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I voted early, Sunday Oct 17, 2004 at around 2:45 pm in front of the Las Vegas Athletic Club at 5200 W. Sahara in Las Vegas Nevada I found Questions 4 & 5 worded badly, hard to understand, and got more info on these and candidates info from (I don't watch TV).

President: NADER
WHY NADER?: Ralph Nader pioneered helping the people of America back in the 1960’s, by uncovering dangerous products, and eliminating them from the market. Where others would have Sold Out to big business, Ralph Nader stood by the people, with concerns for safety and health. Obviously an intelligent man, with concerns for a better America. Although a 3rd party candidate stands very little chance with the Electoral System, its time for America to come to terms with reality and evolution. Both of the other major party candidates, Bush and Kerry, were both members of a college fraternity called “Skull & Bones”, whose graduated members typically involve themselves with Military and Military Manufacturing; War at the cost of American Lives, and at the cost of American Reputation within the World Community. "We live on the same planet, we breathe the same air, and we are all mortal" -JFK at the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Although Kerry has taken an anti-war stance, from past experience viewing former political figures, I tend to doubt his words, and should he be elected, I foresee Kerry promising to end the war SOME DAY, but not right away. I am against Bush because of the war (Iraq and Afghanistan were not responsible for the Twin Towers, Saudi citizens were; and one way or the other, the initial bombings were enough of a deterrent against potential future incidences). I voted for Al Gore in 2000, and had Al Gore been elected, I doubt the Twin Towers would have been attacked, and I doubt there would have been any war (the Twin Towers attack was a retribution for President Bush Sr's war in the Middle East). When Bush was elected in 2000, I knew there would be another war in the mid-east, and I told people before he was elected that we would have another war if he was elected. Should Bush be re-elected in 2004, I am in favor of Impeachment, based on his public statement in June 2004 that he would not observe International Law (were talking Geneva Convention, etc, here. No one is above law); and from what I hear tell, you can impeach his "left hand man" Cheney too.
The WORLD needs to COEXIST in PEACE. We have the Technology, the Science, to keep the world fed, nourished, and warm. We can produce 17 times as much protein per plot of land with Soy than with Animal Protein. Solar Power or Wind Generators (either) can generate enough energy to supply the world. There is enough room in the world for everyone. Arabs, Jews, Blacks, Whites, Orientals. We can all have indoor plumbing, we can all get enough healthy food to eat, we can all travel and visit other countries, we can all deal in international trade; we are all humans, we can all COEXIST IN PEACE. (Only the power of the Devil now keeps us appart).
Ralph Nader is THE PIONEER in COHERENCY in AMERICA. And if elected, I bet he would do at least 10 times more work For the PEOPLE of America, than any other presidents; while most US Presidents sit on reform in favor of money in their pockets and luncheons

US Senator: Reid

June 24th 1957 Nevada Reid is strong on preventing more nuclear waste contamination of Nevada. In the 50’s and 60’s, the US government did extensive nuclear testing just 50 miles west of Las Vegas (with around 90 Atomic Bombs detonated (1951-1962), and the wind blows West to East). PHOTO on right shows Nuclear Bomb Test just 50 miles West of Las Vegas June 24th 1957. Many Las Vegas citizens died of leukemia, and the Feds denied everything (A writer for the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper, wrote a book, a compellation of newspaper highlights in Vegas, in the 50's and early 60's, about the famous stars who played here; but she also wrote that sheep in the area just north of Las Vegas had skin rashes and died after nuclear tests, but the Feds denied everything. The second to last chapter of the book states that many citizens were dying of Lukemia (again the Feds denied everything). The last chapter was finished by the son or daughter of the author, as the author died of Lukemia before the book was complete). I think that the many attempts to Nuke Nevada stem from pressure from wives of politicians, against legalized prostitution (the worlds oldest profession). While Dr. Ruth Westheimer is all for legalized prostitution (especially after the onset of the world Aids epidemic). One way or the other, contaminating the ground water just west of the Colorado River (and the land itself), because of a few prostitutes is unfair to everyone else (and prostitutes exist everywhere, including Washington DC). The Colorado River is the water supply for Las Vegas, and is a major source for California farmlands, San Diego, and the food supply for California, not just Nevada prostitutes. Las Vegas is home to many retired, elderly persons, many poor hard workers, many families, with children and moms and dads. Las Vegas is a business hub convention center, and a vacation favorite for the international community.
Back to Reid. Reid has also helped with Animal Rights issues (as per a friend who does lots of volunteer work for The Human Society). However, Reid recently prevented TAPES of the Mirage Tiger/Roy incident from falling into the hands of the USDA and thus the public may never get to see the full story. Was the tiger abused? (probably so). Nuke Bomb seen from Downtown Las Vegas The public should be entitled to see what happened, and Reid prevented it. I wrote him a letter asking him to change his mind and get a copy of those tapes to the USDA and to the public, he was nice enough to write back, but still the public wants to know for themselves, I almost did not vote for him for this reason, but due to other issues, like Nuclear Waste and other Humane issues, he got my vote. PHOTO (right) shows Nuke Bomb seen from Downtown Las Vegas.
MORE NEVADA NUKE BOMB PHOTOS Quotations by Albert Einstein and others in favor of PEACE

Rep in Congress: BERKLEY

I voted for her years back, as her words and her stances show her to be an intelligent, coherent, positive person, working for the people. And she too, along with Reid, have been working to fight Bush and the Federal Government's attempts to make (50 miles west of) Las Vegas a dump for Radioactivity.

State Senate Dist 11: no vote cast

Candidates take ONLY a wishy washy Mom & apple pie, boy scout oath, stance (they have to add more to it, in order to get my vote). And specifically, I am strongly against Schneider, as he sends me a flyer in the mail with many stars on the phamplet, all pointed downward (a long noted symbol of "the devil" and evil; as per "Dictionary of Symbols" by Carl G. Liungman, BL603.L5413 1938, English translation 1974, 1991 and paperback 1994, pgs 298-300 (and pgs 316-318)); as well as mentioned in many other books on Symbols. For more on this subject, see my article entitled STARS UP

State Assembly Dist 8: BUCKLEY

I voted for her before, as her words and her stances show her to be an intelligent, coherent, positive person, working for the people; especially for the elderly. You will some day be elderly. Most elderly persons have little money, little energy, are outnumbered greatly, and need everyone’s help. When you get old, do you want to enjoy your old age, or suffer being pushed around by everyone?

County Commission Dist F: no vote cast

Too much mud slinging, with no issues of positive intentions, only mud. The Mud was very amusing, but the mud conceals that they have nothing to say except mud. Not worth my vote.

Justice of Supreme Court seat A: HARDESTY

His stance of re-organization of court structure, impressed me. Obviously a man of intelligence and good ideas, trying to make things work better and easier (sounds like a genius).

Justice of Supreme Court seat E: no vote cast

Not enough info

Justice of Supreme Court seat F: DOUGLAS

I was impressed by his stance of try to provide more legal and court info online. My Anthropology professor said that the ancients who lived 20,000 years ago were just as smart as we are today, so I asked “why the sudden increase in technology, from horse and buggy to man on the moon in the 1900’s”, the professor (Mike Merrifield) said “greater communications (and higher density population, leading to greater communications)”. Thus with the internet, we can expect even greater improvements in life on earth, life with less suffering, things done with ease, thanks to the greater communications of The Internet. Douglas has the wisdom to observe this in his stance, smart guy.

Other Judges: no votes cast, except for Bonaventure

Bonaventure is quite famous now, and as seen in action, does not tolerate BS or a wink in substitution for coherency in legal issues.


1: YES to Priority to School Funding

As stated above. The ancients of 20,000 years ago, were just as smart as we are today; Science is what has brought us radio, TV, cars, rockets to the moon, advanced medicine, and a life of less suffering; and the key to Science is Education.

2: YES to Annual per-pupil expenditure for NV schools to equal or exceed the national average.

And why not. Nevada is not a disadvantaged state, viewing the income of its residents, which one may view in most Almanacs, or better yet online at

3: NO to limitation of malpractice damage court awards

What if YOU were permanently maimed or disfigured for life, and could only collect $350,000 (sounds like a lot, but over 35 years, that’s $10,000 per year, and even less considering inflation, who could live on that, even if their was no inflation?).

4: YES to limiting unfair insurance rates

Its been proven insurance companies make lots of extra money already (way too much, considering that automobile insurance is mandatory).

5: NO to penalize lawyers involved in “vexatious” and “frivolous” litigation

I looked up the definition of “vexatious” and “frivolous” in the dictionary, and they are terms of Emotional opinion or Emotional sway. There is no room in law for this type of attitude. A judge could just classify your meaningful legal claims as “vexatious” and “frivolous” upon a whim. There are other legal clauses which the court can use. “Vexatious” and “frivolous” litigation is not a solid, clear, legal concept, and gives too much potential for personal prejudice within the law.

6: YES to raise the minimum wage within Nevada

I think it the minimum wage should be at least $7.80 (if not $10 per hour), but I voted for the increase from $5.15 to $6.15 with yearly increases based upon the Consumer Price Index (see Lets be fair. With the cost of living, rent, food, transportation, medical costs, clothing (and even just a little bit of fun); who can live on minimum wage? No one, not even if raised to $6.15 but that will at least help.

7: YES to change wording on prohibiting voting by “Idiot or Insane persons” to “mentally incompetent, unless restored to legal capacity”.

The term IDIOT as per an older version of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary means an IQ of 25 to 50. Some people of an IQ of 60 probably should not be voting. Voting YES on 7 will help eliminate voting by people who don’t understand what’s going on (such as many Republicans).

8: YES to Exemption from sales tax on used vehicles to now include exemptions for ophthalmic and ocular devices and appliances, farm machinery and agriculture equipment, fine art works on public display, and aircraft and parts by commercial air carriers.

I am an artist, give an artist a break, its not an easy profession, but a profession which makes a nicer world (the same with the other exemptions listed, most of them deserve the exemptions, they make a better world, but not much profit, give them a break).

9: YES to increase Clark County sales and use tax up to ½ of 1% for more police officers

While I am for the reform of laws against marijuana (see my page on the Legalization of Marijuana, with quotes from William F Buckley and famous News TV Doctor Dr. Dean Edel); still, LAW ENFORCEMENT is greatly needed. If its not war in Iraq or Viet Nam, its War in the Streets, Domestic Disputes, there is trouble where ever you go, bullies everywhere, and who is on the Front Lines? Policeman is a dangerous job, and listed on the top 10 most Stressful jobs in the US. We need more police. (Quite frankly: I think they should go after more trouble makers, instead of someone who was the last in line in the left turn lane, the light turned green, then yellow, then red (all so fast) before they could get thru. I was just getting there, I could have squeeze in with them (2 left turn lanes), but I did not want to chance it, as I had not been waiting like they had, and its good that I didn’t, because a motorcycle police officer was just sitting there, and got that last car, I saw the whole thing. I think it would be better if the police went after tailgaters, or people who can’t talk on the cell and drive safely at the same time; and many officers do go after these people instead of waiting at corners for the light to turn red on the last car in line who had been waiting for a left turn signal, the shame). But we are all only human, we need to revise the policies of the police department for this (quotas, and the Quality of the quotas). In the mean time, we do need more Police on the Front Lines of Society, and many Police Officers do a fine job.

10: YES to Nevada may not force city or county into new services without appropriate funding, nor may Nevada reduce, divert, nor eliminate, designated funding to city and counties

Here in Nevada, we have experienced the States Fiscal Crisis due to poor planning (like other states, Nevada employs too many unfair fat assed grumps to stamp “Denied” on paperwork submitted by people who need help and should be entitled to it) . I have been unfairly denied state benefits due to this fiscal crisis, and I can see how the counties and cities want to protect themselves from the state. I think the answer to Nevada’s fiscal crisis can EASILY be solved by using State Lands for Solar Power (this would also help lower the price of electricity for Nevada Citizens), then we would once again have Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Food Stamps for people who really need them (and not just foreigners who don’t speak English, not that I would begrudge them either, I just think that everyone who need benefits, should get benefits; not ONLY foreigners and women (men don’t stand a chance at getting benefits)). That has got to change, Men have equal rights too.