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"If you shold be not forgotten, when you are dead and rotten; write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing"
-Benjamin Franklin

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1. Bush Violates Human rights, International Law, and US Law at Guantanamo Bay
2. Criticisms of Military Commissions Act (Wikipedia article) which denies prisoners of war their rights by the "3rd Geneva Convention" and denies Article 5 (Articles 2 and 7 also) of the United Nations "Declaration of Human Rights" (1948) (listed at http://archure.net/dexter/paxanthro.html OR http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html ) and IF WE DENY ANY OF THESE 30 RIGHTS, WE NO LONGER HAVE THEM DO WE? Lets not retract International Law. The Military Commisions Act of 2006 must be retracted immediately. In the mean time, as an individual, I am sticking to the Declaration of Human Rights, I live by it, and we all should, then things would be better, international trade and travel, and success for everyone, thanks to science, education, and cooperation. COEXIST.
(If Iraq cheats at war (bad), perhaps some U.S. soldiers might even cheat (bad), but lets not retract International Law).

As per http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Commissions_Act_of_2006#Provisions

The Military Commissions Act of 2006 says....
That is the bigest bunch of BS, I have heard in a while (although there is lots of it flying around at any given time, and it's not me hurling it). It's a Disgrace to the Founding Fathers (of the USA) and their Ideals. A total disgrace, verging on "?????" (How is our social structure going to react to such BS? It's not going to help. Get rid of it, retract and replace it with something a bit better). Who voted for it? Congreff (did your house rep and senators vote for it? I am looking for the list as to who did vote for it, are we entitled to know?).

OR, YOU HAD RIGHTS, before the Millitary Comissions Act
BYE BYE RIGHTS (not all of them, yet)

United Nations "Declaration of Human Rights" (1948)
(listed at http://archure.net/dexter/paxanthro.html OR http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html

3 UN Human Rights Articles overidden by the Military Commissions Act are.....

Article 5.

Article 7.

Article 2.

In the event of a split, I am sticking with the United Nations, they are a higher level of government. If our dictator goes awry, I prefer the laws of the United Nations, they have laws to protect our rights. And even if forced to remove these words, I will secretly be in favor of Freedom (no slavery).

NEW UPDATE 2006.10.01
The United Nations "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" (1949) http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.html says in ARTICLE 5: "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment". Will "George W. Bush" eventually be brought to trial in international court? (Germany was held accountable for their war crimes after WWII, individuals were covicted). I dont want to be convicted, so pardon me if I wrote my Senators and Congressman (Jon Porter NV) requesting Impeachment, I did my best to stop the violation of international law.

Stardate: 2004.06.25 just before dawn (re-write 6-27-2004 done 9:47 AM)
President Bush said (June 2004) that he does not have to observe the Geneva Convention Human Rights, nor International Law. Those laws are here to protect us. I urge President Bush to RETRACT his Error or STEP DOWN. He can not impose laws, be above all laws, and get away with it (for very long).
The Geneva Convention, Human Rights, and International Law are here to protect us, not just the enemy, but us too. In late June 2004, President Bush Jr abandoned those laws. The US pushed for those laws, long ago. Whats next? Gassing Prisoners? Bombing Iraq was bad enough (Iraq and Afghanistan both had nothing to do with the Twin Towers, the Saudi's did. And where is Saddam Hussein's fair and speedy trial by an unbiased international court?). Its time to use our Freedom and Rights here in the USA to question President Bush's authority on abandoning International Law. This is what America is all about, checks and ballances, freedom to speak and or question (its a 2 party system, if you want a one party system go to a communist country). I think we should ask the President to Retract his abandonment of these important international laws, and do it real quick, or else. Or else what do we have left to believe in? Freedom? Equality? Fairness? The founding fathers would turn over in their graves. There are all sorts of alternatives to abandoning the Geneva Convention Human Rights, and International Laws, which America worked so hard to establish.

On the other hand: All is Fair in Love and War: but combining love and war by making Iraqi Prisoners get undressed and stack themselves one upon another, urged on by shouting women, may be Cruel and Unusual to Iraqi's, but here in Las Vegas and San Francisco its just peoples way of having fun (I myself am Hetero, gender prefrence is a Personal Choice, not a requirement, even in war time, else it becomes cruel, unusual, and un-natural). And I was once a meter reader for the Southern California Gas Company, talk about DOGS.

But in all seriousness folks (and WAR is VERY SERIOUS, its not President Bush's family dying in combat): The soldiers who violated international laws should be brought to Justice in International Court, else, who will respect us in International Court when we try to bring those to justice, who have violated American Prisoners Rights? Lets face up to reality, we have to deal with the rest of the world, and who is going to respect our rights after this? Time for Bush to RETRACT his Abandonment of International Law (for our own good).

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND: The USA may be a powerful country, but we are not in charge of the whole world, we can't afford to lose the respect of the international community ("we got the guns, but they got the numbers", and they have guns too). If America goes in to a country and takes over with the premis of freeing them, Saddam Hussein must be given a fair unbiassed speedy international trial, and we must observe international law. Bush Jr has gone too far (he went too far long ago).

RETRACT or BE IMPEECHED (that gives him a chance, anyone can make a serious error, but it takes a good man to realize his errors and correct them, and in this case he must, or else be replaced. PRESIDENT BUSH; DON'T BE A HUMPTY DUMPTY, COME TO YOUR SENSES, not only for your own good, but for the good of AMERICA).

Quite Frankly: I think War should be abolished. Instead of sending War inclined people out to kill each other, I think it would be more human to put them all on Prozac. (And many young people are forced in to the military by society, parents, lack of jobs, a chance for an education, only to find that "WAR IS HELL").

"We live on the same planet, we breathe the same air, and we are all mortal" -JFK said right after the Cuban Missile Crisis when the entire East Coast was nearly Nuked, and don't you forget it.

"There is no good war, nor a bad peace" -Ben Franklin

PEACE = Electric Cars.

Solar Power & (physical & social) Sciences make life easier
Start with some B VITAMINS

UPDATE 2004.06.29 to INTERNATIONAL LAW ISSUE (below): I read that Saddam Hussein will be turned over to the New Iraq government to stand trial; but not for months (lets see, its nearly July and Election Day is Nov 4th, hhhhmmmm). I will believe it all when it happens, but for now I don't believe it, sounds like more BS to me. As I said, he should get a fair International Trial (thru the Geneva Convention and United Nations, not thru the recent New Iraq government forced upon Iraq by the U.S. Military).... ......The world is nuts, including politicians, and the police have to deal with all of it.); and 6-29-04 I got a post card from the US Post Office urging me to buy a Passport at the post office so I can go to Egypt (photo of Pyramids on card).

UPDATE 2004.07.03..02:43am WELL, President Bush certainly did react quickly to my comments of 2004.06.25, even if Bush "just let the fish go" (why did he go fishing?. By the way, I am in favor of leaving the ocean be, in peace, don't eat fish, don't polute the sea).
So if Hussein is not getting a fair trial, at least hes getting a trial.
Overheard at the trial:
Prosecuter: "Did you commit imperialistic blastpamy against the mother of all Islam Iraq?"

Hussein: "No"

Prosecuter: "Good, in the name of Allah, I say let him go" (oh well).

But at least Bush did something (must have been my comments, at least he listens to me). Next, we need him to 1) retract his abandonment of international law, 2) legalize marijuana, 3) end all wars forever, for cryin out loud, 4) take some B Vitamins for God's sake, 5) feed and care for Americas Poor rather than spend the money on fat people who sit on their asses all day stamping DENIED on all that paperwork, and 6) Go Vegan

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Famous Comic Accused of Racism:

Posted 2006.11.25 Threatening a person, can make them “Blow their Stack”, it’s a Natural Instinct to defend ones self, and blow ones stack; it was a Defense Threat (not an initial threat, a reaction to a threatening heckler). Considering that 95% of America has used the “N” word, and that famous Black Rappers and Famous Black Comedians, use the “N” word all the time, it is understandable that it might slip out of someone in a defensive rage. You want to point the finger at Racism? There is lots of it around (and while I am not familiar with the Comic in question, if you want to call him a racist, examine his mouth when he is not in an instinctive defensive rage). I was raised by non-racists, in a non-racist area of the country, and I went to Quaker School, thus I do not use the “N” word. Recently a bill collector called (for the 100th time) with a phony bill (dated many years ago, claiming my health insurance never paid, but I paid my co-pay), and when I tried to explain, I was cut off (not allowed to speak) and Threatened, I blew my stack and said some very foul things which I would normally never say (in reaction to the attempted theft), but the “N” word was not one of the foul things I said; but if most everyone else uses the “N” word (including famous black persons), who is to blame? Likewise, Mel Brooks and Mr Cohen (“Borat”), use the word “Jew” like no non-Jew could use and get away with it. I love their comedy, but then I think everyone should forgive Mel Gibson, etc (I don't know the details about Mel Gibson, is he a Nazi? I doubt it). Blowing your stack is one thing, we all do it from time to time, its only human, and it’s a Defense against attack; but actual calm, cool, collected, calculated Racism is another thing (and unfortunately easy enough to find). Rev. Jessie Jackson is a fine man, with so many honors for doing so much good, a fine example of a human being; but he lowered himself when he went after the Comic who blew his stack, saying he need s a Psychiatrist (who traditionally put people on heavy zombie medication), while everyone in the world could use a Psychologist instead (who work with issues instead of using zombie medication). And it looks like Rev Jessie may have suffered a stroke, his mouth is crooked on one side (a fine man, with many fine accomplishments). So lets all be forgiving. THE COMIC STATED THAT HE IS NOT A RACIST, ONCE HE CALMED DOWN. A REAL RACIST WOULD HAVE GONE ON AND ON, AND NEVER BACKED DOWN. Don’t hurt when you can heal. Read more about Brotherhood, see Article 1 of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights (all 30 Articles, listed at http://archure.net/dexter/paxanthro.html). Give Blacks, Jews, Motorcyclists, Comics, and Everyone, some Extra Margin. Speaking of extra margin: There are lots of innocent Iraqi’s suffering because some leaders decided to have a war, when sanctions would have done the trick (Desert Storm came long before the Twin Towers which was done by Saudis, not Iraqis).

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Stardate: 2003.12.17.08:03am
Congratulations Mr. President, to you, to American Forces, (and to our fellow Americans), on the capture of Saddam Hussein. I hope he gets a fair international trial. And I hope bin Laden is captured soon.
I am a Man of Peace (but don't like those terrorists, and didn't like the Twin Towers).
Will Chris Holley aka "ARCHURE"

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Stardate 2003.04.21..13:01pm
Subject: World Opinion
Dear United Nations organization (an open letter): I am a citizen of the USA, a man of peace, apposed to war, but also apposed to violations of human rights. I am also aware of Albert Einstein's writings against War and the Military Industrial Complex, and quite aware that the Media in the USA is controlled by Special Business Interests who also have a profitable hand in the War Machine. THUS: I am very glad to get a Neutral opinion, a World Opinion from the United Nations web pages News. I don't see actions against the USA as good reason for the invasion of Iraq, so even if I believe in alternatives to war, I still feel a bit better about the invasion of Iraq, especially now that it is apparently over, with less mess than expected (addendum Feb 2004, oops, not over yet is it?). If what they say in the media is true about Saddam, then I am glad he is gone (hope he is gone). In the USA we have a 2 party system, not to appose and hate each other, but to get different views in the hopes of seeing a clearer truth. VERY PLEASED TO HAVE A WORLD OPINION ON THE NET at the UN.ORG http://www.un.org/apps/news/
World Citizen
Will Chris Holley

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stardate 2003.03.04..14:05pm
Having seen Robert Blake talk with Tom Snyder quite a few times, it's not that I am just a Robert Blake Fan who is blinded by Fan Loyalty; its that I as a highly intelligent well educated person myself, have seen that Robert Blake as a person who is so very aware of Karma (What goes around, comes around), that I seriously doubt that he would commit 1st degree murder, and seriously doubt that he committed 2nd degree murder. I think that he is perhaps guilty of hanging around with the wrong people, in the wrong places, at the wrong time (which is all too easy to do in this world, with such vast opportunities to do so). I think that it is all a set up against Robert Blake, and that as Time tends to do, Time will reveal Blake as Innocent of the charges against him, and he will go free. Once again, I say this because of his awareness of karma, not just talk, it's real awareness, I don't think he would do such a thing, and give this a 95% to 99% chance that evidence will eventually free him.

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Mon, Aug 19, 2002, 8:12pm
To: President Bush Jr.
Re: Long Term Problems with the Middle East & Proper Solutions
Dear President Bush:
Oppression/Suppression of the Basic Instincts (termed the "ID" by Psychologists, the instincts to drink water, eat food, body elimination, sex & reproduction), causes Psychological Problems. After having taken a College Psychology course in Human Sexuality (Saddleback College, Mission Viejo CA, Professor Ferguson), and having many books on it (including the Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior by Judith MacKay, Sex for Dummies by Dr Ruth Westheimer, and Encyclopedia of Sex by Westheimer (who is in favor of legal prostitution, especially since the outbreak of AIDS)), we see that THE MIDDLE EAST HAS THE MOST OPPRESSED TRADITIONS TOWARDS HUMAN SEXUALITY (FGE Female Genital Excision in Egypt & much of Northern Africa, Homosexuality is illegal in Afghanistan Iran Saudi Arabia Yemen Oman Pakistan, Prostitution is illegal in Egypt, and Islam is listed as the most oppressive religion, against human sexuality, as per the "Penguin Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior" pg 73, with more sexual offenses listed on that page). IT IS OBVIOUS, THAT THE MIDDLE EAST IS THE MOST SEXUALLY OPPRESSED AREA OF THE WORLD, AND THAT IS WHERE ALL THE PROBLEMS ARE COMING FROM. It is not just a coincidence, it is the oppression of the basic human instincts that is creating the problems. THUS, RATHER THAN GLOSS OVER THE REAL ISSUE, IF WE WERE ABLE TO PROPAGANDIZE THE MIDDLE EAST WITH IDEAS OF "SAFE SEX" AND "SEXUAL FREEDOM", perhaps we could get to the root of what is causing the problem.
POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: Airlift/Airdrop Playboy Magazines & Other Propaganda, as well as any TV or Radio propaganda which can reach the Middle East people, with suggestions towards SEXUAL FREEDOM & LIBERATION as well as SAFE SEX.
NOTE: Most religions tend to be oppressive of sex, on one level or another. In the long run, I think that reform of religions, coming to terms with world of Science (social & physical science), would be in the best interest of the People and Religions of the world. Certainly, the religions had good intent with their stands taken long ago on certain issues, but many of their rules are currently outdated and unreasonable. With reform, the worlds religions could be doing much more good for humanity, while still maintaining their various differences and cultures.
Just Trying to Help