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ARCHURE's DNA R1B(M343) map by National Geographic's Genographic project Music on this page "Moon Jupiter" written and performed entirely by ARCHURE

SANDAWE SINGING MP3 at bottom of page

National Geographic online has a "Genographic" project at I paid $107 (online), got the "DNA Sampling Kit" by mail, scraped a skin sample from my inner cheek (like a tooth brush), sent in the samples, and got the results, this map comes along with a 2 page (and 4 lines on a 3rd page) explanation of my DNA, plus a DVD about the whole thing. By the way, its not a Paternity Test.


Summation of the 2 page of RESULTS provided by National Geographic:
Every so many thousands of years, genetic mutations take place, enabling scientists to look at a persons DNA and determine what DNA types or mutations your ancestors came from (with approximate locations and years ago).

MUTATION EXAMPLES: These things happen gradually, based on environment, such as Asians have slanted eyes due to being around moisture/rainy areas. The slanted eyes help keep the rain out of the eyes. But other factors, edible plants in various areas where people lived, the soil, such as Iron ore deposits in the soil (or lack of) can affect the color of skin pigmentation after a number of generations.


R1B is 70% of people in South England, and up to 90% in areas of Spain and Ireland, according to NationalGenographic. I have also seen maps showing R1B with more percentages of population in Western Ireland, Western England, Western Scotland, Western France, etc. As per National Genographic R1B evolved from Southern Spain. Also found in: Germany, Northern Italy, and lower frequencies throughout Eastern Europe, Anatolia (Turkey) and parts of North Africa and appears in an isolated pocket of Sub-Saharan Africa. COMBINING MY MOM's "Scythian" DNA: My Mom's DNA HV1 (HV one, is a DNA type, DNA HV-1) is found in Georgia Russia (the original source for HV-1 dna, and my moms ancestry is from Georgia), with much larger numbers in Turkey, and Ethiopia. Those in Turkey and Ethiopia are remnants of the Arabic Slave Trade, and prisoners of war when Turkey had wars with Russia or Imereti (Georgia Russia). They were all made slaves. This is where the world Slav or Slavic comes from. Also areas combining Sub Sahara Africa (R1B) and Ethiopia (HV-1), there might be some people like me running around? (in limited amounts). So while my ancestry is not from Turkey or Sub-Sahara Africa, it may appear so, in the way I look. My grandmother was not from Slave origins, but most of her people were captured in wars or by Arabic slave traders, and all put into slavery, well before my grandmother was born. I had a professor at ITT who was from that area of the world, who warned me that being my kind in Turkey, was worse than being a Black person in the deep south. Blond hair blue eye "Scythians" are hated in Turkey, and are still regarded as slaves or "should be".

My mom's HV1 dna is Scythian (I am part Scythian)
When I was a kid, they told me that I had "Scythian Hair" like my grandmother (mom's mom).

HV1 dna has also been found in Neanderthal remains. Wikipedia "Neanderthal" says that a small percentage of Eurasians are part Neanderthal. All Neanderthals are part Cro-Magnon, but most Cro-Magnon do not have any Neanderthal lineage. Neanderthals did not go extinct, but interbred with Cro-Magnon. MORE ABOUT MY NEANDERTHAL GENES) WIKIQUOTE: "Mitochondrial DNA extracted from skeletal remains obtained from excavated Scythian kurgans have produced a myriad of results and conclusions. Analysis of the HV1 sequence obtained from a male Scytho-Siberian's remains at the Kizil site in the Altai Republic revealed the individual possessed the N1a maternal lineage" :UNQUOTE

Scythia 2000 years ago
South West Russia - Kazakhstan - Sibera - Western China - Mongolia

Genetic Marker M9 (the root of most northern Europeans, northern Asians, and all Native Americans) inhabited the Scythian area 40,000 years ago.

By the way, the Eastern part of Scythia is the native habitat for Cannabis
WIKIQUOTE: "The word cannabis is from Greek κάνναβις (kánnabis) (see Latin cannabis)[4], which was originally Scythian or Thracian" :UNQUOTE

If my ancestors lived there 40,000 years ago, thru 2,000 years ago (and near enough 100 years ago); and if Native Americans are entitled to the legal use of Peyote because they lived in the native habitat for Peyote for 20,000 years, then maybe I sould be alowed the legal use of Cannabis based on my genetic dna. (frankly, I think Peyote should be legally allowed to those who wish to use it properly (no alcohol, and best to fast prior), as Wikipedia says it is not anywhere near an endangered species (and Mexico has lots of it, lucky Mexico). And besides:
U.N. "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" 1948 Article 18. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

SCYTHIANS were ELF-like people (which of the 7 dwarfs am I?) Ancient Scythian Leader SKUNKHA Copyright by wikipedia Skunkha

The Scythians (artists who rode on horseback, had long hair, blue eyes, and red hair, and had a large city made out of wood, 5 kilometers by 5 kilometers, and you have probably heard of the discovery of their burial mounds in the perma-frost, fancy artistic clothing, even fancy clothing for their horses, art work, and even small personal bags of cannabis carried on ones person. Wiki on Scythians

And of course, we all came out of Africa originally (more about the Sandawee people, bottom of page). Also note: dna R1b (my fathers type and my type) evolved around Southern Spain and Portugal, and there is now extensive EVIDENCE of interbreeding between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon (modern man) in Portugal, and I have Neanderthal Characteristics (phyical and social). (National Genographic still lists Neanderthals as extinct, but the new word in many sources says otherwise, and I am proof.

Wikipedia Data R1B frequencies: People of Atlantic Europe (Basque)
92%, Irish 90%, Welsh 86%, Northern Portuguese 81%, Spanish 78%, Scottish 77%, English 75%, , Belgians 70%, Dutch 65%, Southern Portuguese 60%, Italian 55%, Bashkirs 48%, German 45%, etc.)


M168 (DNA slang) people of Africa 79,000 years ago (the Original people from whom all other people were born, the theoretical Adam and Eve, thus everyone's DNA includes M168; these original people, still exist today, the "Sandawe" of Africa, more at bottom of page ).

M89 group of people left Africa behind (40K years ago, they had a Genetic Mutation)

Then my M9 (DNA mutation) ancestry went East (another genetic mutation).

Then M45 branched north thru the Russia/China border (north of India)

and (35K-40K years ago) M45 was the ancestry of most Native Americans and most Europeans.

Then they went west as the M173 group (East Europe and moved northward)

Then M343 went into west Europe, and became Cro Magnon / modern man (as the Genographic Project puts it).

Uh-Duh. This is what I paid $107 for? God Help Me. I WAS EXPECTING: PERHAPS SOMETHING MORE. I was hoping to find all sorts of mixed up ancestry, and something more than "Cro Magnon" but that was basically the wrap up, Cro-Magnon". They only tell you your genetic make up for your Fathers, Fathers, Fathers, Father..... (for a woman, her mothers, mothers, mothers, mother.... (I believe)). So no trace of my Native American ancestry, etc, as I was hoping to find.

• M173 might be my Russian ancestry? (my grandparents on my moms side escaped from Russia during the 1917 Russian Revolution)
• M45 might be traces of my Native American ancestry (I heard rumored about from my family)
But NO, they don't go into everything, only your fathers, fathers, father.... thus I am the same kind of people (M343) as 90% of Ireland, 70% of England (more in Southern England), France and Spain (etc). No trace of anything else.

I don't know how this DNA thing works (and will research more and get back to update this page), but sending in $107 just to find you are Cro-Magnon and White? (imagine how Black people feel, when they pay $107 and find out they are Black? (never left Africa till recently, aka the past 500 years), how Asians feel when they paid $107 to find out they are Asian?). And lucky Native Americans have 2 types of DNA (first and second wave, or new wave).

So I am No trace of anything else, just White, Cro-Magnon
(And obviously all other DNA types are Cro-Magnon)

But its all very interesting, and the results also came with a CHART of Various code numbers with no explanation about that. I am assuming it is the rest of my genetic make up, which may or may not include various ancestors (which they don't go into), and only a Geneticist can begin to decipher, but that's just an assumption of what the list of code numbers might mean? They don't say what it is.

It does say on the Genographic printout, that M173 and M343 did mingle with Neanderthals, who went extinct; but there is now strong evidence that Neanderthals did get into the gene pool (extensive interbreeding in Portugal), are no longer considered a separate species, and did not go extinct (my article with .edu links at Neanderthal Song)

I do know (as per relatives) that I am (on Moms side, her mom and dad): Russian (more about my Russian Royalty) (my grandparents left during the Revolution in 1917 when the Czar (aka King) was assisnated), and on my Father Side: I am either Virginian or West Virginian (English surname, with tales of Scottish, Irish, French, and Native American ancestry.

as I am male, and my DNA shows my fathers DNA, but I am half my mom at least, and my MOM is a genetic "HVone", which is found in small numbers in the GEORGIA, RUSSIA (where Mom's Mom was from), but there are vast numbers of HV1 in TURKEY (I am nearly half Turkish-looking, but my mom did not see it that way. My Godparents brought me a Turkish Hooka and a Fez from their travels when I was a kid, and some said I looked Turkish, but let me assure you, the Social energy of Turkey is quite different from the Georgia Russia, acording to mom, AND there are OTHER DNA types in Turkey, not just HV1), ALSO HV1 is found in Eastern Ethiopia, left over from the Arabic Slave Trade. My ancestors were Slavic, or Slav, which comes from Slave. The Eastern Orthodox has strong roots in Greece and Russia, at the Russian Orthodox Churches I have seen quite a few Afro Americans (who are possibly the same HV1 DNA, things like DNA are more permanant, while skin tone can apparantly darken after a number of generations living in areas of (I think it was Iron Ore? in one of my college classes). Looking up Slavery at Wikipedia, in earlier history, slavery was common, and usually associated with Country People (from the sticks), moving to the Big City, where they were absorbed as Slaves. Some people used to think my mom looked perhaps Iranian (which was always a shocker to her, but various people said that).

So perhaps I look like I am Half English and Half Slavic. Some people have insisted that I look Dutch or Northern European. There are probably many M343 DNA persons who have migrated from England, Ireland, Spain, and France (along the west coast of France), further along the northern coast of Europe. And as to my possible Neanderthal genes, I am guessing that they may have come thru my moms side (however, evidence has been found, of interbreeding between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals, in Portugal (close enough to M343 Territory). My moms mom was from Georgia Russia and HV1 (Scythians, who had some Neanderthal characteristics). So maybe my Neanderthal genes came from both sides of the family (they were all around Europe, long ago). MORE ABOUT MY NEANDERTHAL GENES)

I finally got to view the DVD that came with the DNA kit (I don't own a DVD player). I was quite impressed with the video. They interviewed decedents of the Original genetic type, from which all other genetic types come from. These people still live in Africa (verbally, the name of the these people was pronounced "Sandawe". The National Geographic "Genographic" DVD said these people have a language which includes "Clicking" sounds. I have also learned thru the National Geographic Genographic web site, that a man can trace his fathers, fathers, fathers DNA, and a woman can trace her mothers, mothers, mothers DNA. I don't look anything like my fathers father (perhaps he really wasn't my fathers father? Stranger things have happened). I find this all very interesting, and am glad to get my DNA info, but it does not account for my moms side of the family, and as I said before, it does not include room for any possible mixtures with other types of DNA ancestry. I am just pure M343???


Sandawe woman Sandawe kid SANDAWE: The original people, who's genes have not mutated like everyone else's, and they still exist in Africa. I searched under SANDAWE and MUSIC and found "Sandawe hold all-night dances to the music of drums in the moonlight. The Sandawe have a great musical and dance tradition, with beer-drinking at their celebrations. There are celebrations for each area of life, each with its own music: hunting, hoeing, circumcision, etc. Curing rituals have their own music. Their instruments are musical bows and a trough zither"
The SADAWE language includes "Clicking Sounds" mp3 files

More on Sandawe Language:

Sandawe People of today Tradditional Sandawe House And from we have "The Sandawe The gods of the Sandawe are activated by an erotic dance, phek'umo, in which the act of love is mimicked in embrace by the dancers. The Moon is seen to be part of the cycle of fertility; in the cycle of months and in the menses of people dance by moonlight and adopt stances and postures in the dance which represent the phases of the moon. This dance embeds the necessity for human and earth fertility in the body, mind, and spirit of the dancers as they work the fields or the banana in Tanzania."

The SANDAWE are the original genetic types, surrounded by a world of MUTANTS (like you and me, unless you are a Sandawe too; your either a Sandawe or a Mutant).

Background Music on this page by ARCHURE (press F5 key to refresh page to get song going again)

I have locateda SANDAWE music (singing) MP3 240K CLICK HERE first see WARNING below
But I am not certain as to the authenticity of the file being of Sandawe origin. I found it on the net, when I was in a big hurry, downloaded it (.wav), and went back to get the other song and more info, but could not find it on the net. I think its Sadawe, but am not certain
SEIZURE WARNING this MP3 contains a "Beta Frequency" vocal trill and Beta can set off Seizures. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY play this ALPHA frequency which can pull someone right out of a seizure:
I have pulled people out of seizures twice, it worked nearly immediately to 30 seconds, if you get the frequency right (musical triplets) with clicking vocal sounds OR banging triplets on a flat surface, but I used the click vocal sounds, and also spoke in a calm voice alpha state (not an agitated excited beta state). MORE INFO