NASA photo (text below): Music: The Planets: Jupiter by Holst

ORION: (forgot the name) "??? BOW" within Orion (constellation of many stars, all at great distances). Speaking of Orion, Sirius is the Dog Star, and I found this book in the Anthropology section of Borders about a tribe in Africa which worships the 3 Dogs stars (originally thought by Astronomers to be one star, but the tribe knew it was 3, they kept pointing to it and explaining to everyone who visited the tribe that it was actually 3 stars). Only recently with modern advances did they find a second star, and even more recently a 3rd. The Ancients knew all sorts of things which are being rediscovered. And some knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation, if we can properly interpret it (and weed out from all the BS from the Truth).