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This music, an improvization, and my first midi guitar recording (with pickup strapped on with masking tape), was all done with Guitar (believe it or not). It was created on a Squire Strat Guitar (2 tracks) with a Roland Midi pickup and midi converter, into Cakewalk "Home Studio" software, then edited and enhanced; echo and stereo seperation of sound; and the first track midi "FX 2 (soundtrack)" (an offcial midi sound) which sounds great live (but has changed with the midi standards, thus I corrected back to original live sound by) converting "FX 2" to SynthStrings1 and Pad2(warm) and made stereophonic with echo, while the other guitar track (track 3, as track 2 was ommited from this version), is as was played, PanFlute midi sound (thus a simple reassignment of sounds, sounds a bit complex unless your into midi, very simple).

"Eye of the Storm" 2005 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)
Re-Edited version
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