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MOVIE REVIEWS by Will Chris Holley
Music on this page is "Thats a Plenty" put to Midi by Gerald Ross, which I modified and enhanced

Alice in Wonderland (2010) originally by Lewis Carroll
Staring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowska as Alice

A+ for ART and Backgrounds, Castles, Sunsets, and Wardrobe, Special Effects, Directing, all = A+.

And Johnny Depp was absolutely sensational

2 serious downfalls of this movie are, too much Makeup (especially on Johnny Depp), however, they did a great job on the Red Queen and her Card Soldiers, and number 2: The Music, although impressive, is nearly all the same thru the entire movie, no change in mood nor style. The main theme of the music is in the style of "Climbing the top peaks of some highest mountain and the glory never seen by man before of the elements atop a mountain" kind of music, thru the whole thing (in a nearly Atonal style, and is quite good, but not thru the entire movie, please? Its too late, whats done is done).

I think Casting did good, except I would not have put Mia Wasikowska as Alice. I think she has talent, and I think she can go far with this, and I think she did a great job, but I just don't see her as Alice. (and I don't know if it was her doing or the Director's, but I think she could have been a bit more sexy, I mean sure she is cute, she just didn't appear to have any libido at all, sure she can stand the guy up at the wedding, but no libido at all makes Alice a dull girl). Other than that Mia Wasikowska did great (only the libido thing, and I just dont see her as Alice)

In spite of any drawbacks,
CONCLUSIONS = A: I think it was a Great Movie, and I am very grateful, as I am a big Lewis Carroll Fan.

“The Blind Side” staring Sandra Bullock review 2009.12.11
This movie had two good points
1. Good Music (excellent music) and music makes the mood
2. Sandra Bullock is a fine actress
3. Its was a long movie, and did not drag on as much, as others I have seen, which were that long.

The movie shows a kind, well to do family, who are White, helping out a slow student, who is Black, and help him be a football success in college. I kept thinking, why couldn’t they have had a well to do Black family, help a slow student, who is White? Been there done that; after the movie, I remembered Steve Martin in The Jerk.

For those who have never seen Black culture close up, note the fine 40 year old furniture, newspapers and magazines on the floor under the coffee table, empty bottles all around, and drugs and gangs and sinister sounding hip-hop resulting in violence, and the wardrobe said more of the same. In comparison with a pleasant White culture, where everyone is nice, and has fine antique furniture, in a spotless clean, expensive home. They even buy him a car and he wrecks it, first thing, with their kid in it. But still they have faith in him.

Journey to The South (without having to travel). I think Sandra Bullock did a fine Southern accent (from my CA NV vantage). Our co-star, or extra (Quinton Aaron), looks into a restaurant window, and see’s his long lost brother, a bus boy, and later, Sandra Bullock asks him “Who was that Boy?”.

SCRIPT: will Sandra Bullock ever have a good script? Does she read the script before accepting contracts? Or is she just accepting any work she can, in these fiscally challenged times. I remember famous Hollywood Stars driving taxi cabs in Hollywood when I was a kid. In one previous movie, Sandra Bullock is face down on the bathroom floor, pitiful. In another, she is trapped in a sani-can porta, on the back of a truck in gridlock freeway traffic. Mine eyes have seen the continual degrading and disgrace of Sandra Bullock; did she not sleep with the Producer? Again?

Tim McGraw, was apparently in the movie. Clean shaven, he looked nothing like the Tim McGraw at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, Chad Givens (and everyone says he looks just like him).

Cinema photography: Bonus point for a clip of Sandra Bullock walking thru a hall, right to left, ending with only her torso (below the neck, above the knees); and battle to the death for the close up of Quinton Aaron (I bet Sandra Bullock complained).

Certainly the movie shows some positive moves towards being kind, regardless of race; and realizing that everyone, including slow special people, are human beings; on the other hand, need I say more? The script if filled with racism, underlying negative racism, and unintelligent attitudes (from my CA NV vantage).

I don’t have a TV anymore (analog to digital fiscal crisis transition), so I knew nothing of the movie before going to see it. Viewing the book of choices at the ticket counter, I had a choice of stressful action adventures with stressful music (continual tri-tone augmented 4ths and diminished 5ths which rarely if ever resolve, causing shoulder to arm stress), or this.

STAR TREK (2009) by Paramount Pictures. A CLIFF HANGER, with ballroom brawls and old fashioned fist fights (too much blood), great character acting by new performers, performing the likeness and tallents of the previous orginals, with tremendous success. They all get aclaim from me, but McCoy was the most (Karl Urban was more like McCoy than the original McCoy), followed by a tremendous likeness of Captain Kirk (Chris Pine was perfect and detailed to the original charactoer), and Spock (Zachary Quinto was Identical to Leonard Nemoy), all of them were sensational (I would advise acting students to compare the original series performances with this 2009 movie). The orginal TV series was out around Sept 8th 1966 (but I remember seeing NCC 1701 before my grandfather Ted and Ted On The Lot retired from Desilu/Paramount back in (Spring) 1964, a couple of years before it aired). Back then, special effects were limited, yet some of the same techniques (drastic camera movements) are still employed today (and well done). This is a tribute to Hollywood Tradition (continual cliff hangers and brawls), with time traveler (orginal) Spock (and they all cheered for Leonard Nemoy). This movie also included an interesting verion of R Crumb's Pete The Plumber ("I know what I need...."). More about he orginal series

Its been a while since I have been to the movies (my former girlfriend and I went our seperate ways, and I have been working 6 nights per week)

BLADES OF GLORY by Paramount Pictures. A True CLASSIC.
They throw one joke after another at you, your laughing, then laughing again, then they throw something very sick at you while your still laughing, then your laughing because they did that to you, then another joke, and on and on. Excellent Casting. I always liked Ice Skating. And my favorite part is where one skater is handcuffed in the restroom, which is a classic scene (comparable in laughs to the original "The Producer" scene with old ladies with walkers).

DREAM GIRLS by Dream Works Ordinarily, I would not have gone to see a movie named Dream Girls; not watching TV to see ads, I had no Idea; but it was by Dream Works (usually better than other films). The first half I give an A++: excellent casting, camera, directing, acting, music, wardrobe, script, details, everything absolutely excellent; but then the 2nd half, sort of Dragged On, mostly due to, everyone was worn out, or cost of production, or all the music in the 2nd half was pretty much the same, too much the same. Other than the excellent music in the first half, what impressed me the most, were the characters, and their performances. In other movies, other famous comedians, Robin Williams, and Steve Martin (2 of my favorites), both (and many others before) attempted serious non-comedic roles, but the flicks were flops (in my opinion), so I say to comedians "never do a serious role, once your a top comic", but Eddie Murphy pulled it off, and fit the part so well, it just amazed me how well he did, and he wasn't funny, it wasn't a funny role, it was dramatic and he was excellent (more power to the man). Excellent all around casting.

APOCALYPO This movie has many true facts and descriptions of the Mayan culture, the Mayan Pyramids, and the people who lived there and then. This movie is an Anthropological documentary in story form. I think most Anthropologists would highly recommend this film. Subtitles (excellent) and the movie flows. I do not like the violence, but it was a truth about the people of that time, the Mayans were a highly violent society. I did a research paper in college about the Mayans (English 1A), and took some Anthropology courses; and know that the facts in the film are what I learned in college. This film is a magnificent work of art.

FAST FOOD NATION with Bruce Willis and Kris Kristopherson This is a must see, you must see what your eating, what it takes to bring you a meal. Bruce Willis is in the best movies (the one about the Meteor is a strong possible reality we may soon face), and Kris Kristophersons used to know me by name (didn't know him real well, but by name). This movie is a Documentary in Story Form, about Mexican migrant workers, illegal aliens trying to make a buck under dangerous job conditions; and about the Fast Food that America chows down. A must see, it may come back and play again (2nd run), and hopefully make it on TV over and over, for years to come.

BORAT featuring Pamela Anderson = A+ WARNING: vulgar, crude, nudity, but very funny
This is a Classic. More laughs per minute than The Pink Panther (original and remake). This is STREET THEATER which I encountered years back in San Francisco as viewer, walking down the street (around that time, I studied acting with John Ritter at College of Marin, we worked together every class session). "Isss gooood, issss moooovi; isss goooood moooovi". What I like the MOST (other than the laughs) is the ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE, with views of culture from different perspectives, world culture, international culture, we all need to learn to coexist.

PARDON THE INTERMISSION: I have been viewing movies, but have not been writing reviews, only because I have been too busy. I saw "Marie Antoinette" (period piece about the French Revolution, the end changes from actual history, for a pleasant ending for Marie, the reality of which was apparantly not so pleasant). I saw "Guardian" (about the US Coast Guard), yeah yeah, it was sort of OK, if you like that sort of action adventure rescue thing, and it promotes a non-military form of service. I could smell the chlorine. If you like swimming in pools, you might enjoy this movie. I really liked THE ILLUSIONIST, an interesting period piece with mystery and romance, very nice. I saw Men In Black on DVD (classic) and "Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow" now on DVD (absolute classic, and one of my very favorites, thanks)

An Inconvenient Truth staring Al Gore = A++ with Honors
Why I loved it....
1) We need more non-fiction, more educational TV and educational movies
2) Global Warming is more of a major issue than I thought
3) Science is the Key to Human Success, and this movie promotes using science to our advantage (it is science which brought us Cars, TV, Radio, Cell Phones, Indoor Plumbing, Air Travel, Modern Medicine, etc.
I would like to see Al Gore do a sequel on other issues, especially the Social Sciences, because "Technologically we have gone to the Moon; but Sociologically we are crawling out of the primeval swamp"
This movie is very interesting, it never gets boring, and its all true, and you had better go see it.

"The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock = B+
If scoring for SCRIPT COHERENCY this would get a C-, but the Idea and Concept is unique, interesting, and nearly a Classic, except for, I could not understand what was going on (I must have missed something, even though I did not leave during the movie, my girlfriend sort of understood what was going on). The story is about love letters thru a magic mailbox, between 2 people in different times, one in 2004, one in 2006 (and which one is in which time is often unclear). But it has a nice ending, and by the time you get to the end, ITS WELL WORTH SEEING THIS MOVIE, as I said, nearly a classic. Sandra Bullock is a favorite of mine, but 2 films nearly ruined her well deserved good reputation (and it was not her fine acting, it was the story and her role that was so bad, a good lesson to read the script before accepting the part, but an actor has to work), "Lake House" at least does her justice. This movie also brings up Women's Psychology. When I was at seeking dates, every woman wants a man to WAIT. And then there is the Woman Stood Up (he didn't show up for a date, JUSTIFICATION that women are good, men are bad, just like the daytime TV Soaps, I could go all day on that one, but back to the review). THE MUSIC IS EXCELLENT. Background music is well mixed with the screenplay; a train has a train crossing signal, dinging in time with the music, and lots of other good music, including an excellent song by Paul McCartney (one of the best things the man has done, sounds just like where the Beatles were headed, when they instead faded out). Its an old Hollywood scam to be so confusing that you don't know whats what, like they are so intelligent that you don't understand. Well I have a very high IQ and a good education, and it just was not clear as to what is going on ("2001: A Space Odyssey" back in the late 1960's, the director got angry at the reviews of the preview, and whipped out the entire narration; but that was different, and still great; this Lake House script needs some rework in the beginning, but, what is done, is done. Could have been a classic. (I am grading stiffer in 2006, than previous movies down the page). B+ well worth seeing.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" Dead Mans Chest" = A+
I loved it. Way better than part 1, this is part 2. Casting was excellent. The monsters were absolutely great. What would be more appealing, than a Pirate Movie with Canibal Islanders, and Sea People. Disney has scored again, big time (this and CARS).

"CARS" Animated Comedy = A+
First of all, Comic Book Cars with eyes and mouths, is just my style, next, the background drawings/paintings are in the Old Walt Disney Excellent Style, such as the small town at night, with neon lights sceens, shades of shadows using color reflected light, etc. I really laughed quite hard thru most of this movie (I am usually silent thru most comedies I enjoy anyway, but this time, I just roared).

"Superman" = B-
Pardon me, but I have outgrown Superman
I watched it on TV as a kid (loved it), saw the original movie, and now this remake update, and yea its OK, and after seeing it I almost considered seeing it again in 3D, but for the most part, it wasnt that it was bad, it was made OK, I just found it Superboring. Lets retain Santa Claus, and phase out Superman; with all his Psychological complexes (I looked up, Searched the Net (.edu) for "Superman", and "Psychology" and yes, there are some complexes associated with the story. Excellent villain casting.

"Over The Hedge" Animated Comedy = A+
Dream Works tends to put out the best movies (or, they were), and here they have done it again. The ANIMATION (computer) is SUPREEM, taking over where Walt Disney left off. The voices of famous actors are great, the Turtle was my favorite voice (Garry Shandling). The various sceens are all of great superior quality of true art work in animation. This is a genuine MASTERPIECE. This movie is far better than "Ice Age, The Meltdown" (which I also enjoyed). "Over the Hedge" has an Animal Rights message: Animals are People Too. My grandfather tried to get me and others to understand that wild animals are just trying to survive (we used to live in the redwood forest, after my grandfather retired from Paramount/Desilu (now home to Paramount/Dreamworks)). I cant help but wonder if my grandfather had an influence on the Paramount Lot (or maybe thats where he got the idea?). Parmount still cranks out good movies, as do Warner and 20th Century and Universal, etc. But DREAM WORKS tends to be Far Above the Rest (or, they were a few years back).

“The Producer” (blasphemy) a remake by Mel Brooks, Comedy = “A+”
The original movie was an absolute classic, and this is a fine remake, with performers redoing every move, every angle, which at first, made me not laugh as hard as I did with the original, some scenes were not as good as the original, but at the same time there are improvements in other scenes. If you never saw the original, DO SEE THIS MOVIE. Absolute Blasphemy, which only Mel Brooks can get away with (they would string me up if I tried to do it). Classic scenes include Accounting (excellent, every accountant needs to see this movie), the little old ladies with walkers (classic), and of course, the opening of the Musical (blasphemy), all may be better than the original, except the scenes with the German soldier/writer, which are not up to par with the original, but still fine acting.

“The Pink Panther” staring Steve Martin = “A++” (a scream a minute)
This remake of the first, of a series, of Peter Sellers/Blake Edwards movies, is excellent. I don’t think anyone could match Peter Sellers, except Steve Martin. And its good for Steve Martin, because his more recent movie scripts (although good) have not been up to par with his original “The Jerk” (absolute classic). Now this puts Steve Martin back up where he belongs. I am hoping that Steve Martin will continue, and remake the other Pink Panther movies (including the final movie, Peter Sellers died while making the final movie, and because of that, it was not very good, I think Steve Martin could do it justice (and who knows, there may be other Pink Panther scripts which were never used?).

“Something New” = B+
(I had to stiffen my grading scale, this movie is better than some “A”s down this page)
This movie is done in the 20th Century Fox style of movie making (but under a different label), with everything being hunky dory, peachy keen, and ending with a large party scene (just like 20th Century Fox). The leading lady’s script calls for her to put down our hero, but a bit too much. I don’t think any guy would pursue any woman who put him down so many times, but he does in this movie. And he gets the girl. This is a movie of Interracial Love (she is Black, he is White). She is a “partner” for a major corporation, her dad is head of Neuro Surgery at UCLA, her brother is a top Attorney with a hot sports car and a new girlfriend for every scene (just your typical Black family). And our hero is a Gardener. “Gardening is good for the soul”, and another character in the movie hires a Nutritionist (another good influence). The script and cinematography flows quite nice, and its basically a good flick, just as long as you don’t mind delving into the Real World of Success and Perfection. If you’re a racist, don’t go see this movie, else, pleasant and entertaining, well worth your time and money (its just not as good at The Pink Panther or The Producer, but still a fine movie).

"STAR WARS: Episode III Revenge of the Sith" ="A+ Outstanding" by 20th Century Fox
To be honest, I never saw Episode II, and when I saw the first Star Wars (when it first came out, I lived in Marin County CA, saw it in San Rafael), I had smoked one of the finest joints available); so, this Episode III really cleared things up a bit. This movie is a tribute to Architecture, Special Effects, its got a great plot, good script, the movie flows, it never drags, good lighting, endless lava, rosco fire, great space city backgrounds, nice decor (wouldn't you like a pad like that? (no stacks of paperwork, no junk on the floor, no magazines lying around), Wardrobe, Makeup, Hairdos, Creatures from Outerspace (my favorite was a vulture like villian who hacked and coughed (make me laugh), but I miss the Bar from the original Star Wars and the music in that scene); you got music by John William, Lucas Magic, what more do you want? I could hardly believe that it scored only a B+ with both Critics and Yahoo Readers, but, someone suggested that it might have been due to Violence (and yes I am a man of peace and against violence, and some psychologists say movies with violence offer a release, an alternative to violence, while other psychologists say movies with violence tend to promote and encourage violence. One way or the other, we do live in a world of violence, Bush Jr has his War (a rehash of his dads Desert Storm War), and trying to get to the movie theater, on the road I was attacked repeatedly by a driver who does not read warning speeds for dangerous curves (she had been tailgating me and others all the way), and I was attacked on the way home by someone who thinks the road is entirely theirs (drivers who pretend they are so stupid they don't know how to drive, yet driving requires intelligence, can't fool me. People who use a vehicle as a Weapon of Aggression should be taken to court and treated accordingly). Even in the Casino where I saw the movie, I asked an employee where a restroom was (they had it blocked off), and he got offensively too close in a hostile manner as punishment for my asking (you want a restroom buddy, you want a restroom! I’ll show you a restroom pal!). So what’s new?

Back to the movie, it was great, and I loved all the flight vehicles, in that they were mostly old and worn and torn, but still functional. And the script was filled with deception and revolution, who was on whose side? Very deep, good message, and a good loop back to the original Star Wars.

If you ever get a chance to see George Lucas' first movie "THX1138", SEE IT, it is a Classic.

"What the Bleep Do We Know!?" gets an "A"
(posted 2/23/2005, review delayed due to lack of free time)
This movie is something Different, a Narrative Documentary for Intellectuals, regarding the Mind and Philosophy. The first part lacked a sense of reality, we all have to face reality; but by the end of the movie, everything seemed to fit more into place. I enjoyed the movies encouragement and praise for CREATIVITY. I create Music, Art, Web Pages, so I much enjoyed the movies encouragement towards Creativity. I have had fan mail and hate mail, and the hate mail is usually critical over my creations, to which I have often written back saying "What do you do? do you do anything creative? perhaps you should take some B Vitamins and make your own web page (web page advice). Its easy to be critical of others, harder to create; being critical of others does not raise you above them". This movie stars a deaf woman, with an accent which deaf people tend to have, who is a photographer, flirts with romance, and deals with frustrations. The movie is interlaced with interviews of intellectuals, on manifestation of intent, coincidence? or the unconscious mind taking over and leading us? Those without a gifted IQ may say "huh?", and even then....

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ="A" (posted 01/06/2005)
This pleasant flick is a humorous remake of Jacque Cousteaus Underwater Adventure Series (combined with a humorously pregnant Jane Goodall), and if you remember all of that, perhaps you are getting a bit older (Bill Murray is all gray now, at least for this one). What highlights this movie is, what was the "New Technology" of the 1960's, is now a heap of crap; reminding us that in the future, we will look back to our CD Rom Burners, Cell Phones with Pictures, Laptops, etc, and have a few laughs over how important we thought they all were. Thus, if ever there were to be a movie awarded special merit for PROPS, this is it (what a collection). So too can this movie be awarded for Excellent in Lighting, Wardrobe, Casting, really great Photography, and quite a good Script, and wow what a Script Girl (a very important job I might add). For those of you who were not yet with us in the 60's, this movie highlights The BEST of what we had on TV in those days (other than the Beverly Hillbillies of course). My Favorite part was everyone in the Submarine near the end, in true 60's style; reminiscent of Fantastic Voyage (miniature medical Submarine Voyage) as well as the original Star Trek; and now its all crap, very funny crap. Well Done (and Bill Murray is pretty much a Guarantee). And I am still laughing.

SPANGLISH ="B" posted 12-20-2004
Staring: ADAM SANDLER, PAZ VEGA, Téa Leoni, and Cloris Leachman.
I liked this movie better than Adam Sandlers last movie (where he plays a psycho. This time Adam Sandler has a much better part, just a normal, run of the mill, all American Psycho, just like you, and just like me, the whole cast, crazy like the world. This is supposed to be a Comedy, but is more of mirror for middle class America, asking you, do you really think your daily emotional roller coaster is so funny? Still there are some very good funny moments, like grandma tackling her daughter, trying to prevent catastrophe; but not enough really funny stuff to really call this a Comedy. There are images of upper class America, money, class, all fantasy for us who can not afford the luxury of except for the price of a movie ticket. Adam Sandler looks real good this time round, he must have lost weight, or must be taking vitamins or eating proper, maybe he gets his cardio, but he looks much better now. His character is slightly hip, and upper class. MOTIVE: This movie has a friendly slant, towards our good neighbors to the South, South of the Border, down Mexico Way (for those who never lived in an area now saturated with Mexicans, and where can that be?). STORYLINE: A poor single (SEXY) Mexican Lady (Paz Vega), with her young daughter, raises her self above working 2 jobs in order to meet the rent, by getting a job as a high class maid. Lives in Beverly Hills and Malibu with the Rich, only to go her own separate way in the end (many women who have temporarily dated rich guys for a while, can relate to this movie). And so, in the end, she leaves the riches, to get back on the bus, to return to a life of low pay, just in time for movie goers to do the same. MUSIC: The Spanish Classical Music was very nice, but was only present in the beginning and end (the sadness of the movie was not in the music, as much as it was in the emotional trauma, which is ever so real, teaching America, you thought you could get away from yourselves for a few hours by going to the movies? think again). The rest of the music (piano) was used effectively for emotional trauma scenes. There could have been happy music thru the whole thing, but no. There could have been more and better music, but no. The only real good music was the brief Spanish music. MAKEUP: was well done, especially the emotional trauma, but not limited to. WARDROBE: very good, with Adam Sadlers alligator La Coste shirt, and PAZ VEGA's tight fitting, ever so attractive attire. SCRIPT: I think this movie is a step up for Adam Sandler, but I think he needs better scripts in general, and what if he abandoned being a psycho? What? does he think he is something special for being a psycho or something? He still has to pay the bills and face reality and all that. PHOTOGRAPHY & LIGHTING: very good, nothing note worthy, but well done; and great close ups (esential for Hollywood Stars). CASTING: EXCELLENT and Tea Leoni deserves extra merit, her role is not as glamourous, but she is a real beauty, and plays her part quite well. Columbia Pictures: eh, there OK, but no match for Dream Works. CONCLUSIONS: After quite a spell of not going to the movies (busy, etc), I found this movie not as good as I expected it to be, with Adam Sandler better than expected (more up to par with his potential), but still this movie was better than Meg Ryans murder mystery last December, better than Adam Sandler’s last movie, and certainly anything is better than last Christmases "Love Actually". I am now a stiffer grader, and should have given those previous movies lesser scores than the grade of "B" which I give to SPANGLISH. Sort of worth it, if you don't want to get away from your own emotional trauma lives for a couple of hours. I think emotional trauma is all Dietary related. Most people think that if they go to various restaurants and eat various things, they will eat healthy, but they can't tell you how many miligrams of vitamins or protein or fiber they need daily, they don't have any inkling as to the pH of foods (read "The pH Miracle" by Young & Young), they know sugar and fat are not good but indulge anyway, leading to a life filled with emotional trauma.

SKY CAPTAIN and the World of Tomorrow = A+
I grew up in the late 50's and early 60's, watching old movies on TV. Sky Captain is filled with old cliches not used in 50 years. You know who the good and bad guys are, just from a wink and a nod, or a sinsiter look, you know whats next, if you watched the old movies. The characters, their manerizims and speech, are just like my moms good friends who were in their 20's in the 40's (gosh, gee, golly, and swell). Actrees Gwyneth Paltrow gets the top award for portraying this era (excellence in acting). This film is every inch a Winner, a well planned History of Hollywood sumized in a single film. This is deffinately Academy Award Material (bet your bottom dollar on that). Oh and the robots and ray guns, I loved every minute. A+

Farenheit 9/11 (re-relase late Sept 2004)
I liked it so much I saw it twice (maybe I will go see it again). Review below (June 2004).

The Cinematography is excellent, the music makes the mood (and Great percussion), the location shots are great, the story is nice, pleasant, humorous, with lots of love, and some really great tennis (I like to watch Tennis on TV, but how much can anyone take, but the excellent shots combined with a nice story, makes for a great movie); but best of all, the timing of everything, the direction and the editing were perfect, nothing was drawn out too long, nor too short, the timing and the transitions are perfect. The casting too is good, and I can actually understand 90% of what these British people are saying (in real life, I don't understand what most British people are mumbling about, nice accent, but I cant understand, at least they know what they are talking about). This movie is PACKED TO THE GILLS WITH CLICHE'S, yet some suspense and apprehension is still there, and very well done. I can not help but think that they could have added something Extra, I don't have anything specific to suggest, but there could have been something else. And my only real dissatisfactions are, someone is a scoundrel and our hero punches him (violence, and perhaps the worst kind, the real type, glorified), and worse than that, they took a nice bunny rabbit they found nibbling in the garden and cooked her, they didn't have to do that; thus what would have been an "A" I have lowered to a well deserved "B+" (due to encouraging real violence within society, not the typical non-reality type we see in many other movies).
Support Animal Rights at

This movie has quite a bit of good humor to it. Having grown up in Hollywood (till age 11) then the Redwood Forest (till age 19); between Chainsaw Villians, Hippy Chicks (just like I used to know), and Forests of Spledor and Dreams, this movie makes me long for home. See this flick and you will understand why although I love the forest, I don't like to go camping (there is nothing like the comforts of home). My favorite part has a Bear running of with the screams of the audience. This movie is slapstick, there are holes in the story, but who cares when you are having a fun time.
(2004.08.30 at 1:44 am)

I ROBOT 2004
Staring: Will Smith and the Lovely Bridget Moynahan
This movie borders on an A- or B+. I liked it (sometimes I have to give a movie a good score even if I didn't like it, just because it was well done; but I much enjoyed this flick). Will Smith has deadly Robots, like Joe had cockroaches ("Joes Appartment" around 20 years ago). The dialog (and script) starts out too simple, but then everything starts to get better after around 30 to 40 minutes into the flick, and gets better and better. At this point the story begins to fill with Moral Ethics, Business Ethics (like the computer industry and upgrades, you must upgrade, then you have to upgrade everything else, then you have to get a new computer, seems to be one of the many morals of this story). But the flick seems so concerned about Machine Errors, while I am more seriously concerned about Humans. This movie BORROWS from the ever so famous 2001, in the voice of the robot, but we also have something new, VICKI (I liked her better than HAL). We see Will Smith naked or nearly naked several times during the movie (not a turn on for me, but the ladies might enjoy him), but the Lovely Bridget Moynahan barely loosens her tight collar, wearing nothing revealing nor sexy at all (too bad, shes real cute in spite of the matronly wardrobe). The photography is contriversial in that they continually clip off the tops of peoples heads. I can see it in some instances, but this was excessive with no apparant motive. The music is alright, some of it quite interesting, but not the type of music I would want to get the soundtrack of. The suspense is Just Right (unlike the original "Alien" which was too much for me with monsters screaming out of the silence randomly). The Special Effects and Stunts are absolutely OUTSTANDING. If you like ROBOTS 35 years in the Future, YOU'LL LOVE IT.

(A Re-Write) Farenheit 9/11 = "A+" for OUTSTANDING June 2004
Documentary, staring Geo. Bush Jr. 1 hr. 56 min. by Michael Moore
I went to see it due to its "A" average (knocked down to "B+" average with more reviews in later), from reviews across the country, as per (only SHREK 2 can begin to match that). I had no idea what to expect, but one review said that this movie explains "why the U.S. has become a target for hatred and terrorism". I think that EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD VIEW THIS FILM (and the whole world for that matter). WARNING: Right Wing Conservative Birtchers with a history of Stroke, Heart Disease, Hip-Spine Injuries, Hate, Greed, Superiority, or under Heavy Medication, are advised to Not View This Film.
I saw it on opening day, and one person walked out yelling after 10 minutes, with people yelling back at him as he left (good thing he didn't hang out for more), but the rest of the audience loved it, and gave the film a LARGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE at the end (how about that! Thats very rare of course). I think History is in the making with this flick, and that Michael Moore is becoming a National Hero (but then again I thought the government would legalize pot in 1968, but they legalized homosexuality instead).
GO SEE FARENHEIT 9/11 TODAY OR TONIGHT, WHICH EVER IS SOONER. There is quite a bit of TV to Film clips of President Bush Jr and other political figures, as well as many U.S. citizens, World citizens, and even some U.S. Soldiers in Iraq (great clips, outstanding). I think that Michael Moore might get a larger audience without interjecting his political views, but I have to agree with him, and you will too. Warning: this film does have film of real people injured and suffering; real victims of real violence. This movie will undoubtedly be an ACADEMY NOMINEE, its a CLASSIC. A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE.

Super Size Me a Documentary June 2004
This is the true story of a man who eats exclusively at McDonalds for a full month, followed by cameras. He is medically checked, before, during, and after the ordeal. Moral of the story: McDonalds is a poor excuse for food, having a 2:1 fat/protein ratio, which it should be the other way around. No wonder America is gaining in Obesity, and this film points out the truth. Years ago I was with a friend in a car who ate some fast food and became ill, later apologizing to me, I said "I understand, I just wish I had a camera to capture it, someday I'm going to make a documentary on this" but great minds travel in the same channel, and someone beat me to it. Health is your only true wealth, so I must give this movie an A+ in the hopes that everyone will go see it.

Day After Tomorrow by Touchstone Pictures June 2004
Overall Score: A- ("A" minus).
This picture gets an outstanding A+ for Special Effects, AND for Use of Special Effects. One can only wish that those in charge of the Special Effects were also in charge of the Acting, which was seriously flawed during the first two thirds of the movie, only to seriously improve to an excellent level during the last one third of the flick. (Was that Kevin Costner?). This movie uses long time Hollywood Cliché’s which I remember from Sci Fi movies as a kid, with the moral of the story being "DON'T DISTURB THE BALLANCE OF NATURE", or "What goes around, comes around", and this message is intertwined thru the entire movie (especially when U.S. Citizens evacuate the U.S. by illegally crossing over the border to Mexico). But this movie lacks realism, when helicopters come to rescue New Yorkers on roof tops (like they didn't do for the Twin Tower victims). And like I said, the Acting during the first two thirds was not the best, being Unrealistic and Overdramatic, like an armature stage production. (Was that Kevin Costner?). Since the Acting Flaws were overall, and not just one performer, I would strongly suspect either the Director? or Producer? or the Catering? One could check with those who worked on the picture to find out what happened two thirds of the way thru to improve things? Did they fire someone and get a replacement? (Was that Kevin Costner?). Another Demerit for portraying Wolves as such terrible creatures. Wolves are just wild dogs, and dogs are mans best friend. I used to know a musician who had 2 pet wolves, and they were real nice. So a demerit in that this picture, with the moral of Don't Mess with Nature, Respect Nature, goes around blaming wolves for being mean and cruel. But you DON'T WANT TO MISS THE SPECIAL EFFECTS, AND THE USE OF THEM in this flick; it’s a WORK OF ART. Was that Kevin Costner?, NO, it was Dennis Quaid. I can imagine the ANGUISH expressions on his face, when he learned that he forgot his toothbrush when they went on location (remembrances of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, speaking of Looks of ANGUISH). But THE EXCELLNET SPECIAL EFFECTS easily outweighs the performance flaws. The film starts with a fly by of Antarctica, with special effects, which continue thru the entire movie. Well worth the recent price increase to $6 for a Bargain Ticket (they must have heard that I am now, once again, respectfully employed; prices are going up all over town, but not wages; the rich get richer, and I get poorer?).

Winter 2003
LOVE ACTUALLY staring a Host of Stars including Hugh Grant (usually a guarantee)
Plot? Script? Well maybe some sort of Script but Plot? What is lacking in Plot is made up for with a host of British Stars (I am not familiar with them, they must be famous in Brittian, but I admit I don't watch TV anymore, so maybe thats it). 25% of the Music in this movie is great, the rest of it is lacking, oh sure its OK, the performance is OK, but it does not do the movie any good, and Music is an important factor. The one song drastically missing from this was "FEELINGS, NOTHING MORE THAN FEEEEEELINGS". MAKEUP also scores LOW along with PLOT. After an Hour, just a hair of plot begings to maybe develop. All the roles are bit parts, all the characters are minor, this won't go down in history as Hugh Grants best role, nor Rowan Atkinsons (the star formerly known as Mr. Bean). This movie is around 7 different stories, which switch back and forth, not related at all till the end, and then just barely, with one character briefly coinidentally showing up in anothers story. A story of a Happy (with some tears too) Christmass.
However, this movie is POSTITIVE, and HAPPY (and sort of helps put me in a better mood, good therapy, after seeing "In the Cut". THUS, due to POSITIVE ENERGY, I give this movie a B+ (marked down due to no plot and poor makeup, and the music could have been better, great to hear The Beach Boys, and White Christmass had a great vocalist, didn't catch who in the credits). Well worth sitting around, positive therapy (in a world filled with negative realities).

IN THE CUT staring Meg Ryan
Excellent Cinematography, Great Casting, and Inappropriate Music (excellently performed, just a poor choice and mediocre). This is a Murder Mystery. I usually prefer Comedy and Romance, as well as Sci Fi, but this was Suspense, Blood, Profanity, the Gutters of Society (100% NY, see if I ever go, not that L.A. or anyplace else is any better). Every guy is pawing Meg Ryan, in the midst of trauma, blood, and gore. What is the writer trying to prove? That this is how we live our lives? That we should reform? or that men don't care about anything except sex? (wrong concept). What is the author trying to prove? Why did I go pay $5.50 to see all this terrible tragedy? To see Meg Ryan naked, that's why. Was it worth it? I dunno, she's very sexy, and the brief nudity is very appealing, but I don't like Murder Mystery and Suspense. But if you do, then you just might love it. There were many suspects and various clues, and the woman several seats to my right kept saying "uh oh" (I finally had to tell her to "ssshhhhH"). I could not help but think thru the entire movie, that my dear old grandmother Mimi would have enjoyed this (she was always reading Agatha Christy), she would have just lapped it up. For what it was, it was well done, except for a very poor selection of classical string's music. Music really makes the mood, and this movie really lacked in appropriate, decent music, were so sorry. But Meg Ryan was in fine form, excellent Acting on her part (the best dramatic effort I have seen her do, by far; but shes proved herself, next time I hope to see her in a romantic comedy), and once again, the cinematography was also very excellent.

Starring: Scarlett Johansson & Bill Murray
This movie got great reviews, so I went to see it. It was a pleasant trip to Japan, no violence, with no unpleasantries (except a hurt foot). This is a Fantasy for older guys. An older guy "Bill Murray" is the Big Star, gets paid big time just for having his photo taken drinking a brand of whiskey, and has fun with this beautiful young sexy thing "Scarlett Johansson". The movie opens to Scarlett Johansson's sweet posterior, and the movie is filled with many of her sexy poses (I don't get this in real life). The movie has all sorts of pleasant fun sceens and the excellent comedy presentation of Bill Murray, one of my favorites. The comedy is great, but still can't hold up to What About Bob, or his movie with the Elephant (forgot the nameof the flick? with the sceen with Bill Murray trying to hide the elephant behind the billboard while trying to hitch a ride, what a scream). But is still a fine picture (except that Bill Murray looks real old, in contrast with Ms. Johansson, and there was no sex scene).

This movie has reasonable reviews, at a time when quite a few bad reviews stand against other movies, so this was one of the few choices left, and it was better than I expected. It opens with good screen play and good cinimatography, then the script leaves reality (the latest trend in Hollywood), for a Frankenstein Brain Surgery Brain Swap, exept this happens due to magical powers after eating in Chi-na-TAOwn (someones been smoking something in Chi-na-town. It's the Dragon!). So mom and her daughter get their brains and bodies switched in a Psychological Role Reversal (thout shall not critizize till one has walked in anothers moccasins). What could be a confusing screen play, manages to stay within the limitations of understandability. With comedies, I rarely laugh out loud, but a couple of scenes had me screaming. The movie stars Jamie Lee Curtis and the lovely & tallented Lindsay Lohan and is a Walt Disney (he's gonna turn over in his grave someday, but not over this flick, or is he frozen? or did I see him riding a Harley with his hair & beard grown long?) production
Staring Jackie Chan & Claire Forlani
As usual, Jackie Chan does some very good stunts. If you like good martial arts, and good humor, this is the place for you. The scariest part is in the very begining (saved by his best friend, biting the bullet for him), and it doesnt let up. One of my favorite scenes is the stunts at the ship yard docks, another sceen involves running from tree to tree above the ground (something unusually different and well done), some really really great stunts when chasing one of the villians thru the streets. This movie (like many others these days, a trend and a risky venture), leaves Reality behind when Jackie Chan actually dies (aaw, good use of an old cliche'), leading to the funiest part, where he see's himself in the morgue. At this point the magic of special effects takes over, yet still, to watch Jackie Chan run up a wall and over the gate, is a reality better than fantasy. The fantasies are still within reason, and it pays off in the end with a magic serpent and fish ("OOooooh"). Leading Lady Claire Forlani (speaking of "OOooooh") does well as a Sandra Bulloch Type (which speaks well for both, whether intentional or not) and she does some great stunt work herself. Lee Evans also does a fine job, especially his airplane landing (another cliche', this one rare, but I have seen it before someplace, and once again Jackie Chan is good with his Hollywood Cliche's, and his Traditional Hollywood Hero Imagery). The good quality of SONY has its hand in this production. Well worth the early bird bargain $5.50 at Brendens at The Palms in Las Vegas, if you enjoy Action Adventure combined with Comedy, and/or if you are a Jackie Chan Fan (like myself, sorry I missed the last one, will have to check it out on video someday when I have a girlfriend to snuggle up with).

In the mean time UPTOWN GIRLS which looked so good in the Previews has some bad reviews. You can't always trust the reviews, but I am broke right now and just saw Jackie Chan instead. I can't help but wonder, if perhaps some Reviewer decides he/she wants to do something different today, doesnt see the movie, pans it, and everyone else being too lazy to see it either, just copies the original review? (or is it really that BAD? Like "Livingstone" is to wine? Gallo is the good stuff by the way).

"PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN" scores Far Above the Rest
Perhaps I have admitiedly been too easy in handing out "A"s, but this movie is far above the rest (except for Finding Nemo), making Disney the first to challenge Dream Works superior lead in the past few years. Pirates scores.....
A+ for Directing
A+ for Wardrobe
A+ for Set Design
A+ for Casting
A+ for Excellence in Fine Acting (especially the begining)
B- for Music (will sufice, could have been better)
C+ for Script
I do realize that a movie is based upon a script, and that one rarely changes the script for the most part; but I think the movie, considering the excellence in fine acting and realisim, could have written out the Fantasy Monsters, and kept them all as real people, for a much finer finished product. I did denote the use of the word "Aahrrr" used (only once thanks). SOME FINE beautiful shots of ships and the sea, make for an A+ in Cinimatography as well. Yo ho matey, pass the Bacardi's 151, and grab me a wench.

Comming Soon, Jackie Chan's "The Medalion"

by South Pacific Films
A+ for this film of art about the culture of New Zealand. This film shows the uniqueness of the New Zealand Culture, Art, Language, Dance; combined with universal aspects of culture, such as aggression & tears (non-vegetarian diet leads to such behavior, regardless of culture and locality). I grew up by the sea, at least for a few years (Redwoods by the Sea), so I can really relate. What would culture be, without folding tables, lots of chairs, and a community building for gatherings. There are similarities to other root cultures, such as Native Americans, etc. An absolute must for anyone interested in Cultural Anthropology, Artistic Films outside the rut of Hollywood normalcy, Lovers of the Sea, or anyone who wants to travel around the world, to see something different, yet still the same. Highlights include beautiful underwater and above water takes, and the end of the movie is by far the best. Good casting, good cinimatography, a film well done and well worth seeing. A+
RATING WARNING: this film contains culturally universal: aggression, sadness, and tears; partial nuidty, at least one Brittish swear word, and cool people smoking something funny.

"JOHNNY ENGLISH" staring The Star Formerly Known as Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson).
This is not just a Comedy, but also a Spy Thriller, in the good old fashioned English Comedy tradittion, in combination with a James Bond style of flick. The audience was Screaming. This movie boasts a personal appearance by "Her Majesty", and if you are, how you say, vewy French, yes? then beware, the French are the how you say? Z Villians? in this flick. It makes the movie ever so Exciting, in that they drive on the other side of the road in England.

"LEGALLY BLONDE 2" staring the lovely Reese Withersoon.
This movie is about Animal Rights in Washington DC. Reese Witherspoon plays a vegetarian esquire (apparantly she is not really a vegetarian (as per, she had me fooled, lovely, Healthy looking). This movie gets an A+ for Fashion, laughs, good morals, and is OK for KIDS Too. I enjoyed it.

T3 = A
Terminator 3 staring (doc says "say...") Aaaahhrnold
I expected it to be good, and it was much better than expected. The Cinimatography deserves extra praise. I read a bad review about it, saying it was not up to par, hogwash. Great flick. As I left the Brenden Theater at The Palms in Las Vegas, which has start times as late as 2am (good for them, its a 24 hour town), I drove away feeling that "You better not get in my way, I am a Terminator, and I'll be Bach".
YEARS AGO, back in the late 1980's, I met Aaaahrnold. I was very overweight, lived in Southern Hermosa, and used to ride my (hand painted) Purple Bicycle up and down The Strand (trying to burn calories). Right where Hermosa meets Manhattan Beach, there is a zig zag in the Strand. I used to take the zig zag slow, but skateboarders harrassed the big fat man on his purple bicycle as he cautiously approached the zig zag, till one day, he decided that if he were to take the zig zag at high speed, the skate boarders could live or die at their own choice. Unforntuneately this coinsided with an exact meeting of me going North at the zig zag, just as Aaahrnold and his wife were pedaling South (with baby attached on wheels trailer). Thus, a near collision. Aaahrnold got of his bike and yelled and screamed at me. I got off my bike and yelled back an appology, which was not accepted, I appologized again, it was refused again, and finally I said "I'll be Bach", got back on my purple bicycle, and proceeded North. (Still an Aaahrnold Fan to this day (and I know his secret)).

This movie is enjoyable. Sensational Casting, and Excellent Everything Else: Wardrobe, Stunts, Makeup, Editing, the movie flows, it's understandable, it's exciting, the violence is only stunts. And this movie has a great selection of Music (very important in movies), with Surfer Girl, some Spirit (did they get credit?), some Mancini. Well worth the price of addmission. Very Nice. I had read a bad review in the paper, just goes to show, you can't trust bad reviews in the paper, unless everyone gives a movie a bad review, which certainly wont happen with this Well Done Picture. Lots of hard work went into this, and it came out nice.

Lots of other movies out I would like to see, T3, Legally Blonde 2, Pirates of the Caribian, Sinbad

Finding Nemo by Disney = A+
ART, BEAUTY, and HUMOR make a Disney Classic (perhaps the best to date?). 
I give this movie an A+, as do most of the reviews across the country.  1st of all, the movie, an animated underwater story is BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK.  It shows us the Beauty of the Sea which is hard for most of us to visit, except as seen on TV or Movies (rarely seen, especially in this animated excellent quality).  It gives us Appreciation of the Sea, in the hopes that we will have more consideration for it (as it stands now, the sea is vastly polluted by mankind, its time for us to stop, and have respect for the sea).  2nd, this movie has nice family values, 3rd, great casting and a job well done, Ellen Degeneris does great Whale Talk (as is the rest of her performance), lastly, it even carries a humorous but thoughtful Vegetarian message, with Sharks who have joined a vegetarian club and pledge "Fish are our Friends, Not Dinner".   All in all, the movie flows evenly, a bit too heavy on the emotional laden cliché's (Nemo's brothers and sisters and mother all get gobbled up by another fish sad to say, little Nemo was born with a stunted Fin poor fellow, and in addition to everything else, after all the troubles, poor little Nemo dies at the very end of the movie, only to come right back to life for a real Tear Jerker (oh the tears).   But the Beauty of the Sea as portrayed by Disney's Finest, makes this a 100% effort and 100% results, and I will not ever eat a fish, ever again, and hope you don't either.   LOTS OF EXCELLENT HUMOR.   A MOVIE FOR EVERYONE OF ALL AGES, YOUNG AND OLD AND IN-BETWEEN.  LOTS OF FUN, VERY NICE, VERY BEAUTIFUL. 
Jim Carrey in BRUCE ALMIGHTY with the loveliest Jennifer Aniston, and God
This movie has lots of laughs. One part, where a news anouncer gets mixed up, had me SCREAMING with Laughter, out loud. Not Jim Carrey's very best movie, but certainly up to par, and well worth the price of admission.

Looking at the Friday paper weeks ago, this movie got bad reviews across the nation; so I almost didn't go see it, but I like both Hugh Grant and especially Sandra Bullock, so I went, and found it to be A GOOD MOVIE: very Enjoyable, Humorous, Good Music. So I wondered WHY the critics didn't like it? Perhaps Sandra Bullock's role was not as glamours as Miss Congeniality? Maybe they didn't like the Soul Music background? (I loved it), the slapstick went over board only a little, and only very briefly (ficus tree, funny anyway), perhaps the critics don't like NYNY?, WHAAa?. Maybe they are on the take? True, this movie is not perfect, I would not give it an A+, but I would score it an A-, for a few good laughs, and pleasant entertainment. Nothing wrong here, just a pleasant & light comedy.
Great Casting, good movie, interesting twists,

JUST MARRIED (20th Century Fox)
Outstanding. A+ Good Comedy, an escape from the world of reality, to a land of riches and love. And it personally brought more respect for the hotel industry (big thing here in Las Vegas). Good Casting, and attention to detail. They obviously worked hard on this one, and with good results. Good Movie
Jackie Chan in "Shanghi Knights"
looking forward to it (so is my ex wife, she is a Jackie Chan Fan too)
A Tremendous Artistic Accomplishment.
One of the Very Best All Time Classics.
Fantastic set design, costumes, story, performance, computer work, photography, etc. When I saw Part 1, I saw quite a few flaws, but was still very impressed, and I was determined to see all 3 parts. Part 2 has eliminated those flaws, and is much better (not too many slimy monsters, just the right amount, and Part 2 has more women, as well as many other improvements). However, Lord of the Rings part 1 had some Mysterious sceens which are not found in part 2. The 3 hour run time was nothing, it was captivating. Famous Psychologist Carl Jung (Freuds most famous student), and Carl Sagan ("Dragons of Eden: the Speculations of the Evolution of Human Intelligence"), both point out that there are certain images and symbols which are hereditary. This film covers an important image and long time span of human history, which is appealing, interesting, and satisfying. One can hardly compare this film with any others, as it leaves everyone behind in the dust. I was very impressed, and will gladly see this movie again, and again. An Ultimate Classic, and so well done.
by Dream Works
Dream Works puts most of the film industry in the dust, being of a much higher quality. Thus I will automatically go see any Dream Works film. And I was not disappointed with Catch Me If You Can. This movie is very enjoyable, it flows well, its apparently a True Story which makes it even better (except the part about being in contact every Christmas, other than that, it is apparently a very accurate true story). VERY ENJOYABLE, worth your movie viewing.
Very enjoyable. Lots of fun. Well done. I know some Greeks, who do not appear as wild as those in the movie, but they are very Greek. Good Casting. I later went out and got myself a bottle of OUZO.
Most of the movies this month (Jan 2003) have been getting great reviews, but this one isn't one of them, in case you have not heard. So I havn't seen it. It has 2 of the best stars in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Graunt. I am tempted to see it anyway, reviews are not always 100%
POLICE STORY (old movie re-run on TV)
Staring Jackie Chan
I think this must have been Jackie Chans first movie? and what a talent, what a classic, no wonder he is such a big star. And his girl friend is so funny too. So great to see this movie again, years later on TV. Funny, Excellent Stunts, what
Fun, I was screaming, I really was. The next night they had another Jackie Chan movie, and I think they over worked the poor guy, thus I comment, we don't need to see him suffer for it to be a good movie. I saw a more recent Jackie Chan movie a few years back, but unfortunately missed Rush Hour 2 (hope to catch in later on video or TV)
I was visiting Mom in California. She, her best friend Ruby, and I, decided to catch a movie. Looking over the paper, I suggested Margret Cho's movie, having seen her years back on Stand Up Spotlight on TV, cute chick, very funny. Margret has gained a few pounds, a following of gays, and a terrible routine. DO NOT TAKE YOUR MOTHER TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Mom walked out after around 30 minutes, her best friend Ruby and I followed, we demanded and got our money back, and went and saw Tom Cruise in a Dream Works production (forgot the name, where they bust people before they commit murder, based on psychic predictions, Great Flick). If you saw Margret Cho's movie, you are laughing at this review, at the embarrasment I went thru. If you saw the whole thing, you must be gay or sick or both. It really wasnt funny, just a gay audience with a pig from hell on stage. Bring back the old Margret Cho (put her on a diet, give her a tasteful routine, and keep the gay following, and straights like me also).
I saw Brittany Spears New Movie "Crossroads": a classic, very deep story line, with a hidden meaning and a sudden surprise twist at the end, great acting, casting, artistic camera angles.  She plays a 7 year old, and a ten year old (trapped inside a "just barely legal" body), a very challenging role.  She's taking over, where Marilyn Monroe left off. A "Perfect10" (11 if there is such a thing). I think she is great, A+ for Brittany Spears.
"A Beautiful Mind" is a True Story, where Fantasy overcomes Reality. A well made film, well done, well worth viewing.
I saw Sissy Spacek's "In the Bedroom", BOOOORING.  But, a film that had to be made.  I am sorry that I had to go see it.
"Lord of the Rings": 3 hours of way too many slimy monsters saying "AAAAGGHHHHhhhh....", with perhaps a bit of Gay Tendencies, what with no women thru the entire movie except the Beautiful Leading Lady Liv Tyler; and the opening scene, country faire, with a number of women, but after that, its just "the Guys". Very affectionate, caring, fond guys. Technologically, Artistically, and Original Famous Storylinewise A MUST SEE, and I will have to see the sequals, based on the famous books.
"Kate & Leopold", staring Meg Ryan:  a must see, a fun fantasy (its easy to ruin a fantasy, but they didnt mess it up, this one rocks).  Its fun, its interesting, and enjoyable and light hearted.