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TRY THIS FIRST: Las Vegas Hotel Casino Phone Numbers (LISTS PRICES may vary): call and ask
Las Vegas Hotel Casino Phone Numbers (mostly smaller casinos, larger in BOLD): call and ask (on Las Vegas Blvd?)
Las Vegas Hotel Casino Phone Numbers (includes State Line 40 min away): call and ask
HINTS: Larger On The Strip Casinos are (south to north): 4 Seasons (high class, $$$$$), Mandalay Bay, Luxor (my favorite), Excallibur (kids paradise), Tropicana (since 1955), (Hooters is just behind Tropicana), NYNY, MGM (big place), Monte Carlo, Planet Hollywood (formerly Aladdin), Paris, Ballys, Bellagio (high class, better buffet), Barbary Coast (small, but major location), Flamingo, Caesars (#1 & $$$$$), Mirage, Imperial Palace (older but the heart of Las Vegas, astrologically), Harrahs (deals deals deals), Treasure Is, Venetian (high class, formerly The Sands), Wynn (high class), then a bus or cab drive further north (dont walk it) to: Riviera, (Las Vegas Hilton is just behind Riviera), Circus Circus (kids paradise), Sahara, and Stratosphere, then further north bus or cab (past all sorts of cheaper motels, "Funky Town, Funky Town") to Downtown Fremont St (where hotels are all close to each other, lower gambling limits, cheaper everything, a favorite location for gamblers): 4 Queens, Fremont, Fitzgeralds, The Horseshoe (my favorite craps tables, but have not been there since change of ownership), Golden Nugget, (Golden Gate), Plaza (25 cent craps last I checked), and just off Fremont: California Club & Main St Station (better buffet), best to walk to Main St Station: exit Horseshoe back door, caddy corner to California Club, go thru the California, up escallator, and bridge across the street to Main St Station (best buffet downtown), and further east on Fremont, east of Las Vegas Blvd (skid row area, but great place) The El Cortez, a great place to gamble (last I checked 25 cent craps), a multi cultural paradise where everyone gets along ("What a lovely lovely world this would be, if everyone learned to get along with each other", its a cool place if you don't mind walking 2 blocks of pan handlers (daytime please).

BUS TRAVEL (south strip to downtown via all of the above) 24 hours per day, every 10 minutes, (after 1:00 AM the busses are only every 15 minutes). Get a 24 hour bus pass for $7 (or a 3 day pass for $15)
Prices 2009? probably has gone up. Buddy can you spare $5 for a cup of coffee?
OFF but near THE STRIP, Major (quality) CASINOS: Hard Rock, Rio, Palms (high class), and near Hard Rock is Alexis Park (no casino, just hotel and conventions)

GO EAST (on Tropicana, Flamingo, Sahara, Charleston) to MARYLAND PKWY
Then go SOUTH on MARYLAND on the 109-A
(as of 9/21/2009 RTC Bus email response says)
quote "The 109-A Maryland Pkwy bus is a 24-hour bus that travels to the airport. The major routes that are also 24-hour routes that connect to the 109-A route are: Charleston, Sahara, Flamingo and Tropicana.
Another option would be taking the Deuce (Las Vegas Blvd aka The Strip) to the Downtown Transportation Center or the South Strip Transfer Terminal and taking the 109-A bus from either of these locations." unquote
note: Go to the South Strip Transfer Terminal (unless your at downtown Fremont St)

NEW: ROCK IN VEGAS for Rock Fans . . . and . . . CES & COMDEX
See the topless vampires BITE SHOW at the Stratosphere 10:30 PM (dark Th)

The Worlds Oldest Profession is Illegal in Las Vegas and Clark County, however, 90 minutes drive thru the desert..... in no association with any of the above (frowned upon by many locals and visitors, yet approved as good by psychologists such as Dr Ruth Westheimer

Bell-AHH_gio Vegas New Years Tropicana Music Tropicana II Downtown Fremont St
Rat Dog @ Hard Rock Red Rock Canyon Showroom Photos Mandalay Bay Vegas Strip @ Night
NEW PHOTOS of Lake Las Vegas

PHOTO of Snow Storm in Las Vegas (3in) 2008.12.17
On Spencer St, looking down Santa Anita Dr Google Maps

I would like to encourage all of Las Vegas, to have MORE DAYTIME SHOWS (and marketing, advertizing, is the key to success). As many visitors are on EAST COAST TIME. So, 1PM here is 4 PM on east coast time, the end of the work day for many. And 7PM (typical showtimes here) is 10PM east coast time (past bedtime for most east coast persons). People tend to stick with their regular sleep pattern (biological clock). And day time shows bring in more customers. I think the future of Las Vegas will have "ROUND THE CLOCK 24/7 ENTERTAINMENT" (comedy & magic & dancers & singers at any hour), and 24 HOUR BUFFETS (7AM east coast time, breakfast time, is 4AM here). Many Europeans wake up at 8AM (midnight our time). Japanese visitors may party till at least 8PM their time, or around 4AM our time. And its only polite to have a nice place for our guests to sit down. Las Vegas and the World needs to abandon "slash & burn" mentality. Forests need to be replenished, and Las Vegas needs to cater to "Return Visitors" and "Return INTERNATIONAL Visitors", with the help of "well treated, respected, workers". Perhaps "The Strip" may someday close to motorized traffic, and have a big garden with fountains, and moving walkways. Mayor Oscar Goodman should bring professional sports teams to Las Vegas, we need our own football, hockey, baseball, and basketball teams. The Mirage Volcano is not enough, we need Volcanos all over town now, to burn off all the gas.

Las Vegas is in the middle of the God Forsaken Desert. The only reason there is a Las Vegas, is because someone who had never been there, demanded that someone else go out and be there