NASA photo (text below): Music: Tocata de Fugue in D minor by J.S. Bach remixed by ARCHURE

DEEP FIELD SOUTH: an area in the southern skies, where there are many galaxies, each with billions of suns; all around 15 billion light years away (one light year is how far light will travel in one year), thus, what you are seeing happened 15 billion years ago. Previous to the past few years (Deep Field South was discovered with the Hubble Telescope of the 1990's, this is the farthest that man has seen, or at least recently. We keep finding out that the ancients knew all sorts of incredible scientific things which are now being rediscovered), Previously, prior to the 1990's, many scientists mistakenly thought that the age of the universe was much less than 15 billion years, but I have been telling everyone, all my life; that both Time and Space are infinite, no end, and no beginning, Time and Space have always existed.

You, yes you may be born and someday die (hopeful pleasantly at a very very old age, or maybe they will someday find the Fountain of Youth?, but for now, humans perish after 80 - 100 years or so, but Time and Space continue. Thus, even though you see thru your eyes and what you know is you, you are not really the center of all things yourself. But in another respect "You are the Crown of Creation"; and its about time we learned to behave, even if we are not eternal like the universe is, we should not pout and cause trouble, we should instead live our lives with serious pleasures. The equivalent of what I say here, was written thousands of years ago by Hermes (transcribing around 3,000 BC the words of Thoth from around 6000 BC) in "The Hermetica" which has been translated and is available in book stores and libraries, my version by Freke & Gandy, chapter 18, page 137 says "The inexorable working of destiny, imposed on man by the turning of the Zodiac, subjects all human beings to the pain of birth and death. Man's problem is that in his ignorance he believes himself to be just a body, one that will grow old and eventually die. His sense of injustice at the inevitability of this fate leads him to hurt himself and others, either through lust for more life or fear of approaching death. These crimes serve further to bind the soul to the body and so increase man's suffering." -The Hermetica cptr 18.

The Sphinx was built around 12,000 years ago, and The Ancient Egyptian Empire lasted around 10,000 years or so, Then came the Greeks at the tail end of Ancient Egypt, followed by the Roman Empire lasting for around 1,000 years. The Romans did not have to cut stones like the Greeks, as the Romans had a new invention, Cement (the major technological advancement of the Roman Empire). I like cement, when it is artistically applied, and it lasts for a long time, something for future generations to enjoy, if done right, and artistically. Adding color to cement to make pictures is called Fresco.