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Archure is a Non-Partisan Registered Voter who has already voted.

Read and compare stances of Obama and McCain, in a brief easy to read chart,_2008

ARCHURE cast his vote 10/24/2008 for OBAMA (early voting Oct 18 - 31st)

McCain says Roe vs. Wade should be overturned, and that the decision or choice to have an abortion in the first trimester should be taken away from women, and should be the decision of the State. McCain majored in War (Military college), and that’s all he knows is war (and he is obviously elderly, this job takes it's toll on a person, I think McCain should retire. Viewing a clip of one of the debates, he was poiting forward and charging forward with his finger outstretched, and abruptly turned in a well rehearsed move, but in that move, one could see just how elderly he is). I think America (U.S. of), could, for less money than it takes to fund a war, could more easily and with better results, pay people off and swing deals, for the betterment of everyone, especially us. VOTE FOR PEACE; bring our troops home, now. (And swing some deals with Iraq at the same time), let’s work together, for a better world. If Alabama was low on Oil, and Mississippi had a surplus of Oil, would Alabama go to war with Mississippi? No, because we are under the same government (Federal). But Iraq and the United States are also under the same government (World, the United Nations). Let’s start helping everyone, including our own country, with cooperation and international trade.

HEALTH CARE: As per,_2008#Health_Care

Obama would get health care for 18 million U.S. Americans who dont have it now.(cost $1.6 trillion)

McCain's helath plan would get health care for 1 million Americans who don't have it now. (cost $1.3 trillion)

While I think that Ralph Nadar is one of the finest people around, there is no way that he stands a chance (the way the electoral system works, no 3rd party candidate stands any real chance of winning, else he would get my vote). And frankly, I would like to see Kucinich as President, as he is a Vegan, but he is no longer a realistic candidate.

CANDIDATE INFO FOUND AT WIKIPEDIA: lots to offer, great web page
As per,_2008

Wikipedia quote: on CANDIDATES EDUCATION

OBAMA: Columbia University (Political Science, International Relations) 1983. Graduate Education: J.D. Harvard Law (1991).

McCAIN: B.S. United States Naval Academy. Graduate Education: National War College

As per,_2008#Abortion
Wikipedia quote: STANCES on ABORTION

OBAMA: In his write-in response to a 1998 survey, Obama stated his abortion position as: "Abortions should be legally available in accordance with Roe v. Wade."[150] While serving in the Illinois Senate, Obama voted against Partial Birth Abortion bills on multiple occasions, and has received a 100 percent rating from the Illinois Planned Parenthood Council

McCAIN: On February 18, 2007, John McCain stated, "I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned."[149] McCain believes that Roe v. Wade should be overturned and that the issue of abortion should be returned to the states.




(over John Porter who has strong ties with George W Bush), but this is not in Archure's district. Dina Titus is a UNLV professor (well educated), and when I wrote to John Porter regarding important political issues, he wrote back saying he could not support that (he does not represent my political needs). Porter has strong ties with George W Bush and is a strong supporter of the War in Iraq. I admit that I am leery of Dina Titus' accent (deep south, Georgia), however, she is college educated, and a professor, I would hope that she is beyond prejudice (I wrote the NAACP regarding her when she ran for governor of NV, but they had no info on her). Most modern college education tends to teach equality (and compared with John Porter, she has to be much better than he, based on education alone).

WIKI QUOTE: On July 19, 2007, Jon Porter voted for an amendment that would have cut off funding for Planned Parenthood and other family planning services that provide affordable birth control. WIKI UNQUOTE


SHELLEY BERKLEY is a Winner of a Good Person (Archure is in her district).
Archure wrote to her during an election around 1998(?), and she not only wrote back, but she has very good things to say. She supports and helps Elderly people, she is concerned with helping people in general (while I am leery of her Over support of Veterans, as I think that everyone should have equal rights, including pacifists, but that is a small time issue, compared with her excellent stances and goals on people issues, she is truly one of the finer candidates around, a very good person). Long may she reign.

Her opponent Kenneth Wegner (official web site)
This guy is out of his mind with quotes such as
"America can not fight this war using the rules of engagement from Vietnam. We must allow our soldiers to win against our enemies and stop the flow of weapons from across Iraq's borders. Our government must place the safety of U.S. troops first in any military action regardless of world opinion (France; Russia; Germany"
FRANKLY: I think that we as a member of the United Nations, need to be aware, that we are not the only people on the planet, we are not rougher nor tougher, we are not better, we are not superior, we are just like everyone else, and we need to follow World Government, we need to observe and participate and cooperate with the United Nations and follow international law (so far, the fact that the UN has not given us a hard time about Iraq, is the only thing that keeps us in any safe margin. Hitler went around raising an unpopular ruckus, and the rest of the world came back at him. We are not the only one with The Bomb. We need to observe world opinion, especially the UN).

Kenneth Wegner's page on Nuclear Waste says simply "COMMMING SOON". What? after the election? He will reveal what he thinks about Nuclear Waste, and here in Nevada. come on. He's out of his mind.

WEGNER on IMMIGRATION: "Once our borders are secured, these inmates must be deported back to their countries of origin and never allowed to re-enter this country". (well who is going to work in the fields pal? who is going to harvest your letuce? who is going to work for minnnimum wage? If not them, perhaps Kenneth Wegner? (some people just don't think, they just take a hard stance, no brains, just stance). You can have lots of fun reading this guys stances.§ionid=3&id=14&Itemid=40

The GOOD NEWS is, I think SHELLEY BERKLEY is a guarantee, she has been around, people know where she is at, and I think she is real popular (she leans toward being like Ralph Nadar in that she is concerned with HELPING people).


State Senate Dist 7
Nicole Lindsay Madsen (LDS Mormon) Vrcs David Parks (gay)
I could not find much on either, except that Madsen is Mormon, and Parks is gay. While Archure is straight, Archure supports sexual freedom and liberation (which religions tend to oppress), thus based on little info except this, Archure will probably vote for DAVID PARKS

UPDATE: looking further, I was able to find a bit more info:

Lindsay Nicole Madsen
What I DONT LIKE: website has photo of Clenched Fist (body language for threat of violence).

HER BEST STANCE, which I support (but her only stance):
Working for the eminent domain law firm has really opened my eyes to the obtrusive amount of power the government has. They can literally take your private property and then turn around and sell it to a private developer instead of using it for public property, like the law is intended. This interest I took grew into a love, and I quickly became familiar with PISTOL (People’s Initiative to Stop the Taking of Our Land).
This web link says:
Lindsay Nicole Madsen is married to her husband Scott.


Educated: University of New Hampshire, B.S.; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, M.B.A.

Legislative Service:
Nevada Assembly, 1997-2005—five special and five regular sessions. Democratic Assistant Majority Whip, 1999; Democratic Assistant Majority Floor Leader, 2001; Chairman, Assembly Committee on Taxation, 2003; Chairman, Assembly Committee on Government Affairs, 2005.

Paradise Town Advisory Board, 1991-1996; Chairman, Paradise Town Advisory Board, 1992-1996; Community District 89109 Leadership Council, 1993-1996; Board of Trustees, Aid for AIDS of Nevada, Inc., 1986-present; Governor’s Statewide AIDS Advisory Task Force, 1987-1994 and 2002-present; Governor’s MX Missile Economic Impact Study, 1980-1981; Joint City-County Consolidation Technical Committee, 1975-1976; National Conference for Community and Justice, Southern Nevada Region Board, 1998-2002; Commissioner, Education Technology Commission, 2001-2003; Nevada Military Advocacy Commission, 2004-present.

Sounds like David Parks is quite active

What I don't like is the Military Advocacy (I am a pacifist), and thats what I don't like about the other candidate, the clenched fist and affiliation with PISTOL (which is a good cause, just with a bad name)

Based on that, you could swing either way

Due to EDUCATION: Parks has My Vote

(the author is a straigt person with a sense of humor)


State Assembly District 16, I am way more impressed by Republican Bob Irwin (even if I tend to lean to the left), he just had more good things to say, except his stance on Yucca Mt (nuclear waste station near Las Vegas) seems potential for loopholes in allowing it (even if he seems apposed, he states that we cant stop it, but suggests we move it (good idea).

Democrat John Oceguera's web site listed ONLY education and safety as issues (not impressive, even if a liberal)


ARCHURE would like to see more Women in Politics (the sooner women are liberated, the sooner men will be too). Archure was very impressed with both of these candidates (its hard to make a choice on this one).

Archure suggests KRIS PICKERING (based on educational honors)
However, Schumacher worked in SF (good place), and educated at Notre Dame and U of Chicago also sounds nice. Its a tough decision.
worked in Law in San Francisco and Reno
BA, History & Political Science, Valparaiso University
MA, U. S. History, University of Chicago
Doctoral Candidate (U. S. History) and Law Degree, University of Notre Dame
Former Instructor, United States History, Valparaiso University
Appointed by Governor Miller to Washoe District Court in 1997 and elected without opposition in 1998 & 2004
She says she handles more than 2,000 cases per year (thats 1/hr based on a 40 hr work week, 50 weeks per year)
Pickering went to Yale University, graduating cum laude. She attended Georgetown University Law Center and graduated from the University of California, Davis Law School as one of the top five students in her class.

ARCHURE is voting for Mark Gibbons (based on education at UCI)

Mark Gibbons
Before winning the Supreme Court seat unopposed in 2002, Gibbons served as a judge in Clark County District Court. He won election to the District Court bench in 1996.
Gibbons attended the University of California at Irvine where he obtained his bachelor's degree. He continued his education at Loyola University School of Law in Los Angeles, California where he received his law degree

Thomas Frank Christensen (LDS Mormon)
JD, J Reuben Clark Law School, 1981
BS, Mathematics, Brigham Young University, 1979.

JD, J. Reuben Clark Law School, 1981 BS, Mathematics, Brigham Young University, 1979

Both candidates seem to have vaulable credentials and experience, and my only sway on this is that I would rather have more of a California Educational influence rather than a Utah Educational influence. Nevada has lots of residents from Utah, but way more from California (and thats where I am from). GIBBONS HAS MY VOTE


I have around 42 Judge Candidates to research, but am out of time for now, maybe more later (I think the people should have access to easier voting info), its getting better, but voter info is still hard to find. MORE LATER? Sorry, ran out of time

I work 48 hours per week making money, and many hours a week making music and art and working on WHO has TIME?

I really think that the PUBLIC is entitled to easier to access, more depth information of all candidates, including Judges. I don't have time to research all 42 on my sample ballot, come on, get real. We need a bit more info to go on, which is much easier and less time consuming to access.
This is NOT what George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson intended


CANDIDATES who take no stances beyond: More Education, More Police, Less Taxes, Mom & Apple Pie (those for whom I have ONLY A NAME, and a photo of their family), WILL NOT GET MY VOTE. I make a reasonable effort to acquire candidate information, and I will not cast my vote for a NAME with no other information. NO INFO = NO VOTE (you do not have to vote for every issue or position), and I will not approve of someone based on a Name or Cultural origin only.




Amendment to the Nevada Constitution Assembly Joint Resolution No. 10 of the 73rd Session

Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to eliminate an unconstitutional requirement that a person must reside in Nevada for 6 months prior to an election in order to be eligible to vote in that election?

ARCHURE SAYS: YES on 1, as it is currently unconstitutional, and with today’s fast paced world, with TV and Radio and Newspapers, I don't see why not. Besides, what do you know about any of the candidates anyway? a photo of them with their family, and a statement that they are for less taxes, more education, and more police, everyone says that, other than that, you know nothing about most candidates, even if you lived here many years. Did you suspect that many people would move to Las Vegas 31 days before an election, in order to sway it?. YES on 1.



Amendment to the Nevada Constitution

Shall Article 1 of the Nevada Constitution be amended in order: to provide that the transfer of property from one private party to another private party is not considered a public use; to provide that property taken for a public use must be valued at its highest and best use; to provide that fair market value in eminent domain proceedings be defined as the “highest price the property would bring on the open market;” and to make certain other changes related to eminent domain proceedings?

ARCHURE SAYS NO on 2, as it is a legal loophole for the same thing, and that is not fair.



Amendment to the Nevada Constitution
Assembly Joint Resolution No. 16 of the 73rd Session

Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to require that, before it can enact an exemption from property tax or from sales and use tax, the Nevada Legislature must: (1) make certain findings regarding the social or economic purpose and benefits of the exemption; (2) ensure that similar classes of taxpayers must meet similar requirements for claiming exemptions; and (3) provide a specific date on which the exemption will expire?

ARCHURE SAYS YES on 3, it sounds more fair to me. YES on 3



Amendment to the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955

Senate Bill No. 502 of the 74th Session

Shall the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955 be amended to authorize the Legislature to amend or repeal any provision of this Act without an additional direct vote of the people whenever necessary to carry out any federal law or interstate agreement for the administration, collection or enforcement of sales and use taxes, and to repeal an exemption from the taxes imposed by this Act on certain aircraft and aircraft components?

ARCHURE SAYS NO on 4, I think that the people should vote on it if changes are required (putting more power in the hands of the people), if they want to change something specific like the aircraft taxes, perhaps, but a point blank to amend anything within the Use Tax Act of 1955, is too broad and general. NO on 4



Room Tax Question

This question is advisory only: Do you support the imposition of an additional hotel and motel room tax of not more than 3 percent to be used in the first 2 years after imposition to avoid large cuts in the funding of education and other state programs and to be used thereafter to increase the funding of K-12 Education, specifically to improve student achievement and for salaries of non-administrative educational personnel?

ARCHURE SAYS NO on 5, as we can vote for taxes for education (I always have) at any time, but I think that education funding should come from the locals, not our visitors, we should not ask our clients (tourists) to pay for our local educational needs. Any money from Hotel/Motel taxes should be used towards our guests, such as improving hotel/motel areas, etc. NO on 5. In the mean time, education will continue, I assure you; if you want to raise hotel/motel taxes to benefit our visitors, I would vote for that, but not question 5 as it stands today, NO on 5. In the mean time, I encourage people to write to our Governor, and State Legislator's to encourage them to get better funding for education, decrease class sizes to allow for better education, more class rooms, and how about government provided day care for pre-school kids with working moms? Nothing is ever a sure deal, the tides of karma can swing at any time, don't take our guests for granted, there are lots of places they can gamble, see shows, and have conventions, other than Las Vegas. I think our guests would take a dim view of this tax. We have to cater to our guests, thats why we are in business.


(Boulder City Residents Only)
Boulder City Hospital District Creation and Funding Question

This question is advisory only: Do you support Clark County seeking legislation to permit the County to create the Boulder City Hospital District to contract with the existing not-for-profit hospital in Boulder City and allow the District to impose a new property tax in the amount of 15 cents per 100 dollars of assessed valuation within the District, to fund capital improvements (updating or adding square footage to the physical plant and infrastructure, purchase of property, plant and equipment, as well as repayment of capital debt) and program expansions (i.e., financing the recruitment of needed physician specialties and adding new medical services not currently available within the District’s boundaries)? If approved, the County will seek legislation that would allow only the new rate to be outside the caps on a taxpayer’s liability for property taxes established by the Legislature in the 2005 session, but except for the effect of the increased tax rate, the taxes raised would not otherwise be outside these caps.

ARCHURE IS NOT A BOULDER CITY RESIDENT, but suggests that this works out to around $150 tax for anyone with property worth a modest $100,000 (or $300 if your property is worth $200,000 Thats quite a bit of tax. As much as I am for more medical facilities, I just think that is kind of steep.


A question proposing to amend the Boulder City Charter

Shall the Boulder City Charter be amended to add the following language set forth in bold italic:

Throughout this document all references to the masculine also include the feminine, where the context so requires, and references to the singular also include the plural and vice versa, where the context so requires.

ARCHURE IS NOT A BOULDER CITY RESIDENT, but suggests NO on this one, as it is already implied (always has been, since women got the right to vote). Its trivia, it’s a waste time, and would lead to more of the same, we don't have time for that (nor money to pay people to have time for it).


A question proposing to amend the Boulder City Charter

Shall Section 8, paragraph 1.B. of the Boulder City Charter be amended to entirely repeal paragraph 1.B. and add a new paragraph 1.B.(1) as follows (Old language to be removed is shown in strike through. New language to be added is shown in bold italic):


B. Any City officer may be temporarily suspended with full pay at any time by a majority vote of the Council, but no City officer may be removed from office unless he has first been given an opportunity for a hearing before the Council, at his request, with not less than seven days prior notice of the time and place of the hearing. Such hearing may be either public or private, as requested by the officer, and at the hearing the officer may be assisted by his own legal counsel. Any action of the Council following such hearing shall be considered final and conclusive.


B. Any City officer may be temporarily suspended with full pay at any time by a majority vote of the Council, but no City officer may be removed from office unless he has first been given an opportunity for a hearing before the Council. The Council shall not hold a closed meeting to consider terminating such officer or to consider the character, alleged misconduct, professional competence, or physical or mental health of such public officer. The public officer may be assisted by his own legal counsel at the hearing. Any action of the Council following such hearing shall be considered final and conclusive. Written notice of the meeting shall be given to such officer in the manner set forth in NRS 241.033.

ARCHURE IS NOT A BOULDER CITY RESIDENT, but suggests NO on this one, as I think they should be able to have closed hearings if they think it more appropriate. A yes vote would banish closed hearings on sensitive personal issues. Vote NO


An Advisory Question to the People of the City of Boulder City

Shall the City sell approximately 46 acres of certain commercial property located west of Yucca Street in the industrial area of Boulder City, from which the proceeds shall be placed into the Capital Improvement Fund to assist in funding the City’s share of the cost of constructing the 3rd intake for water from Lake Mead?

ARCHURE IS NOT A BOULDER CITY RESIDENT, but suggests NO on this one, as the continual rental or use of said property is way more of fiscal value if they hang on to it, than selling it. The City could use it, rent it, lease it, and use that to fund a 3rd water intake, but don't sell out, that would be a fiscal blunder (sounds like a special interest deal to some current friend of someone in Boulder City government, at the expense of the people of Boulder City).




Shall Section 4.020 of the Charter of the City of North Las Vegas be amended to require a Municipal Judge who holds the office of Municipal Judge after January 1, 2009:

1. To devote his full time to the duties of his office; and

2. Except for a Municipal Judge who holds the office of Municipal Judge on January 1, 2009, and continues to serve in uninterrupted terms, to be a duly licensed member, in good standing, of the State Bar of Nevada?

ARCHURE IS NOT A NORTH LAS VEGAS (ANL-V) RESIDENT, but suggests a YES on this one. If you’re going to have a judge, wouldn't it be good that they are qualified to practice law? Uh-duh (maybe if you vote YES on this, they will se how smart you, and allow you to move to Henderson)