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Stardate 2001.07.06..10:28am

I re-registered to Vote last June 14th 2001, party change to REPUBLICAN. Although a very strong Liberal; I have talked with people from other countries, like Russia, and by what they say, they hear the same propaganda about us, that we hear about them. So I have finally decided to join "THE RULING PARTY", aka THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. As, ya gotta have friends in "The Party" if you want to get anywhere in this world (be it a loaf of bread, a tank of gas, or some electricity for cryin out loud). Note: this is not the first time I have been a very liberal Republican. I was a Republican thru part of the Nixon Era in the 1970's. I even went to see Nixon when he was in Marin, and I was physically attacked (thrown and pulled to the ground) by his Presidential Staff (party of around 8 Agents), when (Nixon said, regarding skinny me, standing to the side, peacefully watching), Nixon said "Buy that man a Steak", and I replied "No thanks, I am a vegetarian", I was attacked from all sides by his staff (how exciting). One top staff member (above the others), ordered them to lay off, helped me up, brushed me off, and apologized; and I was treated to a nice salad instead of a steak.  It was real fun trying to explain it all to the waitress (True Story). Ben Franklin said (of being a vegetarian, in his Autobiography, age 16) "...I was frequently chide for my singularity" ("chide", not tossed around)

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Holocaust Survivors To Receive Payments
(May 31, 2001) -- An estimated 1 million survivors of the Holocaust are expected to receive nearly $5 billion in compensation for their suffering at the hands of the Nazis. The German Parliament voted to award the money in hopes of setting right the injustices suffered by so many during World War II. THAT'S $5,000 EACH (not much compensation)

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Stardate 2001.05.14..18:52pm (6:52pm)

The Oklahoma City Bombing was a Terrible Tragedy. Yet a US Senator recently admitted, that during Viet Nam, he was part of a group which Massacred Women and Children; and that was OK? NO, that too was a tragedy, and a disgrace to humanity. Yet many did not see it as such at the time, and even now many will not see it as such (I realize that soldiers had to do what they were told, I am not suggesting putting them on trial; and it was very good of the US Senator to bring up the issue, to question our standards of morality). We have to admit that killing women and children during the Viet Nam War was a total and terrible disgrace, we have to face up to it, else, what is the definition of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.
Truth and Justice for some of the people? and every one else can go to hell? Truth and Justice for Americans, and the rest of the world can rot?
You can run, but you cant hide from the Truth. We have to stand up for our soldiers, but we also have to stand up for the truth, they never should have been asked (forced) to do what they did (forced by the power of the devil, which is strong in the world, but so is the power of good & God).  And this holds true in all countries, not just the USA (It's been a world of war since the dawn of time, history is filled with a non-stop record of war after war after war).  
Does having the upper hand mean ruining everyone else? There is room in the world for everyone, if we cooperate instead of trying to fight everyone else. And look at the way we treat animals (porpoises are just as intelligent as we are, we put them in aquarium display), cage farms, a miserable life, a miserable death, and we wonder why we get an upset tummy, heart disease, and cancer? We wonder why we get so angry at each other? We wonder why the world is not a better place? It wont get better, until we face up to the truth, that God Created us ALL as Equals, not slaves and masters, not rich and poor, not handicap and deserved fortunate.
We are all equals. The cop on the street, the skid row bum, the rich man, the handicapped, the sick, the doctors. We are all equals, and we all need each other. We need the cop on the streets else havoc would reign, we need the rich man and his business sense, we need the doctors who will heal the sick, we need the skid row bums, the handicapped, and the sick, because the tides may turn and you may some day be one of them, then what will you think of the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning for equality?
World War II ended and now we do business with Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Viet Nam War is over and many Vietnamese now live in the USA. The Cold War is over and we now do business with Russia and China. We have lots of food (we have disease from too much food) while others in the world starve to death.
-Will Chris Holley

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Mail message
From: (no longer my account)
Date: Sun, Apr 8, 2001, 10:06pm (PDT+3)
To: China
Subject: AN OPEN LETTER OF APOLOGY TO CHINA FROM THE USA FROM A CITIZEN  (I originally tried to submit this to China via their government web site, but its all in Chinese, I don't read Chinese, so I finally submitted it to the China Reps at the U.N.)

Dear China:
On behalf of the people of the United States of America, please allow me to apologize for our plane crashing with your plane. I don't think they did it on purpose, but you are right, if one person bumps into another, an apology is in order. The leaders can not apologize, because they are too wrapped up in oppression and aggression, I realize that you too may still have these problems in China, so you will understand....  (edited)  ......We have many intelligent people and wise intellectuals, who like China, as well as the rest of the people of the Earth. We want Peace, we want Friendship, we want Trade. We accept you as our friends, and we hope that you will accept us (the nice ones, the intelligent ones) in spite of the leaders who are caught up in a system of oppression and aggression.....  (edited) ..... I can only hope to help reform my fellow citizens, and encourage our government leaders to do the same, as well as try to help people around the world. LIVE IN PEACE, and on behalf of my country, to China, my apologies for the accidental mishap, which unfortunately was serious enough to cost a life of a human being.
Will Chris Holley
Honor Grad; lifetime member of California Honor Society
Registered Voter (no longer my account)
Taxi Driver, Las Vegas Nevada USA (no longer a taxi driver)

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STARDATE 2001.03.15..9:14PM
Well Bush Jr has not been giving me much to rib him about, thank God, because its a serious thing, him being President, that's serious stuff. So I guess the Pentagon and the CIA doesn't let him say anything they don't write. Anyone can be President, as long as you can read the tele-prompter.

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Stardate 2001.02.08..20.30 PM
RE: Jessica Williams Case
An Open Letter to George Knapp, Commentator CBS Local Las Vegas News
Re: Young Woman ("Jessica Williams") being Sentenced to 50 Years for Non-Intentional Auto Accident when she had smoked Marijuana hours earlier.
"Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts: a review of the Scientific Evidence" by Lynn Zimmer PhD and John P Morgan MD
The Journal of the American Medical Association says of this book "An important contribution to the marijuana, and drug policy literature"
Pg 120 (figure 16-1) shows a graph, which clearly shows that after 2 hours 20 minutes, the effects of Marijuana are well below what is termed the "Minimum Concentration for Effects" (at the 4th hour the effects are virtually negligible).
Pg 124 "MYTH: Marijuana use is a Major Cause of Highway Accidents."
"FACT: There is No Compelling Evidence that Marijuana Contributes Substantially to Traffic Accidents and Fatalities.".
Pg 88 "FACT: Every serious scholar and government Commission examining the relationship between marijuana use and crime has reached the same conclusion: marijuana does not cause crime."
Pg 80 "FACT: There is no convincing scientific evidence that marijuana causes psychological damage or mental illness in either teenagers or adults."
The book goes on with a great deal of medical facts, dispelling Myths of Ills attributed to Marijuana Usage. Including a note that statistics show that when Marijuana was shown in blood tests in persons involved in accidents, alcohol was almost always detected as well (pg 124).
I believe that the poor young lady was involved in a Tragic Accident that was not at all related to that fact that she had used Marijuana hours earlier, and that she is a Victim of Aggression of Society. Our society suffers from Aggression. Example: President Clinton was accused of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, and the Women of America (and quite a few men) went after him with a vengeance, trying to remove him from office, discrediting him and his position; yet the facts are (as per Professor Ferguson, Psychology and Human Sexuality Professor at Saddleback College), that 50% of American Married Couples cheat, and women are more likely to cheat than men. I do not like to raise the next point, as we live in a carnivorous society where vegetarians like myself are outnumbered 20 to 1, I am not trying to ruin anyone's lunch, but Doctors have pointed out the direct correlation between eating meat and aggression. Eating meat does cause aggression. This society eats meat, and consequently suffers from aggression, and people are continually seeking victims to blame and harass, so that they can vent their aggressions. Aggression results in Oppression, Suppression, Anger, and Rage; and just because it is legal to eat meat, does not make it right to vent ones aggressions and anger on others to an unjust proportion. I think this young woman who was unfortunate to be involved in a fatal accident should not have any Extra time served due to Marijuana involvement, and that any time served should be due to Involuntary Manslaughter at worst, with no Extra time served due to Marijuana.
You do good things George. I hope you will pass the info on this important book "Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts" to someone who can help the poor girl who is crying in jail because her life is ruined by Revenge for a non-intentional accident. I am saddened at the loss of those teenagers, but Marijuana is not to blame, an accident is an accident, accidents unfortunately happen, and in this case, it appears obvious that it was an accident and Not an intentional act of mal-intent disguised as an accident. Perhaps lack of sleep, or too much sugar in the drivers diet, or stress at that awkward teenage age may have played a role in this tragic accident, not marijuana, not the color of the car, not the temperature, not the upholstery of the car, not the radio, not the subjects she studied in school, not the color of her hair, not the color of her eyes. Lets be real, lets face the facts, let us face and respect the truth. Marijuana had nothing to do with this, and Extra punishment in this case is Cruel and Unusual, a product of Aggression in America.
You work to save the horses, now please continue your good work, help this poor girl, a victim and survivor of a terrible accident, and a current victim of aggression.
William Christopher Holley

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Stardate 2001.02.01..21:55 PM
UNICEF is the United Nations Organization to Help Children and Families donations are appreciated
147 IQ Cab Driver in Las Vegas, I contributed $50 but even a $1 donation helps
Will Chris Holley

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Stardate 2001.01.24..22:31 PM
Competency? or In competency?
Tired of In competency? Paper Pushers who do nothing but Pass the Buck all day? America isn't what we were taught in school, is it? Read my report on Competency In America (I will have to repost it, I have changed my web pages from Web TV to Yahoo, in the process some things did not get posted)

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Stardate 2000.12.15..17:24 PM

My Country, Right or WRONG
(or "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Al Gore")
I have updated this page, to take out most of the election comments. Geo W Bush Jr has been elected, he's the man. Remember, "President" is number "1" on the list of most stressful jobs in America (as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, printed in the 1999 Wall Street Journal Almanac pg 232). Poor President Clinton certainly did get some stress when blamed for a possible romantic affair (Facts are: 50% of married folks have had an affair, and women are more likely to have an affair than men. Its considered healthy to have an affair if you don't let it ruin your relationship. You don't own your spouse, you choose to live with your spouse because you love your spouse. Facts acquired from Human Sexuality class Psych dept at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo CA, Professor Ferguson). So the women of America were at Clintons Throat, for something they do all the time (but wont admit to).
BACK TO BUSH: so the man doesn't need any more STRESS, be nice to the guy (that's why I have put aside most of my Election comments). I voted for Al Gore, but Bush Jr seems to be a nice guy, and I hope he does a fine job.
I am however, concerned, that perhaps his father will encourage him to get involved in the Middle East.
Action 1: US Sends Peace Keeping Troops into the Middle East.
Action 2: A US Missile accidentally goes off
Action 3: Iraq sends observational aircraft to the sky.
Action 4: The US claims that Iraq's observational aircraft drifted into a "no fly zone" and shoots one down.
Action 5: Iraq responds
Action 6: US declares WAR (officially, or unofficially)

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Stardate 2000.11.20..20:00PM
President Clinton sent me a nice letter and nice photo, view it at...
(no longer posted, but I still have it)

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MAN is the most dangerous, the most destructive, of all the Animals (so my professors tell me). He is the only Animal which kills its own kind (from war, to road rage, to minor disputes magnified till death, to greed leading to death). Man kills and eats many other animals, and the ones he does not eat, are considered good for nothing, and are to be exterminated, annihilated off the face of the planet. Man pollutes the Earth, destroys the Ozone, Contaminates the Water, and makes the Air nearly Un-breatheable. Man destroys the Forests, the Seas, the Fields. God gave us every herb bearing seed, but not to annihilate. He did not give us every creature or any creatures. He does not want us to destroy everything and everybody. We have the ability to live without eating meat, we have the ability to live in peace amongst ourselves, we have the ability to live in a world of other types of animals, we have the ability to COEXIST. Time is eternal, you are not. COEXIST
Vegetarian Info

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Let me Remind you: Less than a year ago, a woman convicted of murder, was sentenced to death. The Pope requested to George W. Bush Jr., to spare her from death, Bush Jr. ignored the Pope and the execution took place. I am not Catholic, I am Eastern Orthodox, but I respect (and like) Pope John Paul.
SEE MY VOTING RECORD  (no longer posted) 

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It's a 2 party system. I learned in Political Science, in college, that a 3rd Party vote is a Protest Vote at best. Due to the way the Electoral College works, there is NO WAY that any 3rd Party Candidate could ever win, even if he or she carried the popular vote. It might be nice if they could change that some day, but I don't know the complexities of the system. I do know that the 2 parties provide a Balance of Power, but we do need to get some things done, and they system is too Wishy Washy on many items. Judge Judy says "Life is not a dress rehearsal, you only go around once"; this is my life, my short, limited life, so legalize grass for cryin out loud. And get a Health Care Plan for Everyone. On many levels, life could be much better for all, with better planning. For instance, those homeless persons do not deserve to be homeless (as per Priests and Anthropologists), they were forced on to the streets. If they had a better life, we would too. If they had nice jobs, we would all benefit. Ben Franklin said "If everyone worked 2 hours per day, everything would get done". Certainly we have more complexities now, but we also have more technological advances, so the 2 hours per day sticks. Anthropologist also say that the prehistoric cave persons that dwelled the earth were just as intelligent, as we are today (and looked the same as well).
So if we abandon throwing victims to the Lions as did the Romans; and struggle for True Spirit in Government as did the Greeks; there is no doubt that life would be much better.
We need a Strong Federal Government. I don't need a break on Taxes. I pay around $3,000 per year (that was last year, unemployed 4 months, and worked 60 hours per week, June-Dec, this year will be more), and do so gladly, as the Federal Government is our only link to Sanity, because the State Governments are so Mickey Mouse (I hate to insult Mickey), (they are still trying to fly the Dixie Flag of Slavery down in Georgia). The only hope for everyone is a strong Federal Government. I make very little money, yet I opt for Zero deductions, giving me a large Tax Refund, and giving the Federal Government the benefit of my money till I get it back.
Who would benefit from Reduced Taxes? Maybe around 1% or 2% of the Rich; people who don't need the extra cash anyway. I would give the government $3,000 per year to keep the sanity, and I do, gladly.
Traditionally, the Republicans threaten to cut taxes, but they never do, thank God. We still need the Republican Party in order to have a 2 Party system; other than that, vote Democratic, its better, even if they don't come thru with everything they promise, no one ever does, neither party.
Registered Voter
Will Christopher Holley

I would have voted for Ralph Nadar, but the way the Electoral College works, even if he got the popular vote, he would not get the Electoral Votes, a Third Party Vote is a Protest Vote, and in this case, votes for Ralph Nadar are Bush Jr's only chance. George Bush Jr says....  

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NEW IN THE NEWS 9/23/2000
Clinton Releases Oil and Hillary has White House Guests
CLINTON RELEASES SURPLUS RESERVE OIL to help keep America Warm this Winter. Comments: 1) well we have to use it some time, and perhaps in the mean time we can review and ACT on Energy Alternatives (like America is ever going to Act). 2) Clinton did this right after Candidate Bush Jr said (just the other day) "NO, the oil reserves need to be saved for War". I think Clinton did it more as a swipe at Bush Jr, than his concern for Heating during this Winter (Clinton really pissed off Bush Sr a couple of months ago, by picking on Bush Jr). I think that this is more of an Amusement for Clinton, picking on Bush Jr like this. But if it will keep us warm and laughing (at least till the election), go ahead.
But the statistics are not staggering, less than 50% are "political donors", and less than one third contributed to her campaign, that's not bad. A person should be allowed to have friends. Bill has friends, Hillary gets around too. Why spend taxpayer money shipping Hillary all over the place when the guests can just come over and visit. I believe it was Abe Lincoln who invited everyone on over to the White House. The First Lady has to live there too. In fact, women are traditionally in charge of Social Functions. Lets be HUMAN, we all like to Party now and then. Maybe all those people will help keep the White House warm this Fall, and use up less surplus oil.