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Jesus: The Astrological Chart of Jesus with Arrest & Crucifixion Charts
by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)
BIRTH 1/7/3AD 4:50am Jerusalem
or 4:09am Bethlehem, originally I thought that Bethlehem was part of Jerusalen, oops. The charts were meant to be as they are, not specific to mention of any particular time, its the chart, Moon and Saturn in the 8th, is what I am thinking, my opinion. ALSO: many opinions may differ Astrologer Mr Pitzel thinks different (unable to find his version on the net?), many different Jesus charts on the internet, one chart I have seen has Mars Neptune conjunct South Node, ha ha ha.
ARREST 7/31/34AD 11:15pm
DEATH 8/1/34AD 3:00pm
Jerusalem, Israel 31N46 35E14 /// was used as the location in all charts, exact locations unknown
If I were to adjust the location later, I would adjust the Time accordingly
WARNING: DO NOT COMPARE WITH YOUR MODERN CHART (unless its by the SIDEREAL SYSTEM).  Due to the Procession of the Equinoxes over 2,000 years, the Stars have shifted from the Seasons by 25 degrees. Note: there are 30 degrees in each sign (30 degrees X 12 signs = 360 degrees). To compare a Current 20th or 21st Century chart to these charts shown below, subtract 25 degrees from any modern day chart(or select Sidereal, if your Astro Software has an option for Sidereal), thus a current day planet at 15 degrees of Leo, would compare to these charts at 20 degrees of Cancer (Sidereal)

Born: Jan 7th 3 AD 4:50am This chart has Jupiter and Venus Rising (his star, rising in the East, in those days, they did not have any difference between the words STAR and STARS, nor did they call them Planets, he had 2 planets rising). And has Neptune conjunct the Moons North Node in Scorpio in the 12th. Neptune traditionally goes best in the 12th, and conjunct North Node in Scorpio, this fits with the Native American Church and "He Walked the Americas" (a book), as well as, the North Node in Scorpio (sidereal) makes his lucky color Aqua (bluish-green), which is what I had always guessed for a number of reasons (it is often seen in Church in addition to Pisces Burgundy (reddish-violet), etc). With Venus and Jupiter Rising, he was a big person and nice to look at, friendly and helpful, lucky. And Neptune is even close to Venus as well (by around 6 degrees, well within the degree orb).

Add to this, that the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas as Jesus' Birth on January 7th, AND that ancient biblical records from the Vatican list his birth as the year 3 (AD or BC, was not specified). Also note, using the common Placidus House system in astrology, this puts both Moon and Saturn in the 8th, with Moon on the 8th and 9th cusp, and Saturn on the 7th and 8th cusp. This also puts the South Node (Achilles heel) in Taurus, the sign of Money, and it was Judas the Treasurer who betrayed him.

BIRTH 1/7/3AD 4:50am Jerusalem or this chart 4:09am Bethlehem
Originally I thought that Bethlehem was part of Jerusalen, oops. The charts were meant to be as they are, not specific to mention of any particular time, its the chart, Moon and Saturn in the 8th, with Jupiter & Venus rising in the east, is what I am thinking, my opinion. The article was written with Jerusalem in mind, same with the location of his arrest and crucifixion, location unknown, but the planets as such at the location. If they want to say there was a 2 day shift due to the calendar change making it Jan 5th, then call it Jan 9th and trim it down to Jan 7th. There also may be a 1 degree difference between the Kepler version and Sirius version of softwares both by Cosmic Patterns, or it may be due to which sidereal system to follow, somewhere in the controls? but you get the idea. AFTER CHECKING it out further, Bethlehem is just south of Jerusalem, so it should not be that much difference 4:50 or 4:09 am is too much difference. Some software issue? I will have to check more out later. But, one way or the other, Jupiter Rising, Moon and Saturn in the 8th, regardless of glitches and program errors or human error.

GRAND CROSS & GRAND TRINE join at URANUS in 4th House:
He was known for (10th house) being a man of Peace (Pluto in Libra, sign of Peace), but note the Grand Cross (4 planets at 90 degrees) and Grand Trine (3 planets at 120 degrees) joining together at Uranus in the 4th, thus a Genius Carpenter (4th house), and quite possibly an Astrologer (4th house, the private life, not what a person is known for, but may show up after death).

Moon in Leo is in the charts of Big Stars in show biz, and Jesus was well known and liked to speak before the public in his traveling show. Sun in Capricorn, a Teacher. Sun opposite Saturn, able to escape the traditional hardships and restrictions that most must go thru. Mars in Taurus (planets in Taurus are popular) square Moon (in a woman's chart this would make for a sexy chick who is a bitch, pardon the expression; in a mans chart, a stud man who is an asshole, in either gender, one who likes to take charge, a supervisor or manager). (I have no squares to Mars).

It is also interesting to note (and this one item does not relate to the validity of the chart, but is never the less interesting), that our Galaxy (a large collection of Stars) which includes the Milky Way, has the Galactic Center near around the beginning of Sagittarius (or end of Scorpio) which is right where Jesus has his Jupiter, Venus, Rising (and Neptune, North Node 12th).
These charts just totally back up and verify Jesus birth chart of Jan 7 3AD.

Arrested 7-31-34AD
As the story goes (told in Sunday School and in the Living Bible), Jesus and the Disciples were having one big Party (the last supper) with Sun, Saturn, Moon, Jupiter conjunction to Jesus natal Moon. And Jesus had just had his Mars Return. It was a New Moon (when people tend to fall asleep early, while on Full moons people tend to stay up all night). The night of the Last Super, the Moon was closest to Jupiter, the planet of Celebration. Jesus asked everyone to stay awake, but they all fell asleep except for him. Around midnight they came and Arrested him, just as Mars in Taurus was rising (and Mars was just beginning to approach Jesus' South Node), and he was betrayed by Judas (the Treasurer, a Taurus classification). So it was Mars approaching his South Node, Mars Rising (attack or arrest or cops), with everyone else asleep (new moon, which had passed Jupiter (celebration) and was approaching Saturn, the Law or Courts).

Died on the cross 3pm 8-1-34AD

After being arrested, Jesus was hung on the Cross, and died at 3pm (as per the Living Bible, 3pm was stated as time of death) which puts Pluto (planet of life and death) Rising, and Venus (planet of Love) at the top of the sky MC (medium coli, highest point, midway between rising and setting, denoting fame or what a person is known for), with Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, and Moon all in the 8th house, house of life and death.

Interesting note:

1) it also says in the Living Bible that there was a Great Shadow cast upon the land. Although all Solar Eclipses are New Moons, not every New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, and this New Moon was not a Solar Eclipse, however, perhaps due to translation and different terms over 2000 years, perhaps that is what they meant, AND the Sun and Moon were aligned with Saturn, which often creates Cold and Gloomy Weather, so perhaps this may have been another interpretation. (I really am a genius aren't I? yep).

2) it also says that a "good man" came along later (probably as the North Node rose, hours later), perhaps a Doctor?

Jesus traveled much during his life, and undoubtedly not only traveled thru North America (corresponding with Indian Legends, and other strong correlations, like the way Jesus spoke, being very "Native American Church Like" which is very Scorpio, the medicine being of a Blue-Green (Scorpio color), and is bitter and repulses as Scorpio does (Taurus attracts and is good with Business, the Jews have North Node in Taurus, and Jesus was a Jew, but he personally had North Node in Scorpio, Christians tend to be poor, and the Priests very low paid)), and he also undoubtedly traveled thru nearby Egypt (being educated there, quite possibly learning Astrology there, however the 3 Wise men were Astrologers, as per the most modern translation "The Living Bible" (Mat 2:2)

Evolutionary Biologist and Anthropologist agree that the Human Brain and the Human Body have not evolved much in the past million years, and our most ancient historical records go back to Ancient Egypt around only 12,000 years ago. They found surgical tools in the ruins of Ancient Egypt, and removal of body organs (kidney, liver, etc) was common during the mummification process. Just like organ transplants are common today. Perhaps the brain could be transplanted, but if they published it, everyone would want a brain to another body transplant, and there would not be enough bodies to transplant to. Modern day example: JFK's brain was missing after the Autopsy. Who knows????

JESUS LIVED, or that is what religion has said, and now I have proven his life with Astrology, I have proven it as fact, with these charts.

JESUS HAS RESURRECTED FROM THE DEAD, or that is what religion has said, perhaps his brain was transplanted (I will have to read "Frankenstein"), or maybe he just came back to life after appearing dead. Someone (according to biblical quote) gave him something to drink, just before he died).

I once met a man who looked just like Jesus, and it was under interesting circumstances. I smoked a smoke with him, and it was good.

I will try to live as long as I can, and as well as I can, with Health Foods. Some vegetables may taste bitter and foul and may gag you with a spoonful ("might be a spoonful of water, taken from a desert well, just a spoon full of your precious love to, satisfy my soul" -Cream (non-dairy)), but health foods could increase ones life expectancy, or at least ones life quality (broccoli may help, but I don't think it is the final answer).
Due to a shift in the Earths Axis (a slight tilt and wobble), there is, what is known to Scientists (Astronomers, and mentioned repeatedly by Graham Hancock in "Heavens Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization") as the "Procession of the Equinoxes". Where the Stars shift away from the Seasons by around one Astrological Sign or 30 degrees every 2000 years. Astronomers adjust RA (right ascension) every 35 years to account for this. And if you look at an ASTRONOMY magazine AND an ASTROLOGY magazine for any particular Month/Year, you will note that most of the planets are in different Signs (off by one sign), as regular astrology (Tropical) goes by the Seasons and RA (right ascension), while the Stars (and Sidereal astrologers) go by the actual Stars.

We are currently off by 25 degrees (nearly one full sign) and on the First day of Spring, when the Sun enters Aries by the Seasons, the Sun is actually way back nearly one full sign in the beginning of Pisces (5 degrees of Pisces, with 25 more degrees to go before it really enters Aries, and off by 25 days, as the Sun moves around 1 degree per day). Perhaps this may be one reason that some Priests have frowned upon Modern Astrology (another is con artists, or those who have not really studied it, and are thus incompetent). Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Jung (and perhaps Freud), Ben Franklin, Jefferson, and the Ancient Egyptians, were all astrologers. And just a few years back, I heard that the largest Astrological Book collection is in the Vatican Library. There is modern evidence of use of Astrology by the Regan's (my grandfather knew them in the Studios in Hollywood, and believe me, both Ron & Nancy have long been expert Astrologers), and Kissenger (every time War nearly broke out in the Mid-East, Kissenger would go to the U.N. and schedule Peace Talks, always scheduled for a good day astrologically).

MAIN POINT: when doing chart comparisons with modern day charts from the 20th century and the 21st century, one should do the comparisons in the rare SIDEREAL system (if your computer has an option for it). Lest you make an inaccurate comparison.

The 2 systems match only briefly every 24,000 years (2,000 years X 12 signs = 24,000 years),
JESUS' SOLAR RETURN FOR 2019 once again its within a day of SUPERBOWL the true meaning of Christmas
The 2 systems last matched up exactly in the year 221 AD. And in Jesus' time, the 2 systems were only briefly off (just like the 4th of July, when done by the Stars "sidereal" comparisons for Solar Return (birthday), the solar return by the Stars is a couple of days past the 4th of July. But over thousands of years, the Calendar (and Seasons) have shifted by around 25 days, making Jesus' true Solar Return on around Feb 3 (not Jan 7th).

Incidently: The REAL chart for the USA is not July 4th 1776, but is the date of the FEDERATION (Captain Kirk used tp speak so proudly of The Federation). The US Federation 3.1.1781 2:42p Philadelphia PA (this is the true chart of the United States, as prior, the United States were actually separate states, joined together in rebeling against England, but not until March 1st 1781 at 2:42 PM in Philadelphia, did they join offically to form a single country (very important)), and this chart is way more powerful, and right in line with the chart of Jesus too. With Saturn and Mars conjunct Jesus' North Node, and the Federations North Node in Aries "To boldy go, where no man has gone before" (same as Buddha and Buddhism, North node in Aries, good with Psychology too, and that is where Jesus' Grand Cross and Grand Trine meet, in Aries, the sign of The Mind), making Primary RED (Aries) the lucky color for the USA. And the Federation chart has Moon 2 degrees of Taurus (very good with business). With Sun in Aquarius, the sign of Freedom. These days, due to the procession of the equinoxes, over 200 years, the Solar Return (Birthday) for America is around March 5th. We have to get things straight, view the stars (not the seasons). We are the Federation, not the Revolution.

One may note, that Sun goes over Jesus' North Node (good for Jesus, north of the Equator) around December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) and the Sun goes over Jesus' South Node (good for Jesus, south of the Equator) around June 6th (D-Day, and my birthday, I should move "down under" except for other factors which are too extensive and personal to go into, but Jesus has my full support, as does Buddha & Krishna), and I know that one of the Anicient Kings tried to kill off all the new born sons at one point of time (probably due to the planets being at the wrong place for him, I doubt Jesus would take this attitude). And note: The South Node (or North Node down under) is not so bad when one is a Vegan (fasting like you are supposed to do, permanantly).

Compare the 2 charts: Jesus on the left, and The Federation on the right.

The Federation north node in Aries, same with Buddha. The Buddha lesson: you can't not fully enjoy the sign of your South Node (in this case Libra, the sign of Peace, and in a Scorpio rising world thats the 12th house) you can not fully enjoy your South Node sign unless and until you go Vegan. For me that is South Node in Cancer, the sign of the women and family, and family things got better when I went vegan, and I had a girlfriend for several years, and I now have a home. For Buddha and the Federation, if you want Libra Peace and 12th house, you must go Vegan (I think they should just make meat and dairy products illegal world wide thru the United Nations, change over to soy and wheat gluten, rice beans pasta, veggies, fruit, vitamins, organic, fair trade agreement), convert all the fast food restaurants to rice beans pasta veggies fruit and soy protein shakes with vitamin packets

These days (when this was first written on the net, but I did have a previous copy in the Library of Congress, which was riddled with a confusing spell check error), slow moving Pluto is now moving over Jesus' North Node, good for Jesus & Christianity from around 2000 thru 2006, peaking around 2003. Interesting to note: Great genius Walt Disney had U-ra-nus, the planet of Genius, Creativity, Science and Astrology, over Jesus' North Node.

Sidereal Astrology gets quite complex, don't ever compare your Sign or Chart to Jesus' chart, without first getting a genuine SIDEREAL chart version of your own chart (subtract 25 degrees from everything in your regular Tropical chart, everything, the house cusps, the planets, the sun, the moon, nodes, everything). for more on Sidereal Astrology, check out my Astrology Main Page Menu for "Sidereal"
JESUS: born Jan 7th 3AD
Upon getting my Kepler software (thanks to David Cochrane, good man, programer and professor, and his assistant Fei Cochrane) and I was then able to research back to BC times. I checked out the most likely dates, searching for the chart of Jesus. I checked out Dec 25th and Jan 7th (the Eastern Orthodox Christmas), for a number of years, and considered many factors, the change of calendar, BC & AD dates. I felt I was looking for a strong conjunction with Neptune (religion), Jupiter (joy & faith), and perhaps Saturn (teaching and experts). I also was searching for signs like Pisces and always had a strong hunch that Scorpio was involved (bluish-green, aqua color, as well as a book "He Walked the Americas", with obvious strong ties between the core of the Native American Church and the way Jesus spoke). I could not find appropriate major conjunctions that seemed to fit, but when I got to Jan 7th 3AD..... Eureka ("I have found it"), there it was. So obvious and plain as day. I had been reading "The Living Bible" paraphrased 1971, Matthew and other decuples, as this version was translated into "Understandable" text (unlike the King James version and some others, which has allot of official words like "Thou hast cometh to stand and behold", but give very little information other than artistically written glorified prose with very little pertinent information other than the Grandeur and Glory of Jesus, and I needed more Facts, which the "Living Bible" has).

I had also previously seen "the Christmas Star" presentation at the Griffith Observatory Planetarium show in Hollywood CA a number of times, and as the Astronomers put it, in those days Star and Planet meant the same thing, they were all called Star, and there was no Plural for Star, and that Astronomers believe that there was a planetary conjunction "rising in the East" (his star) of a couple of planets, and that the 3 wise men were Astrologers from Persia (where Astrology was common in those days, as it was all over, Egypt, in the Pyramids, etc).