NASA photo: Music: by 100th Symphony by Franz Joseph "Papa" Haydn 1st movement

Franz Joeseph Hyden, was the "Father of the Orchestra", being the first official person to get one together (before then there were only chamber groups), and he wrote over 100 Symphonies (compare this with Beethovens 9 and Bhrams 4, all done later, I prefer Hyden, but do enjoy Beethoveens 9th (done by theory while deaf) and Brahms 4th (very moving, like Star Trek). Mozarts father was in Hydens orchestra, and a good friend. Mozart hung out with them as a kid, and learned much at an early age, and called Hyden "Papa Hayden". This symphony, number 100, is one of my favorites. I used to listen to this with headphones back around 1969 (Led Zepplin (1) and Jeff Beck (Truth) as well "Becks Bolero" while reading "Childhoods End" by Arthur C Clark), while looking out at the back yard, a redwood forest, or the stars at night (the forest being suitable for Sibelius as well, as long as you get your 100 mg of B Vitamins every day).