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ARCHURE’s Non-Partisan 2006 Nevada Election Endorsements:

What do you vote for? a nice Name?, a nice Photo of the Family?, the listing of "Occupation" (lawyer, teacher)?, Education? God have mercy on us all. . I tend to vote on STANCES on ISSUES (if its more than being for Mom & Apple Pie, Kissing Babies, More Police, and Less Taxes, but most candidates wont state anything else), so its generally EDUCATION (and perhaps Occupation) which sways my vote.

Jack Carter for Senate (good stance on issues, and his association with President Carter),

Shelley Berkley for House Rep (good attitude towards helping the elderly, etc),

Dina Titus for Governor (strong education, and affiliation with the intellectual community as a university professor),

ADDENDUM 2007.01.03
I hold no grudge to those who won, whom I did not vote for.
I searched and studied, and got very little info on who to vote for.
For Instance: Governor Jim Gibbons, what do I know about him except he got some waitress angry (and thats happened to me, so I sympathize), and that he studied Law (and the average IQ for Lawyers is higher than the average IQ of Doctors); {After 11 years in Nevada, I think that "Cocktail Waitress" means "Hooker", and if its a real Cocktail Waitress, they refer to her as just a "Waitress"; not that I have any disrespect for the worlds oldest profession (especially in this town, and even more especially with Dr Ruth Westheimers endorsement of the profession)}. Regardless of Jim Gibbons incident with the "Waitress" (Cocktail?), I voted for Dina Titus due to her University affiliations (Universities are the stronghold of intelligence and civilization, science and truth); but with her strong Southern Belle Accent (typical for Racial Prejudice), I wrote the NAACP, inquiring as to what they thought of her, but, no answer except requests for money (I am thinking of asking them to remove me from their mailing list, but I don't want to get on the wrong side of the NAACP, perhaps they thought I was mocking them, as to inquire if a person with a southern accent would meet their approval, but some from the deep south, claim to be non-prejudice, it could happen). So, with no negative comments from the NAACP toward Titus, I voted for Titus, as educated people tend to be more intelligent, and educated to be non-racially-prejudice (you learn in Physical Anthropology (college course), that black skin pigmentation, occures in areas were certain elements (I think its Iron) are abundant, after so many gennerations (not that much, 7 or 10? I forgot, maybe more), and there are many other Genetic differences between people, that are far more serious than skin pigmentation. And to top it off, we are all, the entire human race, genetically, children of the Sandawe tribe of East/Central Equatorial Africa. Educated people realize this, as it was explained to them in class (and Universities derive information from the Scientific Method, a fair and just system of determining the realities of the Universe. Educated people are more apt to use better methods of Birth Control, such as The Pill. So EDUCATION is my main determining factor (as STANCES on ISSUES tend to be Mom & Apple Pie, More Police, Less Taxes, like everyone claims). I am sure Jim Gibbons has some sort of education (law school), hope he uses it well. As for the other Candidates, I dont recall who won. What do you vote for? a nice Name?, a nice Photo of the Family?, the listing of "Occupation" (lawyer, teacher)?, Education? God have mercy on us all. What good is Democracy, with the traditional blanket of secrecy and standard hype regarding candidate information. What do you really have to go on, when you decide whom to vote for? Nada, zip, ziltch in most cases. One can only hope, for good influence to these elected represenatives.

I did not vote for Sentator Ensign (even if is he a former Veterinarian), although I once photographed him (I am a professional photographer), and he was quite pleasant and very nice; but due to issues of War, and the Millitary Comissions Act of 2006 (which I am assuming Ensign voted for, and I tried to find out if he did, but was unable to locate the exact info, not my fault, its a blanket of secrecy around politics), and due to Jack Carters association with (son of) President Jimmy Carter (whom I thought was better than average, going out and building with a hammer in his hand), Carter (and PEACE) got my vote, but not the win (its your loss, my karma is not perfect, but better than most).

Shelley Berkley will always get my vote, because by her propaganda (the image she presents), she is at least, at LEAST, presenting an image of someone who Cares about The Elderly, and people in general, some one who cares about people (even if it was all hype, and I think shes for real to the best of her ability), at least she is aware, that caring for people is the best thing she can do. And I voted for Kate Marshal, as she worked with the Peace Corps and was educated at UC Berkeley, and Berkeley hold my greatest respect toward the Social Sciences, and the Town itself has a great Incorporation Date from an Astrological view (I would gladly live in Berkeley). And the Peace Corp, what good karma, obviously someone who can begin to realize, that helping people, is where its at.

SO Shelley Berkley and Kate Marshal get the PRIZE AWARDS and MY VOTE, I would vote for them if they ran for President (and Ralph Nadar got my vote for the same reasons, he wants to help you, not hurt you, not send your child to war, not make things difficult for you, but you would not let him, so, "fine mess you've gotten us into this time", and don't say that ARCHURE didnt warn you. I really din't think that Kerry could or would stop the war (you know that, I know that, he's a "sell out" too; Nadar didn't stand a chance, nor does civilization, truth, justice, decency, or YOU, but you gotta take stand, you gotta try to EXIST, try to COEXIST). I predicted years ago, that if Bush Jr were ellected, we would get into a war with Iraq again (easy to guesstimate), and war is hell, and now, you who voted for Bush (and his dads war), have to pay, with your own karma, cause I did everything I could to warn you.

Others I voted for (despite the lack of pertinent candidate info)

Robert Unger for Lieutenant Governor (good stance with issues),

Secretary of State (none of the candidates),

Kate Marshal for State Treasurer (excellent education and peace corps),

Kim Wallin for State Controller (not impressed but better than the others,

Attorney General (none of the candidates),

Rory Reid for County Commission Dist G (affiliated with Senator Reid),

District Attorney & County Assessor (not impressed with any of them, no vote),

Robert Gronauer for Constable Las Vegas (excellent mail pamphlet, man of honors and good affiliations, web page was inaccessible, but gets my vote),

Doug Gillespie for Sheriff (endorsement by current Sheriff Bill Young).

BALLOT QUESTIONS: Yes on 1, Yes on 2, (4 & 5 its not my place to tell you what and where you can and can not smoke), Yes on 6, Yes on 7, Yes on 8, No on 9 (after lots of reading), Yes on 10, and Yes on 11.

Make certain that they put your ballot in the ballot box, make sure you watch it go in

The woman at the ballot box had a stack of electronic ballot cards, and was cleaning the electrical contacts (valid, but they should invite you to wait and watch them put it in the locked ballot box), and there should not be a stack of them sitting around, she said they reuse them (before they are recorded?. I was not sure which was mine, so I told her I would wait till she put them all in the box, and did

Upon reviewing my electronic ballot, I saw a name selected which I do not recall selecting, and deffinately did not intend to select, was it me? a momentary lapse of reason? or computer error?

After selecting everything and everyone I voted for, I had two electronic options BACK and PREVIOUS, and neither went to an option to Vote, I had to call for assistance to vote (and the assistant, standing behind me, can view whom I am voting for from that position. Any voter who walks past can also see your votes, this might discourage people from voting the way they really want to).

I selected PRINT OUT, but never got a copy, I requested a copy, and never got one.

The voting booths are too close, you stand with around 6 inches elbow room (3 inches for you, 3 inches for the other person on either side, too close).

I voted at the Outlet Mall (formerly Bellz) on South Las Vegas Blvd Nov 1st 2006 around 1:30 PM.


I found that researching Stances and Issues of candidates was very difficult, and took too much time, and I did not have time to research some of the lesser positions, who will not get my vote without stances on issues. Photos of families don’t cut the mustard, stances on issue do.

For most of the candidates, I ended up going to and searching for "candidatename, nevada" to find their web site.

I ran out of time by the time I got to the Judge and other positions, and from my past experience, most of them do not have much of a stance except for law and order, mom & apple pie, kissing babies, and photos of the family. In past years I have called and asked questions regarding: Opinions of HOMELESS PEOPLE, WAR, SOCIAL SECURITY, HEALTH CARE, etc; and got nothing but wishy washy answers; except Mayor Oscar Goodman's first election. His staff had good positive answers, like helping the homeless. I also spoke with one actual candidate, the real guy, who was very nice, and very egar to help, but when I asked about The Homeless, he thought they should be removed or forced out of the city (bad answer). My psychology and anthropology professors say that "Most homeless people do NOT deserve to be homeless, they are victims of circumstances, and it can happen to anyone". And people who say that they can get a job easy, I don't think so, it's hard to get work, it was for me (and I have an AA in Musis, and AS in Computer Info Systems, and a trade college Associate in Electronics and Bachelor in Robotics, and I nearly went homeless a number of years back). I found that government agencies were very helpful to women, but deny men benefits claiming they are "an able bodied male", application denied (after hours and hours of all sorts of paperwork for everything I tried to apply for). I only got one month of food stamps, and no more. Meanwhile lots of female foreigners got lots of help, which is OK by me, but I think I should be entitled to help also (but was denied).

The League of Women Voters has suggestions on PDF, but my computer does not access PDF currently. I have Adobe 5, but not the upgrade (I paid a fortune for it, thinking it would allow me to fill out job applications online, I was wrong). So I can no longer view PDF's without upgrading or removing the Adobe 5, I already tried downloading a new version of Acrobat Reader, but it went into a large download process (? megs unkown) with no file size specified and I gave up after a long time).

Some TV News web sites have suggestions, some do not. I was at KLAS's web site, and I think it would have been much better, had they put it all on one page, but you have to click here, click there, and it all takes too much time, and many candidates did not choose to submit information (shame).

The word & spelling of ARCHURE is a Registered Trademark

The word & spelling of ARCHURE is a Registered Trademark