ARCHURE.Net has 2 types of MIDI music:
1) Background Music on most pages (only with Internet Explorer browser)
2) Media Player selections such as LISTEN (most browsers)

(other Non-Internet-Explorer sound issues further below)

If you DO NOT have "INTERNET EXPLORER" you can still listen to items marked LISTEN at Archure's SONG PAGE

If you DO have "INTERNET EXPLORER" but can not hear background music on this or any other pages, there are 2 solutions (the easiest is the one on the Left).


Open your MEDIA PLAYER by clicking on LISTEN

DO NOT CLOSE the Media Player,

STOP the MEDIA PLAYER without closing it
as closing the Media Player automatically makes your MIDI volume zero

SELECT, then REFRESH ("F5" key) the PAGE you want to hear
(or from Menu Bar select VIEW, then select REFRESH)

That should do it. Hear Music?

NOTE: You might also have to ADJUST the VOLUME on the Media Player, it may look like its to the max, but if you still have no sound, you can lower the volume and bring it right back up to max, and then it will work

CHECK OUT Archure's Music Page

I have written Microsoft about this conspiracy against music on the internet (a long time issue).

Other Sound issues discussed at bottom of page

2) Another Solution.....
Solution 1 to the left is better, but this offers a further explanation

Widows "START" button
"Control Panel"
"Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices"
"Advanced Volume Controls" (upper left corner in Win XP)
Move the MIDI volume slider UP
(leave the Advanced Volume Controls window open)
CLOSING Windows MEDIA PLAYER automatically shuts down the MIDI volume (and sets your system so that when you go from page to page, the MIDI volume defaults to zero. So once you have the MEDIA PLAYER open, you may press STOP and resume listening to the background music of a page (you might have to REFRESH "F5" key), but DO NOT close the Windows Media Player. In case you did, there are other solutions (below) so you may hear the music on these pages

Leave the Advanced Volume Controls window open, as sometimes going from a window to the next, the MIDI volume defaults to zero each time. Also: closing the Win Media Player (ver 11) also sets the MIDI Volume slider down to zero. Sometimes you can adjust the Win Media player volume control down & back up, that sometimes restores the MIDI volume). If you want to hear a windows background music (most of the pages at Archure.Net have background music) just press STOP on the Win Media Player but leave that window open. If you have "Netscape Browser" you can not hear background music, but can click on "LISTEN" (on the next page), Internet Explorer (with Netscape ISP or other ISPs) can hear background Music "Full Page" on menu and/or click on "LISTEN" (on next page) . I have written Microsoft about this issue, but they ignored my letter by telling me to contact tech support (famous for passing the buck), in this case they refered me to another department, they could have forwarded it, total incompetence at Microsoft (at least on the communicatons end, poor Bill Gates, employs a vast sea of incompetent "pass the buck" experts, when they should be helping people, and thats a shame, I am a Microsoft Fan, I love the products, and would prefer to go totally Microsfoft, but can't). I am convinced that the MIDI volume error is on the Microsoft end (Microsoft Windows programming issue), as its been an issue for years (conspiracy against music by a hidden few at Microsoft?), and I have verified the issue with MIDI professionals, but Microsoft has not done anything to help, which is a shame, as Music is Psychologically Healthy, good for the soul & spirit).


Or check out Archure's Music Page

Other Sound issues discussed at bottom of page

One way or the other, after listening to something with a MEDIA PLAYER, DO NOT CLOSE IT, just STOP the player (and minimize the player if you wish)

If you have tried the above and still cant hear music.....
Do you hear music at any other web site? Do you have external speakers? (the speaker which makes the "beep" sound when you start your computer, will not provide music other than the "beep"), you also need a SOUND CARD in your computer

Download a free copy of WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER. Just go to and in the Search Box type in "Windows Media Player", then follow the directions.

One can NOT hear BACKGROUND SOUND on a page using NETSCAPE BROWSER (but Netscape ISP with Internet Explorer works great). However, if you have a Media Player, you can CLICK on the Music selections and hear them, even with Netscape (I think, I hope).

If you CAN HEAR SOUND on this page, then you are probably using Microsoft's INTERNET EXPLORER (often abreviated "IE").

Even if you have NETSCAPE, you can still go to Archure's MUSIC SAMPLES and hear them by CLIKING ON EACH SAMPLE (Netscape just wont play page backround music).

You can have both "Internet Explorer" ("IE") and "Netscape" on your computer.

Both of these can be downloaded for FREE:

Internet Explorer at and

Netscape at but can not hear web page Background Music with Netscape Browser

If these links are outdated, you can SEARCH for "Internet Explorer, free download" at or or or etc.

Dowloading any browser should take at least an hour of download time with a 55K baud modem (or you can opt to pay for a disc to be mailed to you).

Yahoo Tech Support also recommended MOZILLA (I have Internet Explorer browser with Netscape ISP, works great, but have not tried Monzilla).

"HTML Goodies" by Burns, advises that you download both Internet Explorer and Netscape and the others too (if you have room on your hard drive), and use both so you can see what your web pages look like to others. There is a known issue of not being able to send e-mail from Yahoo using Internet Explorer, previously I was able to, now I can not (now I can again, who knows why?), so I downloaded Netscape and that works fine (except I can not hear the background music on my web pages with the Netscape Browser (Netscape ISP with Internet Explorer works fine). So keep both browswers (or at least Internet Explorer). In general, I do prefer Internet Explorer, as I can hear music background on all my web pages (Netscape can not).


Or check out Archure's Music Page