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I will soon ad NEW info regarding Serotonin and L-Dopamine (Neuro Transmitters), both found in BANANAS (a Banana a day, keeps the Psychiatrist away). at

A reader suggested I advise readers of new updates (so many updates, hard to keep track).

I have lots of NEW MUSIC up at

New Article on Arthitis and Nightshades at

I have been changing ALL THE COLORS at because: My old DELL CRT Monitor recently fizzled, and when I got a NEW FLAT SCREEN monitor, ALL MY WEB PAGES HAD LOTS OF "PINK" . What I thought was looking Red-Orange was actually Orange , Dark Maroon turned out PINK, Purple turned out PINK , and dark Navy turned out Lilac Pink . I am straight, I like women, and I have been presenting PINK web pages for years now (to those with Newer Monitors, maybe even some older monitors, I don't know. Perhaps all old CRT Monitors saw colors as darker, or perhaps it was just mine. If you walked around with your zipper down, your collar up, and your tie maladjusted, you would think that someone would tell you? New Flat Screen Monitors have been around a couple of years at least. No wonder its hard to find a woman to date me (that and I am a strict vegetarian, most women are predudice against that, it implies I am more moral than they, they can't stand for that, plus I have a high IQ, women cant stand men smarter than they are). I hope after all this work I have been doing, changing colors, that the problem was my Old Monitor and not my New Monitor. Because I put in a whole lotta work. I wish the computer industry would set a better standard for COLORS. Even now, if I look at my new Flat Screen Montior from the side, many colors look PINK anyway. So if you have a monitor like I did, you may now be seeing DARK DARK COLORS here at ARCHURE.Net

NEW Full Length MP3 SAMPLES on my GUITAR page not only my guitar playing, but my drumming, vocals, keyboards, and bass (a whole new slant on my musical performances, more like what I sound like with a band, except I am playing all the instruments, which I can not do in person, all at the same time)

If you CLICK HERE this page will remain open , and a new page will open with my INDEX MENU (2 pages open), so you can use the Index Menu to to the updates.

Stardate 2004.04.29..16:34pm my new article on BRAIN HEALTH

Stardate 2005.03.06 my new article on WAR

My Sincerest Appologies, I have been talking about, but did not put in the link to the "National Do Not Call List", it works so well I am amazed. STOP TELEMARKETERS, its so easy, and works so well

Canadian Singer JoAnne Rooney writes me tips on fighting Tellemarketers and Junk Mail, posted at my in addition to my previous notes on fighting Junk Mail and put yourself on the National Do Not Call List (works real good) at

As of Dec 24th 2004 or Stardate:2004.12.24..19:57pm
I have posted my GENEALOGICAL TREE (real thing) with Royalty ("Imereti" more recently known as Georgia (area of Russia)) dating all the way back to 446 AD (seriously).

As of Dec 23rd 2004 or Stardate:2004.12.23..14:55pm
I am now posting COMPUTER ADVICE at this page is still under construction.

And check out my new IN THE NEWS page at

On my Vegan Links page link to Vegan Standards , which lists Becks Beer, Sutter Home Zinfandel, and Heinz Ketsup as vegan OK

A drum sample of Wild Horses is on my Drum Sample page

My GREAT MINDS page has been updated with new photos and new info. Including to .edu links regarding serotonin (will do more on this eventually, its very hard to find info on The Pineal gland, that, and MIDI, no one knows much about either).

My Music menu leading to my Guitar Samples now has 2 new .mp3 fiffs, and some new photos.

DISCLAIMER: I may not list every update on this list