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WHEN we study Chemistry, we learn that all matter is made up of "Elements". The first being Hydrogen, with 1 electron orbiting the nuclei, then Helium with 2 electrons, Lithium has 3 electrons, and so on till we reach around 89 naturally occurring elements (with a few more being theoretically possible in the laboratory, 106 total);
AND we learn that when you combine these "Elements", we get predictable results, such as combining Hydrogen and Oxygen we get Water, and when we combine Sodium and Chlorine we get Table Salt; WE SEE THE FINITE LIMITATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE. And when NASA points the Hubble Telescope to view "Deep Field South" (and area of the sky to the South where there are many galaxies, each with billions of stars (our own "Sun" being a typical star)). Deep Field South being 15 billion light years away (a light year is the distance that light will travel in a year).

Deep Field South NASA Hubble Photo (right) of Deep Field South

WE SEE THE SAME THINGS OUT THERE, AS ARE GOING ON IN NEARBY GALLAXIES, only 2 million light years away. Undoubtedly all with the same typical types of stars (White Dwarfs thru Red Giants), Nebula, Clusters, Spiral Galaxies, Black Holes, and Super Nova, where ever you look; WE SEE MORE FINITE LIMITATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE.
But when you get to the outer ends of the Universe, what is beyond that? A wall? If so, what is beyond the wall? Nothing? Even if nothing, a total vacuum does occupy Space; and space or area is by mere definition, WITHOUT LIMITATION, NO END, LIMITLESS. And even if one end connected to the other, what is beyond that? INFINITY, ENDLESSNESS, and probably filled with the same elements, one electron in orbit being Hydrogen, 2 electrons being Helium, etc; which follow the same rules and reactions out there, that occur here.
And TIME by mere definition has always existed. If not, if there was a beginning to time, what went on before that? And time will always exist, forever. TIME AND SPACE ARE BOTH INFINITE, NO END, AND NO BEGINING. This considered, along with the facts of what elements are, and the limited possible combinations and reactions amongst them, LEADS US TO REALIZE, that there is a STRONG CHANCE of INTELLIGENT LIFE out there (that away) in the universe (other than ourselves of course). We evolved, life evolved, thru the elements.
And so too should there be life elsewhere. There may only be one New York City, and one Hollywood, but there are other creatures, alive and living in the universe. And always has been, and always will be, throughout the endless universe.
But how to talk with them, they are so far away. With our current technology, it would take years to reach the nearest star. It might be possible, that we could develop technology which could travel faster, perhaps nearing the speed of light (even then, many galaxies are billions of light years away). But in the mean time, WE CAN SEND SIGNALS at the SPEED OF LIGHT, in the hopes that they may be seen and understood (anyone out there that had the technology to pick up our signals would probably have the intelligence to eventually decipher them). And we must continue to scan the skies for signals denoting intelligent origins. Even if they came from a billion light years away, and a billion of light years ago. I urge you to support NASA.
And while we are at it, we should continue to try to communicate, not only with life in space, but we also have intelligent life right here on Earth. I urge you to COEXIST with it. Give up trying to harm it. COEXIST.

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