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"A VEGAN WALTZ" 2005 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

This music happened, it came out, and after writing it, I thought it so beautiful as to call it "A VEGAN WALTZ". I could not have written something so beautiful had I not been a vegan. There is a world of non-vegans out there, turmoil, trouble, people turning their heads away from joy, they won't allow themselves, but in the midst of it all, one has a choice, and I am glad that I chose to go vegan, and am sticking with it. Your karma is your karma. A Vegan is someone who does not consume animal products, and does not own animal products. I met a number of vegans when I was a kid (my grandparents knew quite a few, even though they themselves were not even vegetarians, they had respect for vegans), and I was determined to be one someday. There are all sorts of vegans. Albert Einstein was a vegan, at least for part of his life.
TO SEE many current day vegans, go to and select SEARCH then select the check box for VEGAN, that will narrow down your search to just vegans. A picture tells a thousand words, and so does this tune. Check out the vegan photos by clicking here (a new window will appear so you can have this window playing this tune in the background). For more Vegan info and more vegans you can also go to and and (medical experts), and does have some vegans amongst them. This music was created on a Cassio keybaord, thru midi software. I started with a free form Waltz chord progression, then added Pan Flutes and then Chimes, then edited it and enhanced it.
"The most beautiful experience we can have is the Mysterious; it is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true Art and true Science"
- Albert Einstein

"A VEGAN WALTZ" 2005 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

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