, improvisations, based on what I observed Mimi playing (she played JS Bach, but I was better at improvisations than reading music). So I often played in church, when it was empty. Tourists would stop by, look inside, hear my music, and I got lots of complements. In those days I frequently experimented with LSD, well, I was beyond experimentation, and I still think it was a good thing (so did top Harvard psychology professors Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Richard Alpert; but due to political pressures, they eventually lost their official credentials). My improvisations were based on what I heard, including modern classical music, such as Bernstein. My modern music was too much for the Pastor to bear, and I was banned from the church organ (but after a while I occaisionally snuck in and did improvisations, just no modern music).
THIS TUNE, is just about what I did (minus the modern improvisations).

"ORGAN RECITAL" (Improvisation) 2005 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

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