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Archure has shifted his support from Hillary to OBAMA 2008.03.11

Hillary looks as enthused as Al Gore did when he took a fall
Al Gore put on lots of weight before the election, I knew Al Gore didn't want it
Hillary has not added any weight, she just doesn't seem like she wants it (and who can blame anyone, I wouldn't want the job, it sucks, look what happened to Bush Jr, I doubt he could have gotten into that much trouble on his own, I am sure the Military and CIA (and his dad) had something to do with the big mess he's in, we're in, (can you imagine being President yourself, and top Military advisors comming to see you every day, insisting that we must bomb all sorts of countries right away? to save America, who is going to stand against that?), I think we need to save ourselves with Hillary, its getting serious

I was very very impressed by KUCINICH (but I don't hear enough about him, to consider him a real candidate, I think he's great, but his words seem to have gone in one of America's ears and out the other).

If only my vote counted, in this time of crisis, I would vote for KUCINICH, but he does not appear to be in the limelight, and we could use a woman president, only when women are equal, may men be equal too. Bill Clinton sold out: after he announced that he had inhaled, due to the shock and gasps in the audience, he sold out with "but I didn't like it" (he lied), but at least he kept the Peace, and I think Hillary is our best bet for Peace (Obama may be a good man, but I don't think he has a chance, maybe for the nomination for the Democratic Candidate, but not for the Presidency (else I would not mind him either).

I am not familiar with the Republican candidates and will research them

Democrat Presidential Debate Las Vegas 2007.11.16..17:00

"I am a registered Non-Partisan (Co-exist), and a fairly strong Liberal (attended Quaker School) and came from a strong Republican Family and upbringing" -ARCHURE


I kept score on a post note with arrows (up and down, large and small)

KUCINICH won the ACE AWARD Wiki on Kucinich
RICHARDSON's stance on Human Rights above (and foundation for) Security, nearly tied, but with 2 demerits
OBAMA got the most points (but can a Black man win? wish it so, he's like JFK)
EDWARDS got good scores with NO DEMERITS (except being rough on Hillary)
HILLARY CLINTON (it wasn't her night, but I have pledged my support, I hope she wont let us down)
BIDEN was generally evasive, except clear in his good voting stances (good)
DODD was the least impressive

CONCLUSION: I felt like switching my support to Kucinich after reading wikipedias article on him, and after the Las Vegas Democratic Debate (previously I was unaware of him, I don't watch much TV), but does he stand a chance? I dont think so. If Hillary gets the nomination (more likely), I will vote for her. I think it would be good to have a woman President, espeically her, but right now, Kucinich is most in the direction of my political ideas, especially at this time and with the current situations.

Good in debate, clever and quick, but got no plus arrows nor demerit arrows (maybe he was too quick for me to catch anything?). Reading back the transcripts (see link above), most of his stances are unclear, I don't understand what he is talking about (maybe I don't follow the news enough? or maybe he is evasive?). But I like this strong quote....

BIDEN QUOTE: "When we had a chance to close down Guantanamo, I voted against funding Guantanamo. Other folks up here voted for funding it, including the two leading candidates. I voted to not build the new $36 million part. I called for closing it three years ago" -Biden (good for him, apparantly sane, UP Arrow / bonus point in retrospect)

I was not very impressed with Hillary today, I think she sort of sat back and took it too easy (which might be the right thing to do). I already pledged my vote to her before she officially declared running. Has she sold out? It would be good to have a woman President, especially since she is a former First Lady, and a Senator.

Scored one down arrow (demerit) and an Up arrow (I forgot what for), I liked his previous Peace Corp experience. Reading the transcript in retrospect: other than being for more funding on education, he really does not say much, except for lots of hollow retoric

SEN. DODD (BAD QUOTE): I called upon the president to put a moratorium on trade coming out of China when those products were announced to be contaminated. It should have stopped right then and there for eternity. (Applause.)

"tell us whether or not you would require your nominees to support abortion rights"

SEN. DODD's (wishy washy, but eventually admits to being pro choice, I too am pro choice):

Well, first of all, you want -- first of all, thanks for your question.

Well, obviously you want people here that are going to have a balanced sense of justice, to bring a life experience to that bench, where they're not just there as academics, that have a clear record in the judicial branch, where they either served as a judge or as a lawyer, where they've demonstrated that ability to be fair and just when it comes to the administration of laws of our country here.

I don't necessarily believe in applying litmus tests here. I think that's a dangerous precedent to begin that process here. You start down that path, others may follow. You end up with a court then that may lack that kind of balance.

Now, obviously as someone who's pro-choice and have been, entire public life and career, I feel very strongly about Roe versus Wade.

I would not want a justice to be appointed who would even think about overturning that. (Applause.)

But I want to be very careful here -- I want to be careful about making sure that I'd know the person, I'm not just looking at people I don't know or don't understand their background, so I have a very good feel of where they're going to be on these matters. (Inaudible) -- when they make the statement that they will uphold precedent, and they raise their right hand before the Judiciary Committee and make that commitment and then violate that commitment, that I find highly offensive. That will not happen in a Dodd administration, I promise you. (Applause.)

Great Haircut, handsome fellow, Southern Democrat, and I gave him a couple of Up Arrows (bonus points), with no major demerits. While I donít consider him a top candidate, and I am concerned about prejudice when I hear a southern accent, he did score well (and a woman friend was going on and on about how good looking he is, and forget about Hillary (to heck with Womens Rights), go for Mr. Good Looking Edwards).

STOLE THE SHOW with his cries for Immediate Impeachment to stop the war, but got a small demerit for his opposition to NAFTA. Honestly, I lost my career (electronics) due to NAFTA, and had the government or anyone cared less about anyone or anything, I could have easily been placed in another good career, but no, I went thru continual employment rejection and humiliation, for many years (now I am doing well in a good career again). Had we been prepared for NAFTA it would have been better, but I am all for it anyway, World Trade, World Travel, World Peace. When we are all equals, we can more easily co-exist, thus I am all for NAFTA (despite its poor planning and disregard for U.S. American workers), its still a step forward. Other than that, I was surprised to find Dennis Kucinich such a likeable guy.

REP. KUCINICH: ....I don't think that the first questioner's question was really answered, about what are you going to do about this president, and for that matter the vice president, because they're out of control and the Congress isn't doing anything. (Applause.) I --

MR. BLITZER: Thank you. Thank you, Congressman.

REP. KUCINICH: It's called impeachment, and you don't wait. You do it now. (Cheers, applause.)

MR. BLITZER: All right.

REP. KUCINICH: You don't wait. (Cheers, applause.)

MR. BLITZER: Suzanne got -- Suzanne has another question.

REP. KUCINICH: Now. (Cheers, applause.)

MR. BLITZER: But I want --

REP. KUCINICH: Impeach them now.


REP. KUCINICH: ....the occupation is fueling the insurgency. In 2003, I put forth a plan to get out of Iraq. I'm actually the only one on this stage who voted against the war, voted against funding the war a hundred percent of the time -- (cheers, applause) -- and also who has a plan to bring the troops home, and they should be brought home now. (Applause.)

And let me tell you something. The Democrats in Congress have not done the right thing for the American people. They should tell President Bush we're not going to give you another time. We're not putting a bill on the floor. Bring them home now. (Cheers, applause.)

Also, when you talked about Pakistan you didn't get a chance to me on that question, but I want to point something out to you, Wolf. You cannot look at Pakistan and the destabilization that's occurring in many Muslim nations without understanding the role that our aggression against Iraq has played in contributing to that destabilization. (Applause.)

So I'm speaking about a new policy of strength through peace, no more unilateralism, no more preemption, no more first strike -- to open dialogue, diplomacy, adherence to international law. (Applause.)

Impressed me very much (previously I was unfamiliar with him), he reminds me of JFK, and I would like to see him as President (but I donít think he stands a chance due to racially prejudice voters). He scored the most Up Arrows for good points, but also had 2 down arrows (weak evasive stance on Yucca Mt, and Border issues).

OBAMA QUOTE: "What I see are people who would love to have health care. They -- they desperately want it. But the problem is they canít afford it, which is why we have put forward legislation" -Obama

I scored him the Largest Up Arrow (good score) for Human Rights, but 2 small down arrows (negative scores) for his stance on Borders and helping Vets but not others (I am not a Vet, I donít want to be a 2nd class citizen, I do lots for my country in Peaceful ways, as did Ben Franklin (I read his Autobiography twice). Bill Richardson is half Mexican and he wants stronger border guards? Who is going to vote for him? Nice guy but he does not stand a chance (and I liked his tie).

RICHARDSON QUOTE (BAD): "Secure the borders, a stronger relationship with Mexico. Those that knowingly hire illegal workers should be punished, and a path to legalization. That is the solution" -Richardson

RICHARDSON QUOTE (GOOD): "I would have a minimum wage for all teachers starting out at $40,000 per year" -Richardson

RICHARDSON QUOTE (GOOD): "I think we need to be bolder with No Child Left Behind. I would junk it. This is a disaster. (Cheers, applause.) It's got to go. I would have preschool for every child. I'd have full day kindergarten. America is 29th in science to the European Union, to Japan. We need to have science and math academies, hire a hundred thousand science and math teachers, have art in the schools. We need also -- (interrupted by applause) -- we need also to have a college education policy that deals with these huge loans that are killing our college students" -Richardson

RICHARDSON QUOTE (EXCELLENT) :But what happened with our Pakistan policy, we got our principles wrong. We forgot our principles, our principles that we said to Musharraf, you know, Musharraf, security is more important than human rights. If I'm president, it's the other way around -- (applause) -- democracy and human rights.... .....Our strength is not just military and economic. Our strength as a nation is our values -- equality, freedom, democracy" -Richardson

This is what I like to hear, and thats why I gave him the LARGEST UP ARROW (BONUS POINTS).