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"If you shold be not forgotten, when you are dead and rotten; write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing"
-Benjamin Franklin

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Why the Public Humiliation and Disgrace of Paris Hilton?
What is it with many peoples urge to Disgrace people?
Why is the media joining in?
I do not sit glued to the TV, and thus will investigate (searching news stories).
She’s a human being, just like everyone else, except she is rich, lovely, and famous.
She may not know all of you, but most of you know who she is, and if everyone treats her like that, then what? Where is that at? Where are people coming from, with such disgrace? I will have to investigate.
What did she do?
Did she bomb innocent victims in a foreign country?
Does she torture and kill innocent animals?
Is she not a Republican?
Did she question the President?
Did she not update her passport?
What did Paris Hilton do? (I will have to check out the news story to see just what she is getting one months time, plus public humiliation and disgrace, and will update this soon).
It’s just a coincidence, but I have been planning on writing a new article on “DIGRACE” (now researching). I don’t want to lower myself by associating myself with the subject, but it needs attention. Cause its kind of bad.

OK, I looked it up.
Sept 7 2006 Paris Hilton was pulled over for "driving erratically", and later charged with a DUI. Let the judge handle it, let him/her decide where she should serve her 40 days, dont let the media hang her on the cross.