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Because WAR IS HELL. a small sample

WAR IS AN ENDLESS HELL, unless YOU take a stance for PEACE Central Committee For Conscientious Objectors ~

God does not want you to live in hell.

Thus: Thou Shall Not Kill.
Likewise: Thou Shall not Bully, Harass, Annoy, or Test to this extent.
Not only your fellow man, woman, and child; but everyone and everything.

There is no need to hunt and fish, God made us all.
(You can live on Soy & Rice & Veggies & Vitamins).
Fish & Birds & Animals have brains and feel feelings.
Health experts say that they are not healthy to eat, soy is.

Likewise you can even be nice to plants, create a garden.
If you must trim a tree or a bush;
Trim the deadwood (branches with no leaves, or very few leaves),
Leave untouched a branch filled with leaves
(unless it rubs against your house or wires).
The tree knows how to grow, you don't need to teach it by hacking it.
If you have room for a vegetable garden, you can pull leaves when needed from the lettuce; and it will continue to supply you with more.

Be nice to everyone, and every thing.

Even rocks.
Don't smash rocks, stack them artistically for all to enjoy.

In the End, later or even sooner,



I am not here to Stop you from War;
I can only advise you, trying to help you, and your karma.

WAR: be it on the battle field, in the streets, anger in homes or offices, put aside the rage, put aside the hate, and live your lives in peace and harmony, thatís what God wants you to do. And remember when you lay bleeding from your own karma (or those who forced you into it, 18 year old kids hoping for a meal and a roof, and even an education, a chance for a life), remember that at ANY POINT IN TIME, YOU CAN TURN TO GOOD (the sooner the better, you just might live, I did, I was given 1 year to live back in 1993, but went Vegetarian (and eventually vegan), and promised myself that I would never work for Military Manufacturers ever again (they were nice and intelligent people at Hughes Aircraft, nice people like myself, but doing the wrong things, making electronic weapons).

Be Good.

Life is short, make your God granted life, Heaven on earth, not hell on Earth.
When? Now.

No more War.



This writing finished 2005.03.06..12:46