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MUSIC CREDITS: Its only appropriet to acknowledge the CREDITS due on my web pages. I don't do Everything. My MUSIC RESUME or MUSIC SAMPLE PAGE has ALL MY MUSIC except where noted (I play electronic Midi drums along with some other peoples works), and some of of my music samples can also be heard on varous other areas of my web pages, but for refrence, all my music can be identified as such on my Music Resume page. The rest of the Music is everything from BACH to ROCK. Many of the Music MIDI Files I have Improved (using Cakewalk MIDI Software), but I did not write them, tunes which you have probably heard before. Hyden, Bach, Fleetwood Mac, Smokey, Sting, Graham Nash, and the list goes on, and the Beat Goes On. MORE ABOUT MIDI

ART CREDITS: Much of my ART can be found at my RESUME Art Sample page. and as anyone who has studied Art History can tell, many of the fine paitings are not mine. We can thank MUNCH, RENIOR, MANET, KLEE, CHAGAL.....

FRACTALS: on my Music Sample pages were not done by me, see my "COOL LINKS" page for links to Fractals.

My SPACE PHOTOS page are NASA photographs found at (I did not take the photos myself). The photos are mostly from the Hubble telescope (in orbit). If NASA did not collet Tax Money, I would donate to them, as I think NASA is one of the best things humanity can do, as I know there is a 99.99999.... percent chance of Life in The Universe (other than ourselves.

But I put this all together, I wrote it, except the quotes where noted. And isn't life just what you have learned from others? "If I have seen further, its because I have had a few" (I would rather do that than stand on someones poor shoulder, that could be painful, some short person obviously came up with that one).