Photos taken Oct 23rd, posted Oct 25th, 2008, for Non-Commmercial Use Only (advised by Security Officer and Ride Attendant). GOOGLE MAPS location: Village Walk Drive, Henderson, NV, just east of Green Valley Ranch Casino, next to Whole Foods


NOTE: I found this Merry Go Round next to Whole Foods Market on Green Valley (just across the street from, and just east of Green Valley Ranch) in Henderson Nevada. I was on my way to the market, 2 lanes turn left, got in the right of the 2, in order to make the signal, but no one would let me go left to get to Whole Foods, so I went straight, and round the round about, which had the Merry Go Round. Oooh I thought, Ive got to go photograph this.

To be polite, I asked the Merry Go Round Attendant, if it would be OK if I photographed it, could I be addmitted to get some close up shots, how much would it cost, or photograph from outside? She said it was OK, as long as it was for NON-COMMERICAL USE ONLY (be advised), and if I wanted to enter the gate, tickets were around the other side of the building (offices). I said it was for non-commerical use, and would stay outside the gate, which was OK with her. Then as I walked away, she added "your not a professional photographer are you?", I replied "yes I am, in hotel casino showrooms (providing the detials of my job), and added that this had absolutely nothing to do with that, this was for non-commerical use only (I was not paid by anyone for this, etc). She said that was OK. So I started taking photos (8 or 9 or so), then a woman Security Officer came up to me taking offense, saying I should not be doing that. I explained that I had asked the attendant's permission and was granted permission, and re-eplained the whole thing; she was not clear as to if she was in agreement, stating there was a whole list of Rules, so I saw the list on the gate and started to read the rules, and she said, "no, there is another list of rules in the offices around the corner on the other side of the building". So I re-expained in detail again, saying I had already been granted permission by the Ride Attendant, and it was for non-commerical use only. She kept me in the dark as to if I was allowed to proceed (or if she was going to call the cops); so I specifically asked "may I now continue photographing", and reluctantly she consented (miserable, as she would have liked to see me hauled off to jail, probably because I was wearing a PETA shrit, which was not because I was going to Whole Foods Market, but because I had just Voted in the early elections (for Obama), and wanted to wear my PETA shirt to the Polls. Or maybe they objected to me as I am a male, and no longer a child (I don't think age had anything to do with it, but perhaps gender, had I been a little boy, perhaps they would have called the cops, but for a little girl, probably not. Member of PETA? or Gender?

As I continued photographing, a woman with kids showed up and they were taking photos too (they were not advised, nor hauled off to jail). I offered to take a photo of them with their camera (no charge of course), just as another woman with them (who was off getting tickets) arrived. They were delighted and I took 2 photos of them, then they got on the ride (women and kids not shown clearly, for privacy, and due to low light condtions using a long shutter speed, which also provides the effect of movement). Please be advised, these photos are for non-commerical use only. These web pages are non-commercial (someone recently offered me money to put ads on my pages, I would not consider it). I do offer some suggestions and plugs, but they are not paid for, just good advice.

It dawned on me later, perhaps she thought I was trying to FREE THE ANIMALS? (due to my PETA shirt), and I had walked within 5 feet of the gate (keep your eye on this guy while I call the cops, hello Henderson Police? we have an animal rights activist trying to set the animals free at the Merry Go Round by Whole Foods, please hurry).

Reminicent of Alices Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie (except I did not litter, nor loiter, I took my photos and hurreid off to the market, I don't know if the police were called)


Note: Most of the photos were mirror reversed (left to right) in the interst of the Coriolis Effect. I have always wondered why Merry-Go-Rounds go Anti-Coriolis? and thought why not have a Coriolis Merry-Go-Round?

Also interesting to note: Merry Go Rounds of the past had built in mechanical music, based on player piano music, which is the basis for modern computerized MIDI music (the background of this page is MIDI music by ARCHURE, it sends signals to your sound card instructing it to play notes with specific sounds and pitches for durations, it is not a replication recording of sound, it is a list of instructions to your sound card, which can also be sent to various MIDI instruments, each track having a seperate instrument, cool huh?).
More about Merry-Go-Rounds at Wikipedia


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